15 Celebrities People Can’t Stand but Agree They Are a Master at What They Do

Are there any celebrities you know are talented but rub you the wrong way for some reason? You’re not alone. A popular online pop culture forum recently discussed the issue. Here are THEIR picks. Do you agree?

1. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
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“Not on subject, but I try really hard not to know celebrities I like.” One celebrity denotes, “I find that if they end up being awful, it poisons my enjoyment of their work. Like it turns out that Eric Clapton is a jerk, and I can’t enjoy his music like I used to.” So this star-struck rock fan learned you don’t meet your idols!

2. Chevy Chase

older Chevy Chase
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Chevy Chase has a catalog of classic films that anyone can laugh along with. One fanatic mentioned, “I’ve always loved his work so much and just keep wishing he would do something that says, ‘I’m not a bad guy,’ but then he opens his mouth.” Yeah, tell me about it!

3. Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand
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“She may be talented, but she’s mean,” exclaimed one critic. “Trey Parker and Matt Stone openly admitted she was one of the few celebrities who was parodied on South Park, that they hated. Even her appearance in it feels very hateful, and the creators went out of their way to make fun of her.”

4. Toni Collette

Toni Collette
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One Toni-phony stated, “I pretty much hated her in everything until I watched The United States of Tara. When she isn’t playing a meanie, she is fantastic. It also showed that she has an amazing range. I wish she was cast in ways that showed that more often.”

5. Queen

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I, for one, must say that I do not agree with this next opinion, but everyone is entitled to their own. One musicophile added, “I respect their legacy and the fact that they were one of the most influential bands of the last century, but I find their music to be mediocre at best (now that there are more alternatives). The same goes for the Beatles.”

6. The Rock

Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Another critic shared, “They say his name alone guarantees $100 million on opening weekend or something like that. Not sure if it still holds water. I don’t like his films anymore because the meme is kinda true: Once you see one of his characters, you’ve virtually seen them all. I do understand that he appeals to a certain group of people who happen to make up the majority of movie watchers, and it takes a certain level of likeability and talent to achieve that.”

7. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather
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There is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to professional boxing and the greats, Mayweather has definitely earned his spot in that conversation. But one boxing fan proclaimed, “Floyd Mayweather is the greatest professional boxer of all time. He owns half of Show Time and pretty much every championship boxer/contender in the WBC. He made an absolute fortune, re-invested in his team, bought into the network, and then snagged a bonus for his retirement account with the Logan Paul exhibition.”

8. Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton
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Another music lover questions, “Is he talented? Yes, but I can’t help it if it’s not my thing. I don’t want to hear him sing or play his sax. It feels like torture just listening to him.” Hey, listening to Michael Bolton is probably better than an average Joe sharing the name while working a menial job in a preoccupied office space.

9. Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour
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One fashion buff notes that the Editor in Chief of Vogue “Doesn’t seem too fun on a social level, doesn’t have time for people if she isn’t interested, and will be ruthless to get things done. This is not ideal as the ambassador to the people, but she gets things done while being a shaker and a mover.”

10. Will Smith

Will Smith
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“Will Smith…..this was way before the slap at the Oscars. I was a teenager when the Fresh Price was out, and I hated it.” According to one Oscars viewer, “I was the only person I know who just doesn’t like him. I have never been able to take him seriously as an actor. I know that others do. I can respect his work, but I just don’t watch it.”

11. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Multiple film viewers articulate, “I never really bought into his accolades until I saw Wolf Of Wall Street. The bit where the quaaludes kick in, and he’s trying to get into the car, is some of the best physical comedy I’ve ever seen in my life.” I love Leo, and I agree, that bit during Wolf of Wall Street was hilarious

12. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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“Exactly the answer for me. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to any of her songs all the way through since country music is very much not my thing, but dang, what an absolute treasure of a person,” another musicophile clarifies. I haven’t personally listened to any of her music myself, but I have heard nothing but good things about her as a person.

13. Bob Seger

Bob Seger
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“Older guy here. I’ve never been a fan of Bob Seger’s music,” an older music lover admits. “It’s never been anything more than something that kind of plays in the background. But the guy knows how to write a song. He makes it seem easy.”

14. Prince

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“I don’t like his music, and he seemed like the sort of person with whom I’d not want to have a drink.” Someone who doesn’t care for Prince’s music confides, “But I do acknowledge that his musical chops were amazing, his guitar playing was fantastic, and that he could write songs at a high level.”

15. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey
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“It feels like he is someone who was born to be a computer programmer but read a lot of books on how to be an actor and did that instead. Like, technically, he is a good actor,” one moviegoer describes. “But I always feel like I’m watching someone act in a movie with him. He doesn’t make me get lost in his characters. Does that make sense?”

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