50 Fun Realistic Things To Do Instead of Drugs


Are you in recovery and searching for fun things to do instead of drugs? Same. But I grew tired of the lists with activities like parasailing and white water rafting for alternatives to getting high. Maybe those things are fun but not realistic options for daily deterrents to alcohol abuse and drug addiction. So what … Read more

7 Easy Steps for Effectively Managing Triggers in Recovery


Are you new to addiction recovery and looking for ways to stay sober? Many people have many triggers, and it’s essential to manage them. So these tips are helpful with managing triggers in recovery. So that when cravings or challenging emotions occur, you have a plan. Understanding triggers and how to overcome them aid in healing. Finding healthy coping mechanisms is vital to your sobriety success.

15 Simple Secrets to Keeping a Clean House


Are you seeking secrets to keeping a clean house because of the anxiety and chaos of the clutter and mess building up around you? I’ve been there, and it’s no fun. Having excessive clutter can also influence depression. So it’s essential for your mental health needs to eliminate that stress. While researching methods to gain control of my home, I discovered and implemented several secrets to keeping a house clean.

50 Positive Thoughts to Start Your Day off Right


Starting your day with optimism in your heart makes the day go more smoothly. It’s important to embrace positive thoughts to start your day.
Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you –Mary Lou Retton Understanding that truth makes optimism the goal we should all be striving to achieve. Or the intention that we set for our day.

60 Remarkable Sobriety Gifts for Dad to Encourage Recovery


Show a deserving father how proud you are with sobriety gifts for dad. Sober gifts are a fabulous idea to encourage growth in recovery. This gift guide includes custom personalized gifts, t-shirts, and hoodies. Additionally, browse books, journals, recovery coffee mugs, and sobriety medallions. There is something for every sober dad on your list. Personalized … Read more

75 Sexy Sober T-Shirts to Rock Recovery


Wearing sober t-shirts is a fabulous way to rock your recovery. Sober is the new sexy. You’ve accomplished something huge, and it deserves celebration. This sober life gift guide includes inspirational recovery quotes to encourage strength in sobriety. Find addiction recovery fashions for women, men, LGBTQ+, parents, and Jesus freaks. Also, there are cute recovery … Read more

31 Highly Effective Quotes About Strength In Hard Times


Are you struggling with something and need some inspiration? Seek comfort in these quotes about strength in hard times. I understand your need to find motivation.Recently, I lost my father and have been struggling to cope with that loss. Of course, this is a natural part of the grieving process. But it’s my first time understanding such grief.

How to Change Your Life for the Better in 52 Intentional Ways


How to change your life for the better is a blessing once you believe that you have the ability and the power to change. Are you ready to put that belief into action? There are fifty-two incredible ways to change your life for the better. One to introduce every week to see what works for you. So that you can transform your life completely and create positive life habits. Embracing positive change by stepping out of your comfort zone may be required for achieving a better life. However, it’s worth it when you start changing bad habits and negative thoughts.

The Ultimate Anti-Bully Clothing Guide


Check out this amazing collection of anti-bully clothing for tween and teens! Oh yeah, we threw some anti-bully goodies for teachers too! Does your kid love to make a statement? That’s awesome! Mine too. Both of us are survivors of being bullied. So we decided anti-bully clothing is this year’s fashion statement to make in middle school.

32 Must-Have Unique Coloring Books for Fun Adults


Looking for something new to color that’s not your typical mandala or floral edition? Me too! And I found some cool gems. So check out this list of some of the most unique coloring books on Amazon. A beautiful adult coloring adventure for any Tolkien fan. The Epic World of Tolkien includes over one-hundred scenes from Middle-earth. Spend time at Mount Doom and in the Trees of Valor.