The First 30-Days of Sobriety Living Marijuana Free


The first 30-days of sobriety are the most difficult hurdle for surviving the withdrawal. Undoubtedly you will experience both physical and mental symptoms. Regardless of which substance (s), you’re quitting. While the severity differs depending on substance use and the duration of time using the substance, there are several common withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction. … Read more

101 Remarkable Spiritual Healing Quotes for Finding Your Strength

Spiritual healing quotes are perfect for the soul to absorb and project healing into your world and the world around you. Spirituality gives you your center. So I’ve created this list of healing quotes for strength. These are fantastic reminders to include in your journal. Or to write on colorful post-its and hang them up … Read more

52 Inspiring Recovery Quotes for Your Sober Journal


One of my favorite ways to keep myself inspired is by writing motivational recovery quotes in my sober journal. Celebrating your sobriety milestones with beautiful quotes throughout the pages makes me want to pick it up and write and spend time in it. My sober journal is a gratitude journal where I incorporate inspirational quotes … Read more

How to Stay Sober: 20 Tips for Successful Recovery


After you’ve gotten clean, it’s essential that you understand how to stay sober—especially considering that relapse rates for substance abuse disorders are between 40-60%. For opioid use disorders, there is a higher probability of relapse at 72-88%. That rate is one-to-three years after opioid detoxification or drug addiction treatment. These numbers are alarming, making it … Read more

12 Compassionate Acts of Kindness Examples to Start Now


Do you know that performing compassionate acts of kindness improves your mental health? Isn’t that incredible? Philanthropic acts stimulate the feel-good circuits in your brain. These acts of kindness examples are for you to help others and help yourself. Additional health bonuses, acts of kindness, and charity include benefits for your physical health. For example: … Read more

50 Relatable Inspirational Quotes for Anxiety Sufferers Like Me


Anxiety disorders are the leading mental illnesses in America. It affects 40 million adults (18.1% of the population) and 25.1% of children ages 13-18. Yet, despite being a treatable condition, only 39.6% of those suffering seek treatment. So here are inspirational quotes for anxiety sufferers to ease their anguish. Remember to take deep breaths. Inhale through your … Read more

My Incredible One on One With Sober Fitness Coach Chelsea Defina


Hi friends, are you as pumped as I am about understanding sober fitness? First, I’d like to introduce an incredible inspiration in the recovery community. She overcame her substance abuse disorder and completely transformed her life.  Now she mentors women to gain confidence, find their inner strength, and become the women they deserve to be … Read more

10 Amazing Gratitude Journaling Prompts for Recovering Addicts


Recovering addicts are employing gratitude journaling prompts as a sobriety tool. There are several reasons to use a gratitude notebook in recovery. Some of these reasons include setting boundaries, defining purpose, and acknowledging the positives in life. Implementing gratitude is healing for the mind, body, and soul. It improves mental health and builds self-awareness. Additionally, … Read more

7 Remarkable Benefits of Prayer Journaling in Recovery


One of the most significant resources in my recovery toolbox is prayer journaling. It’s a powerful way to spend quiet time with yourself and the Lord. I’ve experienced tremendous success with it and have grown into a better me. I cannot express enough how miraculous it is to see how God answers my requests. As … Read more

Why the New Jeffrey Dahmer Movie on Netflix Terrifies Me

Have you watched the new Jeffrey Dahmer movie on Netflix? It feels like everyone is talking about it. I’ve always had an affinity for watching and reading true crime and notorious serial killer stories. What makes a person commit unspeakable acts of violence against another human being? The morbid fascination with trying to understand evil … Read more