11 Significant Careers that Hollywood Grossly Falsifies On TV and Film

Written By CJ Ervin

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Have you ever noticed how badly Hollywood botches aspects of certain professions? You’re not alone. A film forum online recently discussed examples and here and their best responses.

1. Computer Programmers

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Computer programmers are typically misrepresented as some person in a dark room, wearing dark clothing, surrounded by screens. They can hack into anything that uses the internet, and they always do it with ease. One person noted, “Generally yes, but Silicon Valley seemed pretty accurate.”

2. Military Personnel

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Whenever there is military personnel on screen, there’s going to be one of two things happening. One, the character or characters portraying the military are unstoppable, well-oiled machines who can shoot, move, and communicate, all while commencing in hand-to-hand combat with ease. Or they are just bumbling idiots who don’t know their service weapon from a chow hall utensil.

3. Animal Control Officer

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The term dogcatcher is outdated; now, we refer to them as animal control officers. Anyone who puts their well-being and safety at risk to help out another creature couldn’t hate that creature, right? But somehow, dogcatchers are always shown as this cartoonishly clumsy bad guy who hates dogs and is only in it for the money.

4. Teachers

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Films like School of Rock and Bad Teacher make it seem like an unprepared or unprofessional teacher would be fun to have. Let me tell you, I have endured both, and it is not as glorious and exciting as most depictions appear. What they need to show on screen more is the hours upon hours of days, nights, and weekends teachers spend correcting and grading papers.

5. Law Enforcement

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Several individuals agreed that law enforcement positions like police officers, FBI agents Military Police and such are extremely boring, and not all shootouts and stakeouts. Hot Fuzz did an awesome job of illustrating how the true labor of duty for a law enforcement officer is largely surrounded by paperwork and boredom.

6. Lawyers

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The overdramatic display of emotion and the action of simply slamming a folder down on a desk is nothing like the real everyday actions of a lawyer. Many reported that trial rarely happens as often and as quickly as it’s displayed on TV and in movies.

7. Mental Health Professionals

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The show Ted Lasso show a good example of what a psychologist should be. A mental health professional commented that psychologists are shown as either super incompetent individuals incapable of performing the basic duties of their job or unaware of the code of ethics they pledged to abide by.

8. 911 Operators and Dispatchers

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No one truly recognizes the terrible things the emergency dispatch operators experience. One estimated that about fifty percent of the calls fielded by 911 operators are non-emergencies. Let’s not forget about how nasty people can be to others rendering help, especially over the phone when there are no immediate consequences for their actions.

9. Pastry Chef

Pastry Chef
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There is a plethora of Hall Mark-esque films that would lead you to believe that a pastry chef out in town walking the streets with a cup of coffee clutched with both hands. A disagreeing Pâtissier (pastry chef) shared, “Work starts at two AM, and I’m pretty much always covered in flour/sugar. Definitely not walking around town holding a coffee.”

10. Working in the Nuclear Field

Nuclear Employee
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The final commenter joked their job is nothing like The Simpsons. Working in nuclear energy is nowhere near as simple as the writers make it seem in the beloved show.

11. Hospital Staff

Doctors and Nurses
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A doctor’s job entails a lot of paperwork and protocols. While a nurse is not as subordinate to doctors as they show on TV. Doctors most definitely do not deviate from preset guidelines and try experimental procedures as often as they show on House. If any member of the nursing staff was as unprofessional as the seem on TV, they’d all be fired!

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