15 Best Physical Sensations According to Women

Recently, someone asked a women’s forum, Excluding anything intimate or involving another person, what is your favorite physical sensation? Here are the best answers.

1. Getting Into a Clean Bed

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Numerous women claim one of the best sensations is getting into a clean bed. One woman says she loves the silky physical sensation of the sheets feeling a bit stiffer, especially after a shower with freshly shaved legs.

Another made me laugh out loud by confessing, “I call that sexy cricket time ’cause I can never stop rubbing my legs against each other under the sheets.” I’ve never called it that, but I do it, and now I’ll always think of this comment. It is the most incredible feeling.

2. Sneezing Tingles

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Do you know that fizzy feeling in your nose, building up to a great sneeze? A woman explains, “It gets fizzier and fizzier and then -! Sneeze!!” That is a physical sensation countless women agree to enjoy. On the contrary, it’s one of the worst feelings when it builds up and doesn’t deliver.

3. A Head Massage

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Head massages are pure heaven. Many women in the forum agree that having their scalps massaged when getting their hair shampooed at the salon is incredible. Others admit they purchase head massage services.

4. Q-Tip In the Ear

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YES! OK, we all know you’re not supposed to use Q-tips in your ears, but why does it feel so darn good? The best gliding sensation is immediately following a hot shower.

5. Taking Off Your Bra

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All women, especially bustier gals, are united in the pleasure they get from taking their bras off after a long day. There really isn’t much else that’s better.

6. Floating In a Body of Water

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Are you a master floater? Several women confess they adore floating on their backs in pools and lakes with the sun kissing their faces and the sound of water in their ears. One of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had was floating in the Dead Sea in Israel.

7. Soft Paint Brush On the Lips

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Admittedly, I’ve never run a paintbrush over my lips, but the sensation of a brand-new paintbrush with its soft bristles on any part of my skin is bliss. Surprisingly, multiple women confess to enjoying this feeling.

8. A Hot Bath

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The relaxing sensation of slipping into a hot bubble bath is a common theme of pleasure in this forum. Choosing the scents you want to soak in is one of the best parts. Finally, adding candles to this atmosphere brings an entirely new level of relaxation.

9. When Music Gives You Goosebumps

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The physical reaction of hearing a song that tickles your brain in a way that gives goosebumps is a feeling many women deem the best. Music is one of my biggest passions, and I relate to this as one of life’s grandest pleasures. Listening to records is the best.

10. The Crunch of a Perfect Apple

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Countless women explain they enjoy the autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) to biting into a perfectly ripe apple. The sweeter, the better. Pink ladies are my favorite. However, others appreciate the crunch of a SweeTango. Fun Fact: SweeTango’s won the Guinness World Record for the World’s loudest crunch ever!

11. Bare Feet In the Grass

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Every time I think of bare feet in the grass, I can almost smell the feeling. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s destressing and anxiety relieving. Many other women note they seek pleasure with this simple activity.

12. Bare Feet In the Sand

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Alternatively, sitting on a beautiful beach with your feet in the sand is another sensation women indulge in, and it’s my favorite on the list. Combine it with the goosebump-inducing music, and it’s a double whammy of pleasure.

13. Getting Your Hair Brushed

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Someone playing with your hair, brushing it, running their fingers through it — is the greatest feeling. One notes, “I could let them do that all day.” Me too! I’m fortunate to have a toddler and a teen who likes to brush my hair and a husband that gives me scalp scratch tingles. This right here is the best.

14. A Back Massage

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Getting a back massage is one of the most incredible physical pleasures. If I could talk my husband into it, I’d get one daily. Numerous women in the forum concur that it’s a sensation that alleviates tension, stress, and the day’s woes.

15. Having a Good Laugh

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Finally, women agree that having a really good laugh is the best. Especially when you’re stressed out or in a lousy mood and something silly or absurd catches you off guard. One explains: “It’s almost like whatever made me laugh hacked my brain and unlocked this wild glee that I wouldn’t have thought I could feel at that moment.”

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