15 Severe Addictions Society Chooses To Indulge Like It’s Not a Big Deal

What addiction is seen as entirely normal by society? There are many. The crazy thing is that many of us acknowledge and identify them within ourselves and then continue the cycle precisely like people with substance abuse disorders.

Do you have something you can identify in your life as doing more harm than good but can’t let go of yet? You’re not alone. Here are a handful of examples the internet gave of these normalized addictions.

1. Endless Scrolling

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The infinite scroll is a massive distraction, time waster, and addiction. Still, we’ve collectively accepted it as the norm and continue to indulge our vices.

2. Shopping

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Shopping and consumerism is a wide-fed addiction that has spread to online shopping carts globally. Many carriers in the internet forum explained they had people they would “send a wellness check on” if they suddenly stopped having them en route for delivery packages.

3. Sugar

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It’s terrible, accurate, and my vice, like many others across the globe. Sugar is in everything. You have to make a conscious effort not to consume it. The products you enjoy, from sugary beverages to the ketchup on your fries, are packed with sugar.

Your body develops a physical dependency on sugar, like any substance. Sugar is said to be more addictive than narcotics, including heroin and cocaine. Yet, because it’s so widespread, society accepts it.

4. Coffee

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Is it coffee or caffeine? It’s likely a combination of both. From the delicious smell of a brewing pot to that first sip that awakens your soul, coffee is an addiction society deems acceptable. Additionally, paying an obscene amount for coffee at espresso stands and Starbucks has become the norm.

5. Lottery Tickets

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Oof. Someone confessed they have a friend who spends a third of his income on lottery tickets waiting to hit that big win. As someone who worked at Circle K for a week (couldn’t hang), the number of people who come in daily is sad.

Furthermore, some would buy the tickets and then start scratching them right on the counter because they immediately exchange them for more if they win. There was one guy I had to argue with daily to move to the side so I could tend to the line backing up behind his addictive behavior.

6. Smartphones

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Smartphones have created a population of zombies constantly consumed by their devices. One user mentioned how human interaction doesn’t exist anymore.

Furthermore, their workplace is boring at lunch and annoying because everyone is on their phones. And some don’t wear headphones and loudly scroll TikTok videos. That’s the worst! So rude and disrespectful. NOBODY enjoys being around this person.

7. Social Media

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The worst part of social media addiction is its terrible negative impact on people’s mental health. For example, the constant comparison of your life to others, the false information and propaganda being shared to secure your vote, and the problem of online bullying. It’s done more harm than good.

I’ll never forget when I deactivated my Facebook. It was days before I stopped reaching for my phone. Everyone assumed I knew everything about their life because they “posted it on Facebook.”

But what I remember most was what EVERYONE said after my explaining quitting for mental health, “I would, but it’s how I keep in touch with people.” Duh. And the more you keep telling yourself that, the easier it is to justify the addiction that is much more than “keeping connected.”

8. Attention

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As someone who used to be in the center of it, I can relate to being addicted to attention. It’s a terrible addiction exacerbated by social media platforms catering to putting everyone at their center. It’s not real. Offline, it’s unattractive and often stems from low self-esteem.

 9. Adult Films

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The addiction to adult films is out of control and is widely accepted as the norm by society. When attending church all those years ago, I remember the pastor explaining it was one of the more prominent sins men in church congregations struggle with; however, many women share the addiction.

10. Overworking

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Someone specified America, but I’d argue that other counties also feel this (Japan). Overworking is an addiction accepted and encouraged by society. Someone noted how people dedicate insane hours to satisfy a company’s status despite you being expandable the moment their “bottom line is at risk.”

11. Alcohol

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Alcohol is the obvious answer. It’s become so acceptable that it’s moved its way into corner stores, grocers, and drive-thrus, depending on what part of the state you reside.

Making beer, wine, and whiskey a part of your personality is typical. From home decor to internet memes, this culture has surrendered to its addiction collectively, and many encourage others to partake.

12. Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes has long been accepted as a regular addiction in society. However, it’s becoming increasingly shunned as we learn about secondhand smoke. Instead, the younger generation is moving to vape, another vice for the same game.

13. Cannabis

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As cannabis legalizes in more states, access to more potent marijuana than your homeboy down the street is available at dispensaries across the country. While I fully acknowledge cannabis as a medicinal plant with many legitimate uses, it’s ignorant to ignore the reality that many people consumed by the 420 culture depend on the substance, morning, noon, and night, which is addiction. It’s not a miracle plant that saves the world that has no negative repercussions like many want you to believe to justify their addiction.

14. Religion

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Many users suggested that religion is an addiction society has accepted as the norm. One clarified they knew a girl who found a way to refer everything to scripture and talked about “Jesus like he was an old friend of hers.” He’s an old friend of mine too.

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15. Money

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Finally, money is an addiction that society sees as acceptable. The obsession to make, save, invest, and spend it is insane when you realize it’s a humanmade construct that holds no value but the value we assign.

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