15 Best Christmas Gifts for Tween & Teen Girls 2020

Shopping for Christmas gifts for tween girls can be cumbersome. Last year’s hot is this year’s not and you’re expected to know this. I mean, come on mom! Keep up with the times. Raising tween girls is so much fun!

So my tween girl assisted with composing this list to ensure authenticity. Please enjoy this year’s hottest Christmas gifts for tween girls. Also, we included a stocking stuffer guide for your viewing pleasures!

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LED Strip Lights

This is on every tween and teen’s Christmas list year. These LED Strip Lights are a fun and colorful way to decorate a room. Several sets showcase different features. From LED light sets with Google/Amazon Alexa capability to LED light sets that pair with music!

Sticky Ceiling Balls

These are 2020’s must-have items and are ideal for stuffing stockers! Sticky ceiling balls are highlighted on Tik Tok as being the ultimate in anxiety and boredom relief.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is this year’s absolute must-have for middle school girls! Mine has been hinting towards her desire for one. Right about the time the VSCO girl scene brought Polaroids back.

The beauty of this Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is that it’s a gift bundle. Oh, snap! It includes a carrying case, film, lens filters, frames and more. Making them ideal Christmas gifts for tween girls.

Additionally, it’s available in six fun colors. To be fair, it doesn’t come with the neck-shoulder strap. But you can toss that in their stocking. What a way to tie the gift together!

Classic Van Slip Ons

Van Slip Ons are back baby. And anybody who is anybody is rocking a pair of them. Be aware, I’m speaking middle school here. My tween girl has a pair of classic checkered Vans.

They are popular and trendy. Lots of girls at school are wearing them and they are cool. However, to ensure these are Christmas gifts for tween girls that they really want I asked for her opinion. She’s provided the following insights.

White Vans Slip Ons

The popular thing to do is get a pair of plain white Vans Slip Ons. But mama, you don’t stop there! Because the best part of the gift is allowing your tween the creativity to express themselves.

It’s a fashionable girl’s dream to decorate them with acrylic paints. Also, adding designs with multi-color Sharpies is cool but not everyone does it. My tween has clarified that they use the fine point Multi-color Sharpie pens. Not the ultra-fine tips!

Not to mention, yes to all of the styles in the ad below! Rainbow Checkered Vans, sign both me and my tween up for a pair! What do you think? Are you and your daughter fashion twinsies sometimes?

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Hair Chalk Sets

Hair chalk is a very popular middle school trend this year. And it’s an awesome compromise for parents who aren’t ready for their tweens to add permanent colors to their hair.

Hair chalk is washable. And it’s a fun way to allow your tweens to express themselves without permanent reminders of last year’s news. There are a couple of different application styles to choose from.

13 Colors Temporary Hair Chalk

So we included both applications we have tried. We preferred the brushes for individual applications. However, some individual chalks really popped when you have help getting the hair in the back!

Furthermore, we haven’t tried the mermaid kit. But are dying to see it in someone’s hair! Get it, dying? As in hair dye? My tween asked me to apologize for the mom pun. My bad. Moving on…

Hydro Flasks

Tween girls are sporting hydro flasks plastered with vinyl stickers. The two go hand-in-hand. My tween has one and I use it to encourage her to drink more water! Our conversation goes something like this,

Why can’t I have soda mom?

Soda? But you wanted that fancy water bottle with stickers. Don’t just wear the hydro flask, be the hydro flask! You are the hydro flask. Now go drink some water!

Don’t forget to pick up the vinyl waterproof stickers to decorate the hydro flask with! We included some in the stocking stuffers guide!

LEGO Set Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

LEGO gift sets are ideal for tween girls who enjoy crafting and creating. These gifts make wonderful conversation starters and create bonding moments. They are perfect if you’re searching for ways to engage.

Furthermore, building LEGO sets develop critical thinking skills and teach problem-solving. Here are her tops five LEGO Sets for Christmas gifts for tween girls. However, Amazon has a remarkable selection in their online store your tween has different tastes.

LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down

Stranger Things Gift Guides for Die-Hard Fans:

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Also, we love LEGO sets and are so excited about Frozen 2! Are you? We included a couple of the coolest Frozen LEGO Sets for our fellow Disney fans below!

Apple AirPods

Seriously, everyone has a pair of Apple AirPods mom!

For clarification, everyone does not own a pair of Apple AirPods. She doesn’t even rock them. But it’s not for a lack of trying. They are on her Christmas list this year.

In fact, they are on a lot of tween girl’s lists this year. So if you’re looking for a gift to make them jump for joy, Apple AirPods is it! This gift is practical and they will get a lot of use out of.

So they are pretty cool. AirPods are wireless and are automatically connected. Additionally, they store conveniently in a wireless charging case. Despite still being compatible with the lightning connector and Qi-charging pads.

