12 Celebrities Who Cheated On Their Spouses With Their Costars During Filming

It’s not uncommon for costars to get cozy with each other, and plenty of them cheat. After someone polled a pop culture forum for examples of these famous people, they mentioned these celebrities. Did you know?

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt
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Despite Pitt being the one in a relationship with superstar Jennifer Aniston, many dissenters don’t withhold their disdain for Jolie for her complicity in the wrong down. Many points out how “Angelina, in particular, has a history of being a willing participant in cheating and home wrecking.”

2. Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor
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Ewan McGregor had an affair with co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead during the filming of the TV series Fargo. One cheater-hater exclaimed, “YES! Even weirder (and grosser) is that MEW looks eerily similar to his first wife when she was younger. It’s like the first wife got too old for him, so he traded her in for a younger-looking version.”

3. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
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We all love Harrison Ford for the great roles he’s brought to life on the big screen. Some of my favorites are his roles as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and President James Marshall. But aside from the great art he’s given us, the artist himself has done some messed up things. Many Star Wars fans noted, “Harrison Ford cheated on his first wife with Carrie Fischer on the set of Star Wars. He was 33; she was 19.”

4. Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci
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Several Broadway fans declared, “In 2002, Stanley Tucci left his wife Kate for Edie Falco, who he was doing a play with on Broadway. He ended the affair and went back to his wife. Kate died of breast cancer in 2009. He went on to marry Emily Blunt’s sister Felicity in 2012.”

5. Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen
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“Supposedly, Rachel Bilson found text messages on Hayden Christensen’s phone that caused them to split.” Many individuals announce, “The text messages were between Hayden and Emma Roberts while filming the movie Little Italy.”

6. Billy Crudup

Billy Crudup
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The Claire Danes Billy Crudup affair was an extremely messy one. Not only was there an affair, Crudup’s girlfriend of eight years, fellow superstar Mary Louise Parker was seven months pregnant. Another critic indicated, “AND MARY HAS NEVER TALKED ABOUT IT. I think a few years ago, she finally alluded to breaking down in a cab after it happened. I STILL get mad when I see Billy Crudup has been cast in something.”

7. Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray
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The One Tree Hill and House of Wax star made the list for his indiscretions with celebrity starlet and debutante Paris Hilton. A bunch of forum members joked it was like Lucas cheating on Brooke in real life! “Right?! And they continued filming One Tree Hill after the mess. You would have never guessed, or at least I never realized the timeline of events,” one viewer expressed their amazement.

8. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner
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“I remember reading a piece that was quite convincing in its level of detail about her being known as someone who was constantly trading up and always with relationship overlap…and in googling any variety of words trying to find it now, all I get are glowing articles about Jen’s classy responses to Ben. Buried by time, effort, and/or maybe because it was possibly hosted on, like the original Gawker blog site,” one celebrity gossip enthusiast mentioned.

9. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
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Cheating is an unacceptable act when one is in a committed relationship. No one is denying that, nor is anyone condoning the act, but many Taylor-Johnson fans want to turn a blind eye to his affair with Bullet Train co-star Joey King, not due to their immense love for the Quicksilver actor but for their opposite love for the structure of the relationship between Aaron and his wife Samantha, who is 23 years his senior.

10. Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin
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‘While I think they’re absolutely adorable together, Ginnifer Goodwin went from being engaged to someone else before the show started to publicly date Josh Dallas very quickly during season one. Josh’s marriage to his first wife had also ended not long before,” says a Once Upon a Time fanatic.

11. Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis
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Coming in hot with another submission from Once Upon a Time. “Tom Ellis’s first wife has said their marriage ended over his affair with Emilie de Ravin when he guest starred on Once Upon a Time,” one discusses. This last entry kind of hits a little harder because they are portraying beloved Disney characters.

12. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
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Tom Hanks got married for the first time in 1978 to Samantha Lewes. The next year Hanks began filming for Volunteers, where he reconnected with his future (current) wife, Rita Wilson. They first met on the set of Bosom Buddies. Once the flame was rekindled, it was curtains for the current Mrs. Tom Hanks at the time.

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