How to Tell if Your Loved One is Demonstrating Signs of Opiate Abuse


There are many different signs of opiate abuse. These indicators include physical, behavioral, financial, and spiritual tells. The physical dependence on prescription drugs has led to an increase in substance abuse disorders. Furthermore, it’s contributed to increased heroin use and opiate overdoses. Some risk factors for opioid dependence are mental illness, a family history of … Read more

All You Need to Know About Natural Supplements for Addiction


Before exploring the best natural supplements for addiction, let’s briefly examine dependence. As well as some causes and natural preventions of addictions. What types of addictions are there? People can become addicted to many things, such as food, drugs, sex, alcohol, exercise, and caffeine, you name it. However, the more commonly thought of addictions is … Read more

The First 30-Days of Sobriety Living Marijuana Free


The first 30-days of sobriety are the most difficult hurdle for surviving the withdrawal. Undoubtedly you will experience both physical and mental symptoms. Regardless of which substance (s), you’re quitting. While the severity differs depending on substance use and the duration of time using the substance, there are several common withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction. … Read more

How to Stay Sober: 20 Tips for Successful Recovery


After you’ve gotten clean, it’s essential that you understand how to stay sober—especially considering that relapse rates for substance abuse disorders are between 40-60%. For opioid use disorders, there is a higher probability of relapse at 72-88%. That rate is one-to-three years after opioid detoxification or drug addiction treatment. These numbers are alarming, making it … Read more

My Incredible One on One With Sober Fitness Coach Chelsea Defina


Hi friends, are you as pumped as I am about understanding sober fitness? First, I’d like to introduce an incredible inspiration in the recovery community. She overcame her substance abuse disorder and completely transformed her life.  Now she mentors women to gain confidence, find their inner strength, and become the women they deserve to be … Read more

10 Interpersonal Skills to Help You Find a Job After Addiction


People in recovery tend to have stunted emotional growth and development. So developing interpersonal skills is necessary for effective speaking, active listening, respect, flexibility, and patience when interacting and creating connections. Interpersonal skills encompass a lot more than just socializing and getting along with other people. We need them for everything from networking at conferences, … Read more

10 Awesome Life Goals to Strive for After Addiction


Nowadays, society is all about achieving and succeeding. As a result, there’s tons of pressure to accomplish life goals, big and small, in everything from finances to personal growth. Amid all of this demand for success causing people to leave their jobs, it’s essential to take some time and try to figure out what you … Read more