12 Big Pieces of Celebrity Drama From Back in the Day. Do You Remember?

Do you remember all these juicy celebrity dramas from back in the day? I didn’t. But after scrolling a popular entertainment forum, I encountered a question, “What older tidbits of celebrity drama are not as well-known today?” Here is how the community responded.

1. Stanley Tucci Cheated on His First Wife, Kate

Stanley Tucci
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“The current cult of Stanley Tucci doesn’t seem to know how terribly and publicly he cheated on his first wife and the embarrassment that he must have caused her due to the circumstances of why he went back to her.” The first celebrity fanatic continued, “He’s not a good person.”

2. When Ryan O’Neal Didn’t Attend the 1974 Oscars

Ryan O'Neal
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Throughout the history of the Academy Awards, there has been a plethora of actors and actresses who have not attended or even refused to accept the award after not attending. But this next one takes the cake. Ryan O’Neal is known for a laundry list of less-than-moral actions but refusing to attend the year your ten-year-old daughter is nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

3. Ted Danson Doing Blackface At Whoopi Goldberg’s Roast

Ted Danson
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In the early 90s, Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg were an item for a little over a year and a half. At some point during their relationship, Goldberg got invited to a celebrity roast where Danson showed up in blackface with some racially tinted jokes to go along with it.

4. Billy Crudup Cheating on a Then-Pregnant Mary Louise-Parker

Billy Crudup
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Billy Crudup and Mary Louise-Parker were together for almost eight years and expecting a baby when the unthinkable happened. Crudup up and dumps his pregnant girlfriend for up-and-coming starlet Claire Danes. Danes and Crudup were co-stars in the 2005 film Stage Beauty, and many believe that’s where they struck up their forbidden romance.

5. Who is January Jones’s Baby’s Father?

January Jones
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It is no secret that January Jones and Jason Sudeikis dated from 2010 to 2011. In 2011 they split, and the same year, January gave birth to her son Xander, and after 11 years, the world is still stumped on who her baby’s daddy is.

6. Cher and the “Bagel Boy”

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In the 80s, Cher stopped in a local bagel shop for a coffee and left with an aspiring actor’s seven digits (no area codes to phone numbers back then). Rob “Bagel Boy” Camilletti was just working a normal day in May 1986, but little did he know how much his life would change.

7. The Fiasco with Paris Hilton’s Storage Unit

Paris Hilton
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In 2007, Paris Hilton’s 6000 square foot rental units were auctioned off due to a lack of payment. Inside the storage unit was a less-than-flattering recording of Hilton saying some very inappropriate racial epithets.

8. Tim Commerford Apologizes for Limp Bizkit

Tim Commerford
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Once in an interview, Limp Bizkit names the band Rage Against the Machines as one of their inspirations. In a later interview, Rage Against the Machines drummer apologized to the world for inspiring a terrible band like Limp Bizkit.

9. Mark Wahlberg and His Wild Teenage Years

Mark Wahlberg
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In the late 80s, before Marky Mark had a Funky Bunch, a teenage Mark Wahlberg found himself in constant trouble for what some would view as race-related crimes. When Wahlberg was about 15 years old, he was involved in a few racial hate crimes that he wishes to be pardoned.

10. Rashida Jones Wrote an “Opposite the Editorial Page” Letter to Tupac Shakur

Rashida Jones
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Many hip-hop fans from the 90s remember Tupac’s meteoric rise to fame. Not many of those fans will remember some of Shakur’s more critical statements toward music mogul Quincy Jones and how he makes “messed up kids.” Seventeen-year-old Rashida Jones didn’t take kindly to that remark and wrote a fiery letter response to the hip-hop star’s earlier statements.

11. Bobby Womack Tried to Marry Sam Cooke’s Widow

Bobby Womack
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A final commenter shared, “Idk if it’s too old for you guys, but: soul singer Bobby Womack tried to marry Sam Cooke’s widow less than a month after he was shot. Then, after marrying her, had an affair with her underage daughter. His wife shot at him for that. His stepdaughter/affair partner went on to marry Bobby Womack’s brother, aka her step-uncle.”

Source: Reddit.

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