7 Remarkable Benefits of Prayer Journaling in Recovery


One of the most significant resources in my recovery toolbox is prayer journaling. It’s a powerful way to spend quiet time with yourself and the Lord. I’ve experienced tremendous success with it and have grown into a better me. I cannot express enough how miraculous it is to see how God answers my requests. As … Read more

The Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Finding gifts for someone in recovery from addiction is a thoughtful way to encourage and acknowledge their hard work. Furthermore, getting clean isn’t easy. And staying sober is something to celebrate. What type of sobriety gift should you give? Several meaningful sober recovery gifts exist. Such as self-help, fashion, coffee, and funny sobriety gifts. As … Read more

72 Fabulous Recovery Coffee Mugs to Encourage Sobriety


Are you looking for the best recovery coffee mugs to celebrate your sobriety? Or perhaps to gift a friend or sponsor in recovery? Awesome! Check out this exclusive list of sobriety coffee mugs. There is sure to be something for everyone. Giving these types of gifts to people in recovery is a great way to … Read more

The Best Sober Journal to Inspire & Motivate Personal Growth

Journaling is a fantastic way to encourage personal growth and sobriety. Finding the perfect sober journal to encourage you is the first step to documenting your journey. There are several journaling formats. Including the 12-Steps, guided entries, and mindfulness workbooks. As well as sober journal options for women and men. 12-Step Sober Journals Fast track … Read more

17 Peaceful & Calming Things to Put in Your Room

Did you know that the average person spends about 26 years of their life asleep? And another seven years trying to fall asleep? It’s true. So it’s imperative to surround yourself with peaceful things that encourage restful sleep. So here are calming things to put in your room. Completely transform the ambiance with these ideas. I’ve included several of my personal calming bedroom additions. To ensure a thoughtfully, authentic list. Enjoy!

15 Real-Life Racial Microaggressions That Need to Die Out

Are you searching for examples of racial microaggressions to ensure that you’re not offending your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors? Me too. The world is demanding and deserving of our consideration and it’s time that these die out. While informing myself about racial microaggressions I realized that I have spoken a few of these statements in my lifetime. So I created this resource with the hopes of helping others who are willing to learn, grow, and become better.