10 Honest Confessions: What Made You Realize the Relationship Was Over?

While scrolling through an online forum, I encountered the question, “When did you realize a relationship was over?” I’ll go first. It’s when I stopped caring. One day I went from being angry about everything to suddenly being over it. Or, as one quoted Elie Wiesel: “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.” Here are some other confessions.

1. Sound of Her Car Pulling In

“I hated hearing her car pull in the driveway when she got off work.” This user earned sympathy from another who admits they came home after their significant other. So they needed to psych themself up to walk through their front door.

2. Unwilling To Do the Work

A couple attending counseling had a productive first session accompanied by homework. During the second session, the counselor discovered and called the wife out on not completing hers. So once they left the office, she said, “I don’t want to do counseling anymore.” The husband notes, “That was when I knew.”

3. Planning Solo

Have you ever felt more invested in a relationship than your partner? This woman explains she was the only one planning their future. However, she realizes he was just there for the ride and admits it was “very lonely and exhausting.” Furthermore, she wants a life partner to help “lead the way and carry the load” with her.

4. Alcoholism Is a Terrible Disease

Alcoholism is a horrible disease that causes people and their loved ones enormous pain, disappointment, fear, and grief. One such woman describes waking up one day and realizing she tried to help him quit drinking for five years. However, he spent five years “finding better ways to hide his drinking” from her.

That is such a gut-wrenching circumstance. I had a friend who went through that. He started finding alcohol bottles under bathroom sinks and in the back of the closet. It was scary and sad and resulted in them getting divorced. Addiction devastates.

5. Maybe We Don’t Belong Together

“Maybe we don’t belong together.” This user shares that his ex-girlfriend would throw that out whenever they argued. It was a manipulation tactic to guilt him into resolving the argument by him comforting her. However, he once replies, “Well, maybe you’re right.” Finally, he knew then that it was over and expressed immediate relief.

6. Verbal Abuse

Ouch. This guy recently had a woman throw a drink in his face, exit his vehicle at a red light, and then tell him she hoped his mom, dad, and dog all died with no one there to comfort him. That is all kinds of abusive, and I am glad he cut that one off. No one should be treated that way.

7. Get Them Yourself

Can you imagine waking up three days post-surgery after a cancer scare with complications and asking your husband for ice chips for him to respond, “get them yourself?” This poor woman shares that he met her with a “stone-faced” look while saying it. She hadn’t eaten, drank, left the bed, and was barely even awake. Finally, she confessed, “I knew I could not grow old and be vulnerable with him.”

8. A Bad Investment

Another guy confesses his ex continued to tell him “how useless and pointless” he was. And that he had made “a bad investment by falling in love with her.” He elaborates he had lent her money to save her business, and she squandered it away. Finally, she admits she was using him, and he laments how painful her betrayal was. “It’s impossible to think positively about future relationships.”

9. I Know. That’s Why I Did It

“I know. That’s why I did it.” One man endured horrific abuse when his ex-girlfriend screamed at him for hours to keep him awake. She accused him of being pathetic and not measuring up. He explains it was so long he was too tired to attend work the following morning.

The next day, after she was calm, he told her, “You know what you did is considered torture by the military.” She replies, “I know. That’s why I did it.” So finally, he knew it was over and unsubscribed from her abuse. That is terrible. I’m glad he believed her when she showed him who she was.

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10. When Are You Starting Dinner?

Finally, a woman shared that she had a stone blocking her liver duct and was close to dying in a chair in their home. He asked when she was going to start making dinner. She drove herself to the hospital, had emergency surgery, and moved out a few days later.

This thread inspired this post.

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