10 Actors and Actresses Who Looked Much Older Than Their Young Characters

Written By CJ Ervin

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Have you noticed how all these much older people are playing the roles of high school kids, especially in series on Netflix? You’ve got company. Someone recently asked an online entertainment forum for examples of actors and actresses who were noticeably older than their character roles. Here are their top nominations.

1. Stockard Channing, Rizzo

Stockard Channing 1978 Grease
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Rizzo from Grease was brought up multiple times. One cinephile joked, “I just figure that’s the way people aged 70-80 years ago. Polluting their lungs with cancer sticks and driving all day with the top down in the California sun results in some 30-year-old lookin’ teenagers.”

2. Tom Welling, Clark Kent

Tom Welling 2001 Smallville
Image Credit: The WB.

A second user pointed out that Tom Welling portrayed a 14-year-old Kryptonian kid, all the while a 24-year-old man in real life. Another joked, “I was a little younger when Smallville started, about 11 or so. Lemme tell ya that show gave me some very unrealistic puberty expectations.”

3. James Marsters, Spike

James Marsters 1997 Buffy
Image Credit: The WB.

At the time of initial recording for TV Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters was around his 40s. It’s amazing how he passed so well for a 20-something-year-old punk vampire named Spike.

4. Ben Platt, Evan Hansen

Ben Platt 2021 Dear Evan Hansen
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

According to several, “And it’s so noticeable, even more than films like Grease, as all the other high school kids look the appropriate age, making him stand out even more. They should have done the sensible thing and cast 30-somethings in every other role to make him seem younger.”

5. Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One analyst shared, “I didn’t notice this so much when the show came out, but I rewatched it a year or two ago and found it very funny. There’s a scene early on in the show when Kirsten asks him something like what do you want to be? And he responds with sixteen. What? Bro, you’re at least 25!”

6. Steve Buscemi, Lenny Wosniak

Steve Buscemi
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Someone noted the episode of 30 Rock where Steve Buscemi plays a high school kid; it’s ridiculous! Steve Buscemi even says something like, “How do you do, fellow kids?”

7. Gabrielle Carteris, Andrea Zuckerman

Gabrielle Carteris BH 90210
Image Credit: Fox.

A TV aficionado exclaimed, “First one I thought of when I read the question. Andrea Zuckerman from Beverly Hills 90210.” “Seriously, she always looked like she was just there to pick them up after soccer practice,” many movie enthusiasts agreed.

8. Lucas Black, Sean Boswell

Lucas Black
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

In Furious 7, Lucas Black ages ten years between shots, and it is hilarious that the production crew thinks no one noticed. In Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, Black plays a teenager, at age 23, with the face of a 35-year-old.

9. Gabrielle Union, Chastity

Gabrielle Union 1999 10 Things I Hate About You
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Multiple film critics articulate, “She didn’t look old (and still doesn’t), but Gabrielle Union was 26/27 in 10 Things I Hate About You,” playing a high school kid.

10. Philip Seymour Hoffman, George Willis, Jr.

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1992 Scent of a Woman
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

A final film lover adds, “I’ve always felt that Philip Hoffman as George Willis Jr in Scent of a Woman looked just too middle-aged to be a school student, even though he was only 24/25 at the time the film was shot. ”

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