7 Big Events From History That Will Always Be Funny

I found a hilarious thread in a popular online community where one member asked, “Which event from history will always be funny?” Here are some of the top historical events people are still laughing at.

1. Liechtenstein’s Army

During the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, Liechtenstein’s army of 80 men returned with 81 men after making friends with an Austrian liaison officer from the enemy side.

2. General George S. Patton

Thousands of people agree with one who says, “In 1945, the Americans were pushing through Germany. General Eisenhower sent General Patton a message, instructing him not to take the city of Trier because it would require four divisions to seize the city. Patton returned a message saying, “Have taken Trier with two divisions. What do you want me to do, give it back?”

3. Andrew Jackson’s Parrot

After Andrew Jackson taught his African Grey parrot how to swear, it had to be removed from his funeral at The Hermitage, Tennessee, for swearing so loud and long it upset the mourning attendees.

4. Persian King Xerxes

Another historical event that still has people laughing is when Persian king Xerxes punished the sea for ruining his bridge. “He tried to build a bridge across the Dardanelles to get to Greece faster, but a storm destroyed the bridge. Infuriated with the sea, Xerxes ordered his soldiers to punish it by whipping it with chains 300 times and poking it with red-hot irons. Handcuffs were also tossed into the water to symbolize the sea’s submission to his authority.”

5. Rudy Guiliani Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference

Remember when Rudy Giuliani held a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than the upscale Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia that is speculated to be the intended location?

One user shares, “The best part is that a worker at Four Seasons Total Landscaping received a call from the Republicans asking to book a podium and media backdrop for a press conference. The worker just smiled and agreed. He knew what was happening and allowed it to unfold.”

6. Victor Lustig Selling the Eiffel Tower

Victor Lustig, the con man who sold the Eiffel Tower twice and got away with it, is a historical event that several forum members find hilarious. “He convinced his victims that he had the authority to sell the tower as scrap metal, and they both fell for it. The funniest thing is not only he sold it, he got a bribe out of it.”

7. Antoine-Augustin Parmentier Guarding Potatoes

“Potatoes were not very popular as a food in France. A pharmacist named Parmentier knew they were good food and wanted to popularize them among the working class. He got a large plot of land to grow potatoes and placed heavily armed guards around it,” shares one.

“People assumed armed guards meant something very valuable was growing there, so they began to steal the potatoes. That’s how potatoes became popular in France’s working class. Not only that, but the guards were instructed to accept any and all bribes and to let the people steal the taters.”

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