12 Celebrities Who Completely Annihilated Their Careers Best

Recently, an online entertainment forum member asked which famous people annihilated their careers best. Several immediately came to mind. However, here are THEIR choices. Do you agree?

1. Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was once a MySpace and reality TV vixen who everyone was after. She garnered so much internet fame and popularity that she earned herself a reality TV show.

But many members of the forum assume that she received some type of head trauma because, from her reality TV run to now, she suggested she would gladly sacrifice her life in the name of the Nazis in the event of a second Holocaust. YIKES!

2. Mark Salling

The once-popular actor and musician known mainly for his role as Noah “Puck” Puckerman on the hit show Glee. He started out as a guitar teacher before he decided to take on the occasional acting gig.

A few movies here and there before he landed his recurring role as Puck on Glee. Around the fifth season, he began to see his screen time decrease. Eventually, he established his own record label and, in turn, released an album as well. Then we found out he was a child predator. The escalated quickly!

3. John Wilkes Booth

Many amateur historians note that John was not necessarily an A-list actor in their time. However, his older brother was the most notable and successful of the Booth theatrical family. Nonetheless, John was an actor in his time, and he derailed his career in a major way with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

4. Chris Benoit

The great wrestler known as the Canadian Crippler was once a force to be reconned with. Chris Benoit is definitely going down as one of the top ten greatest wrestlers of all time.

Unfortunately, an undiagnosed case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy led to the tragedy that took place over the span of three days, from June 22 – 24, 2007. Since then, Benoit’s legacy across multiple wrestling platforms has been questioned.

5. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey
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One respondent listed, “Kevin Spacey getting revealed to be a predator, using his sexuality as an excuse, getting fired from his projects, and then posting an insane super-villain-level youtube video as Frank Underwood basically blaming the viewers for being complicit.”

6. Allison Mack

The once-popular star of the superhero show Smallville and the comedy show Wilfred, Allison Mack’s career took a hard left turn and wound up in the slammer. After 11 years on Smallville playing the TV show’s original character, Chloe Sullivan, she moved on to star as the love interest of the main character on the show Wilfred.

In 2006, Mack joined the multi-level marketing company founded by Keith Raniere based in Albany, New York. On April 20, 2018, the former Wilfred love interest was arrested by the FBI on charges of human trafficking, human trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy. Talk about a fall from grace.

7. Jared Fogle

Known as the Subway Guy, Fogle got his rise to stardom by simply trying to find a way to lose weight without sacrificing taste. Everyone knows what Fogle did and how horrible it is to even think about the impact he had on the lives of those who he preyed upon.

He was a sexual predator who was so comfortable in his ways that he thought normal functioning adults would be ok with what he was doing. Unfortunately for him, his predatory behaviors are not acceptable, and he was confiding in the right person to put him where he belongs.

8. Armie Hammer

The fall of Armie Hammer was not a swift one, and if you take a deeper look at his family history, it will become blindingly apparent that it is based on a long family history of manipulation, mental and emotional abuse, and even violence.

Despite being the great-grandson of business manager and owner of Occidental Petroleum Armand Hammer and the son of business Michael Armand Hammer, Armie was set to blaze his own path. Armie dropped out of high school in the 11th grade to pursue his acting career and never looked back.

In 2021, allegations of violent, unusual, and startling messages were sent from Hammer to several of his alleged sexual partners. The result of the constantly compounding accusers was that Armie was dropped from all the projects he was set to be in. If his scenes were already on film, they were reshot. His publicist refused to represent him, and he was dropped from the William Morris Endeavor talent agency.

9. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby
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He went from a renowned stand-up comedian and beloved star of multiple TV shows to the creepy old man at the end of the block. He was America’s favorite TV dad, and he had ruined it by being gross. Now this isn’t a downward spiral as in it was quickly and out of nowhere. This was definitely a loudly whispered secret that only came to light with the arising of public awareness.

10. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar was on a meteoric rise as a Paralympic athlete, but it all came crashing back down to earth with one irreversible decision. Oscar Pistorius was born in South Africa with a congenital defect that led to the amputation of both of his feet.

Unlike single amputees in the Paralympics, Pistorius, being a double amputee, had a bit of a leg up because there was no precise way to determine the length that his prosthetic limbs should be. This gave him an advantage over a single-limb amputee. In the dark of his Pretoria home, Pistorius blindly fired shots from his 9mm pistol, accidentally killing Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend of three months.

11. Aaron Hernandez

A gifted tight end drafted from the University of Florida in the fourth round of the 2010 draft, Aaron Hernandez was the second member of the talented and dominant tight-end duos in the NFL along with fellow Patriot Rob Gronkowski.

After three seasons in the league and in the wake of a new contract, Hernandez was arrested and convicted of first-degree murder, bringing his career to a screeching halt. The New England Patriots dropped him immediately, and in 2017 he took his own life while in the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center.

12. Gia Carangi

Carangi was revered as the first supermodel. Her career began in 1978 at the age of 18, and she went to the moon and back in her undulating five-year stint. Her life and career began to spiral out of control when her mentor, friend, and agent died of lung cancer in 1980.

Her drug use went from recreational to heavy when her agent and the addiction began to affect the quality of her work. Things include throwing violent temper tantrums, walking out of shoots, and falling asleep in front of the camera.

By the end of her modeling career, not many people wanted to work with her due to the stigma of being seen with her and the effect it might have on their career. By 1983 her hopes of a modeling comeback were completely dashed. She died of AIDS complications in 1986.

Source: Reddit.