15 Ridiculous Things People Decided To Hate on for No Good Reason

What’s something that gets hate for no good reason? I’ll go first and say pop music, specifically boy bands. They harmonize, dance synchronizes, and have some of the better love songs. I get it if it’s not your thing, but the incredible hate is unwarranted. After someone asked a popular online forum for other examples, the internet responded to deliver this list.

1. Actors and Actresses Due to the Characters They Played

Imagine being so detached from reality that you can’t differentiate between reality and fiction. Unfortunately, some celebrities played despised characters that receive hate mail, and messages are terrible.

One explained that Anna Gunn, who played Skyler Gunn on Breaking Bad, and the woman who played Cathy (Lindsey Broad) in The Office are examples. So when another animal murdered the latter’s dog, psycho fans of The Office came onto her Instagram post and told her “she deserved it.”

2. Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri made it into the number two spot on this list. Someone shared that he’s remarkable things, including donating millions to charities. However, they believe people judge him too harshly by his “spiked blond” hair and a meme that people use to hate him online.

3. Black Cats

Black cats most certainly receive a lot of superstitious hate based on the belief that they bring or are bad luck. Some people are said to be abusive toward them because of this superstition.

4. Mimes

Do you remember all the hate mimes received in the 90s, primarily on cartoons? One user joked, “Well, I was once attacked by a group of mimes. They did unspeakable things to me.”

5. Gingers

Gingers is a term used for redheads, and they receive a lot of unnecessary hate. For example, one redhead explained that the show South Park and their skits made her high school life “a living hell.” Finally, someone suggested it derives from centuries of anti-Irish sentiments.

6. Guys Liking “Feminine” Things

One person explained they grew up in Vietnam and that people ridiculed him for playing with dolls with his older sister. Another expressed being made fun of for collecting candles. He elaborated he had no idea people would make fun of him for making his home “smell like cookies.”

7. Nickelback

Nickelback. I agree. They are not the worst band in the world; music is subjective. Additionally, people must stop being terrible to artists and fans who love them. If everyone loved the same thing, the world would be boring. I’d say Taylor Swift is another example of an artist who gets hate because it’s become “cool” to hate them.

8. Building LEGOs According to Instructions

One user explained they received hate for building LEGo sets using instructions instead of doing a free build. He expressed, “Look, I paid $50 for a spaceship, so let me build my freaking spaceship!”

9. Cargo Shorts

No lie, I loved cargo pants. They looked cute, were super comfy, and the pockets eliminated my need to carry an annoying purse. However, cargo shorts on men have gotten a lot of hate. One discovered after leaving basic training how much he hated returning to regular jeans.

10. Vegetarian Options

YES! Vegetarian options receive unwarranted hate, and so do the people who bring them. For example, somebody in the thread mentioned a time they read comments on an article about Tim Horton’s impossible breakfast sandwich.

Someone said, “You just lost a customer!” As someone who frequently sees massive amounts of unwarranted hate in the comments about opinions that are not even my own, I understand the absurdity. Unfortunately, some people want to be angry, offended and mean. So if that’s you, thanks a lot for that. It feels fantastic *sarcasm*

11. Cosplay

Why does cosplay receive so much backlash? Many agreed that people have no qualms with getting dressed up for Halloween, so why is it weird as an art form? One user joked, “Look at that nerdy cosplayer dressed up as Iron Man! HAHAHAH!” and then proceeded to paint their entire body the colors of their favorite football team.”

12. Teachers

Sadly, teachers made this list for “just doing their jobs.” One person explained being a former student who had a teacher billed unmercifully. Other students created an Instagram account to body shame her. She was overweight, and they would take close-up photos of her and post them to Insta.

I can only imagine how terrible the comments were on those poor teachers’ images. Fortunately, the creator, followers, likers, and commenters got in significant trouble. Sadly, the teacher never returned to the school after the incident was brought to light.

13. Pineapple on Pizza

Why do so many people make a massive deal about putting pineapple on pizza? It’s delicious. Get over it. I don’t go around shaming you for your nasty mushrooms. Leave my pineapple alone!

14. Nuclear Power

Nuclear power gets a lot of hate, but coal kills more people annually and releases more radiation. Additionally, it destroys the planet. One suggested, “Almost all accidents can be solved by automation and using different kinds of reactors.”

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15. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Do you think eating mint choclate chip ice cream tastes like toothpaste? I love mint chocolate chip and have never heard of this, but many in the online forum admitted it’s a thing.

This thread inspired this post.

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