15 Comedians People Insist Have Never Been Funny. Do You Agree?

First and foremost, it’s important to know that I DO NOT agree with many of the hilarious comedians on this list. Nonetheless, while scrolling a popular entertainment forum, I stumbled upon a post about comedians they didn’t think were ever funny to begin with. Here is who they put on this list.

1. Carrot Top

Carrot Top Sharknado 4
Image Credit: Syfy Media.

Scott Thompson, known professionally as Carrot Top, is a stand-up comedian and actor. He is well-known for using prop comedy and has appeared in films, including, Sharknado: The 4th AwakensThe Hangover, and Robot Chicken. However, it’s the consensus of this forum that the man is not funny. 

2. Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer comedian
Image Credit: Conaco. Team Coco.

“Heyyyyyy, big boy!” Awe man. To each their own, but I think Bert is hilarious. My husband and I laugh at him frequently. Nonetheless, the forum put him on their list of unfunny comedians. Boooooo! Hey, Big Boy on Netflix is a riot. 

3. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Hollywood star
Image Credit: Shutterstock – s_bukley.

OK. Wow. The internet hates Ellen DeGeneres with a woke passion. But her earlier comedy acts were funny. Numerous people called her out for being a “horrible person” after ten employees from The Ellen DeGeneres Show came out against her in 2020 for creating a “toxic work environment.”

Others suggest her earlier works were chucklesome and remind users this is a conversation about unfunny comedians. Yeah, and take Bert off your list, too, internet! 

4. Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin comedian
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Countless forum members suggest that Kathy Griffin is not funny. However, a few note that she’s “hot.” Nevertheless, I and many others remember her character from Seinfeld (Sally Weaver) well and think, “She should quit already.” 

5. Joe Rogan

Image Credit: SHOWTIME.

Do you enjoy Joe Rogan and his little podcast? The former Fear Factor host made me laugh out loud on News Radio. However, his stand-up fell flat for me.

Someone who agrees adds, “His stand-up-up sets are painfully unfunny. He’s one of those comedians who thinks vulgarity is a substitute for wit. Some comics who work blue are hilarious, but not Rogan.”

6. Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase Saturday Night Live
Image Credit: NBC Productions.

Chevy Chase is a comedian, actor, and writer who was a prominent cast member of Saturday Night Live’s first season. In addition, he’s been in many films, including The Three Amigos and Caddyshack. 

However, I’d argue he is best known as Clark W. Griswald in five National Lampoon’s Vacation films. Christmas Vacation is a staple in my home during the holidays. Nonetheless, he’s made some racist, homophobic, and misogynist mistakes and is difficult to work with, according to many. 

7. Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Ritu Manoj Jethani.

Oh, yes. The internet came for Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show. Multiple people believe he overreacts and laughs too hard at his guests when they aren’t being as funny as he portrays. However, others argue that’s the thing that makes him a good host.

And I ask, “Have you not seen “The Wheel of Musical Impressions?” It’s fantastic, and I’m afraid I must disagree with the internet again (surprise). Jimmy Fallon is funny. 

8. Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Kathy Hutchins.

According to many users, Steve Harvey is just not that funny. One man asks, “Can we please get someone to replace him on The Family Feud game show?” The setups for cheap jokes are obvious, which does lend to being a little lame.

9. Tom Green

Tom Green Live AXS TV
Image Credit: AXS TV.

It’s not surprising that Tom Green made this list of unfunny comedians. His Freddy Got Fingered film is a topic of the worse movies ever made. However, one notes, “His “This Is Not Happening” set is top-notch if we’re talking strictly stand-up comedy.”

10. Amy Schumer

Image Credit: Shutterstock – Tinseltown.

I didn’t count the number of times Amy Schumer’s name came up in the several thousand comments that came through, but I’d guess she has the most mentions in the forum as not funny. Countless users agree that her humor is vulgar and repetitive.

11. Bob Hope

Bob Hope
Bob Hope Shutterstock -Mark Reinstein.

Bob Hope was a comedian, actor, radio broadcaster, and live performer who hosted the Academy Awards show 19 times (more than any other host). However, several people don’t think he was ever funny.

I remember him on an episode of The Golden Girls. He also joined actress Ann Jillian to perform in the United Service Organizations (USO) Christmas Tour during Operation Desert Shield.

12. Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Bart Sherkow.

Pauly Shore, also known as The Weasel, was a big name in the 90s and saw success as an MTV VJ before starring in films, including Encino ManSon In LawBio-Dome, and In the Army Now.

Not everyone is a fan of his silly humor, while others (like me) have placed a few of his films in their nostalgia cult classics library. “Yeah, Buuuuuuddy.”

13. Carlos Mencía

Carlos Mencia
Image Credit: Comedy Central.

Carlos Mencía was a popular comedian with his own show on Comedy Central called Mind of Mencia (2005–2008). However, several comedians accused Mencía of plagiarism and stealing jokes around the show’s cancellation. In addition, some argue that he was never funny. 

14. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart comedian
Image Credit: Shutterstock – DFree.

Keven Hart is another comedian called out for being not funny and “loud.” I agree that his stand-up isn’t the greatest (he’s no Dave Chappelle). However, he makes me laugh in films like Jumanji

15. Russell Brand

Russell Brand
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Dooley Productions.

Finally, the flamboyant English comedian and actor Russell Brand was a common theme of unfunny in the forum. However, one notes (I agree) that he was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Furthermore, he is sober and credits transcendental meditation as a significant factor in his recovery from substance dependency. 

Source: Reddit.

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