10 Best Pieces of Street Advice That Everyone Should Know

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Do you have a piece of street advice that everyone needs to know? You’re not alone. Someone recently asked a popular online community for their best pieces of advice. Here are their responses.

1. “Look Like You Know Where You’re Going.”

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Someone says, “Also, maintaining your walking speed will get you out of many situations of people harassing you. Whether it’s beggars or punks or thugs looking for a fight, don’t stop walking no matter what you do.”

A woman adds, “Yes and for women especially: wear your sneakers for the commute, wear your work shoes at work. It’s not for fashion or comfort. It’s so you can maintain speed or run if you need to.”

2. “If You Get Arrested, Shut Up.”

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“Literally this. Innocent or not, do NOT talk to cops without an attorney,” one clarifies. “Rule 1: Ask for a lawyer, and even then, don’t answer ANY question until they get there. Rule 2: see Rule 1. It’s worth mentioning that you’re exercising your right to silence too.”

3. “Keep Your Car Locked Always.”

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“Keep your car locked always. And Lock your car as soon as you get inside.” Someone adds, “I had a friend who fell asleep in his car. When he woke up, he was missing his shoes.”

I’ll never forget telling my dad he should lock his car when we went to our local carnival. He said, “Why there ain’t nothing in here.” I joked about his bottle of Stetson cologne. When we returned to the car, someone had taken the cologne!

4. “Sucker Punch,” Warning.

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“If someone arguing with you is standing close to you and they look away from you, you are about to get sucker punched.” I actually learned this lesson the hard way.

5. “If You Think You’re Being Followed, Never Go Straight Home.”

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“If you think you’re being followed, never go straight home. Have you heard of being told to make four consecutive same-direction turns (if driving)? If they’re still behind you, they’re following you,” one warns. A user shares that they did this, and it was an undercover cop who ultimately pulled them over for being suspicious, to which they reply, “No. You’re being suspicious!”

6. “Know When To Leave.”

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“Know when to leave,” one explains. “Is friend getting too drunk? Leave. Is the room getting too crowded? Leave. Are you feeling too intoxicated? Leave. Is someone bothering you too much? Leave. Anything that doesn’t feel right, just leave.”

7. “Do You Want to See Something,” Warning.

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If a random guy “says, ‘Hey man, you want to see something?’ You don’t. You don’t want to see something,” one states. Countless users share stories about random things people pull out to show them, including a clock, a Glock, and a baby alligator. People from Columbia say it’s a plot to rob you, while others in New York confirm the same thing. “Do not go into the alley!”

8. “Don’t Flash Your Money Especially in Bars.”

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My father taught me not to flash my money and to wrap the big bills in smaller ones. He worked in a bar in the 70s and explained many guys would come in and flash their money, and the women would warm up, “But those aren’t the women you want to attract.”

9. “Stay Aware of Your Surroundings and Trust Your Instincts.”

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Countless forum members agree that having “Situational awareness” is important no matter where you go. One adds, “I’d say on par with this is with people, watch for what their eyes and hands are doing at all times.”

10. “Never Consent to a Police Search of Your Vehicle or Your Home.”

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Another person suggests, “Never consent to a police search of your vehicle or your home. If they have to get a warrant, they are much more limited in where they can search and what they can take as evidence. Giving them consent to go on a fishing expedition can only hurt you. Don’t do it.”

11. “If You Have To Fight. Fight Like Your Life Depends on It.”

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“If you can flee, flee. If you have to fight, fight. Whichever you do, commit to that action,” one explains. “Also, if you have to fight. Fight like your life depends on it. Gouge eyes, kick privates, do what must be done to survive at all cost.”

12. “Never Go to a Secondary Location.”

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Numerous folks state you should never go to a secondary location. One man shares his story, “I was in a situation where that came up! These five dudes came up behind me and told me to turn down an alley. I asked why, and they said they were going to take all my things, and if I didn’t cooperate, they would stab me.

I said forget that. It sounds like I’m getting stabbed either way. You can stab me here on the main street in broad daylight where an ambulance can find me. I’m not walking down no freaking alley.” Thankfully he wasn’t assaulted.

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