How To Help an Addict Recover From A Recovering Addict

Families of addicts need to learn how to help an addict recover post-rehab successfully. Unfortunately, it’s something my family didn’t research or prepare for before my return home. Honestly, I wish they had and were shocked by several insensitive behaviors and situations. However, I understand that they didn’t (don’t) know any better. That’s a big part of my purpose in sharing these ways to help an addict recover. So that other families won’t repeat the same mistakes. Additionally, to share a warning about rehab and the recovery process.


7 Easy Steps for Effectively Managing Triggers in Recovery

Are you new to addiction recovery and looking for ways to stay sober? Many people have many triggers, and it’s essential to manage them. So these tips are helpful with managing triggers in recovery. So that when cravings or challenging emotions occur, you have a plan. Understanding triggers and how to overcome them aid in healing. Finding healthy coping mechanisms is vital to your sobriety success.


31 Powerful Journaling Prompts for Recovery from Addiction

Journaling is a liberating practice that is good for your mental health. It allows you to work through emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So these journaling prompts for recovery are designed to help you gain introspection concerning your addiction. Also, to process your recovery journey with a personal recovery journal. Writing allows you to work through your issues tangibly. Firstly, journaling provides a creative outlet. Secondly, revisit and unpack memories and elaborate on new ideas. Thirdly, journaling is a fantastic source of stress relief. Lastly, keeping a recovery journal documents your journey. So that you may reflect on how far you’ve come on your recovery journey one day.