The Best Sober Journal to Inspire & Motivate Personal Growth

Journaling is a fantastic way to encourage personal growth and sobriety. Finding the perfect sober journal to encourage you is the first step to documenting your journey.

There are several journaling formats, including the 12-Steps, guided entries, and mindfulness workbooks. As well as sober journal options for women and men. Here are a handful of excellent journals to document your recovery.

12-Step Sober Journals

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Fast-track your addiction recovery with The 12-Step Journal. Utilizing the tools of the program. This journal is perfect for those in Narcotics. Anonymous. Or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Similarly, The Sobriety Daily Journal is perfect for people in Alcoholics Anonymous. Filled with traditional AA slogans and ninety-six inspirational quotes. Additionally, there are daily quotes on each page for you to reflect on.

Alternatively, the 12-Step Workbook includes prompts for working the 12-steps. As well as journaling pages and space to create a gratitude list. It should be noted that this workbook is not meant to replace reading the step literature. Or attending meetings and working with your sponsor.

12-Step 90-Day Gratitude Journals

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Inspired by Sobriety: A Gratitude Journal for Sober Living is a 52-week gratitude journal. Each day brings another opportunity to record at least three reasons to be grateful for sobriety. At the end of the week, explore your thoughts of gratitude and annotate a brief summary of your positive affirmations and reflections.

The Recovery Girl Gang sobriety journal includes 90 days of gratitude. As well as a place to keep phone numbers of people in your recovery network. A useful tool for staying grounded in sobriety.

Best Sober Journal for Women

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One of the best sobriety journals for women is A Woman’s Journal: Helping Women Recover. It’s a manualized treatment intervention based on Dr. Covington’s Women’s Integrated Treatment (WIT) model. Setting the standard for best practice in the field of women’s treatment since 1999.

This Sobriety Journal for Women will help you become a better version of yourself. This is a simple daily journal for recovering addicts to track their journey.

Another guided sober journal for women is Staying Sober One Day At A Time. Each day includes a tracking activity page. As well as a lined journal page. Perfect for documenting 100 days of recovery.

The Best Sober Journal for Men

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Unfortunately, there are not many recovery journals exclusive to men. However, I found a couple that I think men in recovery would appreciate.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is imperative for sobriety success. So The Daily Gratitude Journal for Men is perfect. Featuring poignant quotes and inspiring words. As well as wisdom from men like Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Werner Erhard, and more.

Alternatively, because addiction is related to mental health, the Mental Health Journal for Men is a fantastic find. Including mental health journaling prompts, breathing exercises, and exercises to bolster wellness.

Best Recovery Journals

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Another inspirational recovery journal, The 365 Addiction Recovery Journal, comes complete with guided questions. Additionally, these questions were designed to help you understand and conquer your addiction. As well as focus on the positives in your life. Also, each page is graced with an inspirational quote.

Similarly, The Addiction Recovery Journal includes 366 days of transformation, writing, and reflection. Also, this sober journal was created by a former addict and self-help author C.W. V. Straaten. Featuring inspiring questions and practical short exercises to strengthen your recovery process.

This Daily Sobriety Journal is a 60-day reflection workbook for sobriety and recovery. Additionally, there are 10 coloring pages with affirmations to encourage your journey. As well as meditations to calm your mind.

Alternatively, A Year of Zen: A 52-Week Guided Journal is the perfect one-year recovery tool. This #1 bestseller provides a blank space for you to create chaos. As well as decorate it with calm and clarity. It’s not specifically designed for recovery. But this journal is too good not to share. Especially as a recovery option for those embracing Zen.

The Best Sober Journal and Coloring Book Duo

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This Sobriety Coloring Journal features swear words for those edgy coloring endeavors. Complete with 120 pages to track your day and moods. As well as to share affirmations and inner thoughts.

Alternatively, the Color Me Sober 31-Day Clean & Sober Coloring Journal is pocket-sized! Featuring 31beautiful illustrations that make the recovery slogans come alive.

The Gratitude Changes Everything: Sobriety Coloring Journal includes 92 pages of guided prompts. Complete with beautiful mandalas and a 45-day calendar to track your progress. As well as a 45-day planner that defines your daily goals and moods. Also, positive affirmations and sober accomplishments.

Similarly, this One Day at a Time 90-Day Recovery Journal is filled with journaling prompts and a healthy habits tracker. Additionally, keep a daily personal inventory, including goals, affirmations, gratitude, and moods. Furthermore, enjoy 30 beautiful coloring spreads with inspirational recovery quotes.

Sober Journal That Celebrates Sobriety Time

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This 1-Year & Counting Guided Sobriety Journal includes four months of daily tracking. As well as goal setting, affirmations, mood tracking, and reflections.

Similarly, the 2 Years Sober: Lined Journal celebrates sobriety time. Featuring 100 pages to document your recovery process.

By the same token, this 3 Years Sober Journal celebrates sobriety time. Featuring 120 lined pages to track your progress and celebrate your successes.

This 10 Years 3652 Days Sober Anniversary Journal is a thoughtful gift to celebrate a recovering addict’s clean time. Ten years is a huge milestone and deserves recognition.

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  1. Love these. Journaling is a powerful tool for any form of mental health, but it’s exceptional for alcoholism. Addressing your emotions is how you keep from self-medicating.

  2. Journaling is great on its own, but pairing it with journals to keep you sober is a great combo for staying the course, I believe.

  3. Journals are an excellent way to work through emotions that might otherwise make it more difficult to stay sober. I think they’re all wonderful picks.

  4. Thank you. I use my sober journal everyday. It helps me organize my thoughts and feelings. My sober journal helps me stay focused on sobriety everyday.

  5. Thank you. I received my sober journal as a gift and it’s become one of my most used possessions. Sober journaling maintains my focus on my sobriety goals.

  6. Me too! My sober journal has been very therapeutic in exploring and organizing my thoughts and emotions. Thanks for reading.

  7. Me too! My sober journal has been very therapeutic in exploring and organizing my thoughts and emotions.

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