Fitbit Fitness Trackers

I don’t know how much fitness is going on but the girls in middle school are sporting these Fitbit Fitness Trackers. There are a couple of different styles. The sleek and slender bands are what’s popular in Washington.

These Fitbit Fitness Trackers are available in a variety of colors but black is what’s walking down her middle school halls. So we advise consulting with your tween about their color preferences.

Fitbit tracks all-day activities including resting heart rate and heart rates during workouts. As well as, calorie burns. Additionally, they track sleep, steps taken and there are several other functions.

Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

The Two-Wheel Self Balancing Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights is a fantastic way to entertain them outside of the house! Don’t forget the protective gear to ensure mom’s heart doesn’t leap from her chest!

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a fun and fragrant way to get your pubescent tween into the bath! Furthermore, apparently they are cool enough to be a conversation at the lunchroom tables among middle school girls.

Crafting Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

My daughter is such a creative soul and a natural-born artist. Giving crafting kits is a wonderful way to nurture a creative soul. Amazon has an impressive collection of kits.

Including unicorn string art, jewelry making, crochet kits, and so much more. Here are a handful of crafting Christmas gifts for tweens that make our list!

Educational S.T.E.M. Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

Educational S.T.E.M. toys are ideal for girls between the ages of 8-12 who engage with science and mathematics. There are hundreds of S.T.E.M. learning toys that cater to different passions and talents. Here are a handful of ones we think are super cool.

Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

I asked my daughter what the best thing about stocking stuffers is. Here’s her reply,

They are full of unpredictable prizes.

I’ve never heard it expressed quite that way. But I love it! After observing the middle school halls she has provided these insights. For fabulous Christmas gifts for tween girls that fit nicely into stockings!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Lip balm is a welcomed, unpredictable prize. But not just any lip balm mom! Specifically, Burt’s Bees. The original tube is the one with the most locker room views.

However, many middle school girls are spotted with Burt’s Bees flavored tubes too. My daughter prefers this multi-pack option.

Lady Gaga Lip Gloss

Dark pink and berry lip gloss colors are popular in middle school again. Lady Gaga has a beautiful line of fun colors. However, this is the color that my tween girl sees the most in class.

For clarification, these color trends are not Lady Gaga lip gloss specific. But we think she’s pretty badass and this shade is on point.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are a component to completing the hydro flask gift and make wonderful stocking stuffers! Additionally, they are spotted on laptops and binders.

Here is a sampling of some cool sticker Christmas gifts for tween girls! The cool thing is to support brands. So yes, those stickers of Coca Cola are the in thing right now. And the show, Friends is the show to watch. I’d call it a revival but they never stopped airing in my house!

Mini-Spiral Notebooks

Middle school girls are using mini-spiral notebooks to take notes in class. Apparently, the more practical alternatives don’t cut it. Also, they’re frequently spotted doodling in them at the lunch tables. Trust us, these are amazing Christmas gifts for tween girls this year!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always welcomed prizes and make the best stocking stuffers. Here are the top five available gift card stocking stuffers available on Amazon. My daughter needs me to inform that,

Zumiez is very popular right now too. And just because they aren’t available on Amazon doesn’t mean we don’t add it to the list. Because we want this list to be authentic!

Amazon gift cards are perfect Christmas gifts for tween girls because they come with 2-day shipping! No traffic or after-Christmas return crowds? I’m sold!

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Holiday Pop-Up Box

Handmade Coupon Books

Handmade coupon books are my family’s favorite stocking stuffer. Each year, we craft and create a book of homemade coupons. The idea is to give a gift that gives all year long.

This gift doesn’t require a lot of moola. All you need are blank card stock, cool ink pens, Christmas ribbons, and a single hole punch. Punch a hole into the top left corners and string the ribbon through. Tie a fancy bow if you’re crafty.

Establish the rules of the coupons on an introduction card. For example, if the coupon requires money to be spent then it must be presented on the first of the month with a two-week window to fulfill. Create a coupon for each month of next year.

This gift is thoughtful and my daughter delights in making them each year. So we advise that you not only create this gift for your tween. But have your tween create the gift for you too!

Handmade Coupon Ideas

We often start our coupons with,

This coupon is good for…

  • A family game night.
  • Five-minute massage.
  • Jumbo Slurpee.
  • Completing a chore of your choosing.
  • Lunch date on me. Your choice!
  • Baking your favorite dessert!
  • Cleaning the car.
  • Theater movie of your choice with popcorn!

Acts of service are our favorite Christmas gifts for tween girls and the entire family. Do you have a good idea for a handmade coupon or gift certificate? Please share them in the comments below! No, seriously, please go add a thoughtful idea to the comments. It will make my whole day. Follow us on Facebook!

Also, would you bless me by hitting that social share button? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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