14 Big ”ICKs” When It Comes to Men According to Women

Is there something that some men do that completely grosses you out? You’re not alone. A recent online discussion in a woman’s forum outlined several things considered to be significant ick factors in men. Here are their honest confessions.

1. Weaponized Incompetence

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Weaponized incompetence is when someone demonstrates helplessness to avoid specific tasks or responsibilities. This can occur consciously or unconsciously, resulting in others stepping in and doing the task for them.

2. Entitlement

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Countless women in the thread acknowledge — entitlement — as something they call the “ick.” Entitlement ranges from sexual relations to how they treat wait staff and retail employees.

3. Learned Helplessness

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Learned Helplessness is a psychological thing that occurs when someone has suffered a stressful situation repeatedly and begins to believe they cannot change the situation — so they don’t try. When opportunities arise where change becomes available, they continue to stay in their situation.

4. Unconsented Touch

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Nothing is more ick than being touched without consent, and its frequency is alarming. From inappropriate work shenanigans to being groped in public spaces — it’s frighteningly disgusting.

5. Wanting Your Cake and Eating It Too

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A particular breed of men whines about wanting a woman to fulfill the traditional role of a woman without fulfilling the role of a conventional man. The idea that they want a woman to cook, clean, and cater to their every whim while maintaining a full-time job is ludicrous. They aren’t looking for tradition. They want to be taken care of entirely without reciprocation.

6. Viewing Women as Objects

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Objectifying women is a considerable ick. This translates as viewing a woman as an object of their sexual desire and not the whole person. Many of these men are predators who cause a lot of trauma for women.

7. Sending Unsolicited Pics

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Nothing says you’re a disgusting pig like sending an unsolicited pic to women. Not only is it icky, but it’s becoming criminal in more and more states. For example, California passed the FLASH (Forbid Lewd Activity and Sexual Harassment) Act, allowing recipients to file lawsuits and civil complaints when receiving unsolicited lewd online content.

The Washington Post reports that recipients of cyber flashing (unsolicited obscene photos and videos) can seek up to $30,000 in civil damages from the sender.

8. Playing Devil’s Advocate With Politics and Social Issues

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Honestly, playing the devil’s advocate about anything is a massive ick. Arguing for the sake of arguing is exhausting. However, regarding social issues and politics, it can get heated rather quickly and is highly infuriating. Primarily because you understand they are only arguing to appear intelligent when it proves otherwise.

9. Watching Adult Films

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Many women don’t want their men consuming adult content. It’s unrealistic and perpetuates violence and abuse while exploiting and trafficking people. Nothing is more disgusting than supporting that; these women have deemed it completely “ick!”

On another note, spiritually, it’s damaging and can drive a wedge in your relationship. Too many women have had relationships with men so consumed by that content that they don’t engage in real-life intimacy with each other.

10. Self-Proclaimed “Nice Guys”

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Nice guys don’t go around telling everyone how nice of a guy they are. Their behaviors and actions speak loudly on their behalf. So when a man finds the need to voice what a nice guy he is, it turns women who know better — off

11. Poor Hygeine

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Bad hygeine is a massive ick factor when it comes to dating men. Spraying Axe body spray instead of showering is not doing what you think it is. Not brushing your teeth or maintaining good grooming habits is something women aren’t prepared to deal with.

12. Following Social Media Thirst Traps

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Following a ton of semi-unclothed women while liking and commenting on photos like: “You look hot” or “Sexy mama” is disgusting. It’s frightening how many men follow almost all women on social media, especially with so many unclothed in the mix. It’s very telling, and it doesn’t sound good.

13. No Basic Life Skills

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Men incapable of performing essential tasks like laundry, cooking, and keeping urine off the toilet seat are massively ick. Nobody wants to take on those responsibilities for a grown man capable of being an equal partner.

14. Toxic Masculinity

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Toxic Masculinity refers to the notion that some people’s idea of “manliness” perpetuates misogyny, homophobia, and violent domination. It can be found in self-proclaimed “alpha males” and certain “bro groups.”

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