19 Fun Toddler Activities To Do in Springtime

Spring is here, and it’s time to get your toddler outside to explore the world around them.

To help you out, we have put together a list of 19 fun toddler activities to keep your toddler entertained while helping them learn something new. From outdoor nature scavenger hunts to indoor art projects, these activities will surely be a hit with your little one.

So grab some snacks and head outdoors or stay inside for creative play – either way, your toddler will love these springtime activities!

1. Nature Treasure Hunt

Springtime is an ideal time to get your toddlers outdoors and explore. One fun family activity to try is a nature treasure hunt. Provide each child with a bag or an egg carton that they can fill with treasures they find as they explore.

Encourage them to point out things they encounter, such as a flower or an acorn. If you live near a park or area with plenty of trees and plants, they’ll be able to explore while learning more about flora and fauna around them.

A nature treasure hunt is a great way to get your little ones exploring the outdoors while teaching them about different plants and animals.

2. Vegetable Painting

Grab some non-toxic paint (or make edible paint using water, cornstarch, and food coloring), paper, and vegetable scraps such as lettuce ends or cut-up bell peppers. Let your toddler dip the veggie slices in paint colors of their choice, and then press them onto a sheet of paper.

This activity for toddlers may be just as messy as finger painting, but it’s sure to bring out their creative side as they explore different colors and textures while making fun prints. After they finish creating their masterpiece, hang up their art in their playroom for them to admire their artwork.

3. Have Your Child Help With Simple Chores

Have your toddler help with simple chores around the house that are age-appropriate.

For example, have them climb up on a learning tower and help make orange juice. This simple activity can help develop hand-eye coordination while being a stimulating activity for your little one. It not only teaches them about food preparation but also allows them to join in on the family’s daily activities and feel like they are part of something important.

4. Plant Flowers or Vegetables

Planting flowers and vegetables can be one of the most rewarding pastimes to do with your toddler in the spring. Sow seeds in small pots and have your toddler help in watering them daily. It is a great and easy practical life activity for your child.

By helping water the plants, your child can practice pouring out water intentionally. Then, watch with your toddler as the seeds start to sprout.

5. Paint Rocks

If you are looking for unique activities for toddlers, why not gather some colorful stones from your local park or beach and get creative?

Give your toddler the freedom to choose which colors they would like to use to paint and design the rocks they found. They can paint stripes, polka dots, hearts, or whatever comes to mind – it’s all up to their limitless imagination.

Keep in mind that this might be a messy activity for toddlers. However, it’s a great sensory activity that they will surely enjoy. Once the rocks are completely dry, you can use them as fun decorations in your toddler’s room or the garden.

6. Play in The Jungle Gym or The Playground

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to keep my toddler entertained during the spring. Playing in the jungle gym is a great way to engage your toddler while helping with their gross motor skill development.

Playtime at the jungle gym gives them the freedom to move while getting fresh air if they are playing outside. Plus, they will have lots of fun experiencing the different ways to maneuver around the obstacles like bridges and tunnels.

Alternatively, if it’s raining outside or you do not want to leave home, you can let your baby play in a pikler triangle instead.

7. Bird-watching

Grab binoculars and head outside for a fun bird-watching session with your toddler! Identify different types of birds that are near you, teach them about their habits, or explore what kind of food they like to eat.

This toddler activity is educational and a great way to instill a love of nature in your toddler from an early age.

8. Create a Fort

Why not build a fort if you are looking for indoor activities on a rainy day? Find a spot indoors (the best place is the living room!) and use bed sheets, pillows, and other materials you have around the house to make a cozy little toddler fort.

Let your toddler take the lead on making the fort, but ensure you are there to assist them. This toddler activity will surely provide hours of fun!

9. Have a Picnic

Pack a picnic basket with snacks and drinks for the family, and head outdoors for a picnic with your toddler. Let your toddler help you pick out the food you will bring, and ensure that you get their favorite snacks and toys.

Once you are at the park, lay down on the blanket, take out the food and drinks you packed, and be amazed by the beauty of springtime. This toddler activity will bring a smile to everyone’s faces as you enjoy some quality family time together in the warm sunshine.

10. Blow Bubbles

Head to your toddler’s favorite spot in the garden and let them help you blow bubbles! Springtime is the perfect time to blow bubbles outside, especially if your toddler starts getting bored indoors.

This toddler activity encourages sensory play as they try to pop all the bubbles before they drift away. Use store-bought bubble wands and teach your toddler how to blow small and big bubbles.

11. Fly a Kite

Take your toddler out on a windy day for some kite-flying fun!

First, let them pick the colors and design of the kite, or buy kites with unique designs at your local store (Walmart or the dollar store should have them). Then, when you’ve picked out the perfect kite, show them how to fly it safely.

This toddler activity is educational and a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh spring air.

12. Color With Sidewalk Chalk

Grab some colorful sidewalk chalk and let your toddler go wild! They can draw whatever they like – the possibilities are endless. This toddler activity encourages creativity while teaching them about colors and shapes, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

13. Play Dress-up

Take out your toddler’s favorite costumes and let their imaginations run wild! Have pretend tea parties with stuffed animals, explore superhero powers or try out different accents – this toddler activity will keep them entertained for hours!

14. Go on an Insect Hunt

Take a walk in your local park or nature reserve and hunt for different insects. Let your toddler observe the bugs and creatures they find, ask them questions about what they see, and let them explore their surroundings with you. This toddler activity encourages curiosity and appreciation of nature while also being fun!

15. Play Catch With Bean Bags

Encourage your child to practice their gross motor skills during toddler playtime with this activity. Set a target, or throw the bean bags back and forth for family fun.

16. Build Fairy Houses

Gather some natural materials – like leaves, twigs, stones, and moss – and help your toddler build their own fairy houses. They can decorate them with whatever they’d like or try to make a bridge out of sticks.

Building fairy houses is one of the super fun toddler activities that help develop creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

17. Arts and Crafts

For those rainy days when you just want to stay indoors, take out your art supplies (such as crayons or watercolor) and blank pieces of paper and let your child’s imagination run wild!

For younger toddlers, guide them and give them prompts on what kind of art they want to make. If your child is older, give them the freedom to figure out what they want to draw or paint. Once they’re done, remember to display their precious toddler art.

18. Jump in Puddles

The classic toddler activity – there’s nothing quite like jumping in puddles on a spring day! Help your busy toddler find all the biggest (and muddiest) puddles to splash around in, then take photos of their silly faces. This toddler activity is perfect for getting outdoors and having fun together.

19. Bake Something Yummy

Let your toddler help you bake something delicious – it can be as straightforward or complicated as they want. Let them measure the ingredients, stir and mix in the bowl, and lick the spoon afterward!

Baking is a great toddler activity that helps develop fine motor skills while teaching them about measurements and the importance of following directions.

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