What Causes Codependency and How to Break Free in Recovery


Before knowing what causes codependency, it’s essential to understand what it is and how it affects us. First, codependency is a psychological condition that causes a person to depend highly on specific loved ones. This dependence usually involves self-sacrifice as the deterrent to caring for personal needs and emotions. Additionally, codependents attempt to fix other … Read more

How To Help an Addict Recover From A Recovering Addict


Families of addicts need to learn how to help an addict recover post-rehab successfully. Unfortunately, it’s something my family didn’t research or prepare for before my return home. Honestly, I wish they had and were shocked by several insensitive behaviors and situations. However, I understand that they didn’t (don’t) know any better. That’s a big part of my purpose in sharing these ways to help an addict recover. So that other families won’t repeat the same mistakes. Additionally, to share a warning about rehab and the recovery process.

50 Fun Realistic Things To Do Instead of Drugs


Are you in recovery and searching for fun things to do instead of drugs? Same. But I grew tired of the lists with activities like parasailing and white water rafting for alternatives to getting high. Maybe those things are fun but not realistic options for daily deterrents to alcohol abuse and drug addiction. So what … Read more

7 Easy Steps for Effectively Managing Triggers in Recovery


Are you new to addiction recovery and looking for ways to stay sober? Many people have many triggers, and it’s essential to manage them. So these tips are helpful with managing triggers in recovery. So that when cravings or challenging emotions occur, you have a plan. Understanding triggers and how to overcome them aid in healing. Finding healthy coping mechanisms is vital to your sobriety success.

60 Remarkable Sobriety Gifts for Dad to Encourage Recovery


Show a deserving father how proud you are with sobriety gifts for dad. Sober gifts are a fabulous idea to encourage growth in recovery. This gift guide includes custom personalized gifts, t-shirts, and hoodies. Additionally, browse books, journals, recovery coffee mugs, and sobriety medallions. There is something for every sober dad on your list. Personalized … Read more

75 Sexy Sober T-Shirts to Rock Recovery


Wearing sober t-shirts is a fabulous way to rock your recovery. Sober is the new sexy. You’ve accomplished something huge, and it deserves celebration. This sober life gift guide includes inspirational recovery quotes to encourage strength in sobriety. Find addiction recovery fashions for women, men, LGBTQ+, parents, and Jesus freaks. Also, there are cute recovery … Read more

75 Sexy Sober Hoodies to Celebrate Recovery


Wearing sober hoodies is a fabulous way to rock your recovery. You’ve accomplished something huge, and it deserves celebration. So check out this best list of recovery apparel to find your sober fit. Browse AA, NA, and independent artists’ fashions. Also, 12 steps shirts and funny recovery hoodies to support your journey. You’ve got this. … Read more

44 Inspirational Sobriety Quotes to Conquer Recovery


Sometimes browsing inspirational sobriety quotes helps me re-center my focus and gives me strength with my recovery. So I created this list with the sincere hopes of helping others find peace in their addiction recovery. The thing is, if I don’t have sobriety, I don’t have anything. Matthew Perry Without my sobriety, I found myself … Read more

31 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Recovery from Addiction


Journaling is a liberating practice that is good for your mental health. It allows you to work through emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So these journaling prompts for recovery are designed to help you gain introspection concerning your addiction. Also, to process your recovery journey with a personal recovery journal. Writing allows you to work through your issues tangibly. Firstly, journaling provides a creative outlet. Secondly, revisit and unpack memories and elaborate on new ideas. Thirdly, journaling is a fantastic source of stress relief. Lastly, keeping a recovery journal documents your journey. So that you may reflect on how far you’ve come on your recovery journey one day.

6 Obvious Ways Marijuana Relapse Became Like My Heroin Addiction


For anyone who has ever used heroin, I’m confident the idea of a marijuana relapse resembling heroin addiction sounds absurd. Also, I imagine that comparing legal medicine to heroin is ridiculous to the avid stoners. But here I am, and somehow my weed use evolved into similar circumstances. Firstly, I’m not against marijuana use. Secondly, … Read more