20 Cool Bedroom Lamps to Create a Stunning Ambiance

Do you prefer bright white, or warm white alternatives? Perhaps, LED lamps with color variations is more your style? Whatever your preference, you’re certain to find it on this awesome list of cool bedroom lamps!

Ideally, keeping a few different sources of lighting in your room will ensure a variety of ambiance.

Often, I alternate between twinkling warm lights and LED flameless candles. But the rainbow variations are enticing! Let’s take a look at the best cool bedroom lamps to capture your mood below!

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Cool Bedside Lamp

This Balance Lamp Switch On In Mid Air is an award-winning lamp. And it’s super cool! This lamp is controlled by two smooth beads levitating in the center of the frame.

Heng Balance Lamp Switch On In Mid Air

Emits a soft, gentle glow. It’s bright enough to read a book but dim enough to use as an effective nightlight.

This Bonsai Tree of Light Bedside Smart Table Lamp is dope! Equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and wireless charger. Compatible with androids and iPhones with wireless charging capability.

Bonsai Tree of Light Bedside Smart Table Lamp

LED dimming light with touch control. Hold the touch area for 3 seconds to activate sleep mode. And lamp will turn off within 30 minutes.

Speaking of charging, these Touch Control Crystal Table Lamps include USB ports. Ideal for when outlet availability is dwindling. Furthermore, the crystal is stunning.

Touch Control Crystal Table Lamp Set of 2

Includes USB Charging Ports and it’s 3-Way Dimmable.

This UMI LED Lamp Matte Soft Touch features six-hours of cordless lighting. These LED lamps will last you at least 50,000 hours. Which is up to seventeen years if you are using it eight hours per day!

UMI LED Lamp Matte Soft Touch

Built-in battery for six hours of cordless lighting. Minimalistic and clutter free look.

Super Cool Lamps

This Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp levitates in the air at all times. With the ability to constantly rotate. And with gradient light changing between yellow and white. Also, featuring wireless charging.

Each Moon Lamp is made using advanced 3D printing technology. According to NASA satellite images, to accurately reproduce the moon’s actual surface and craters. These are super cool lamps!

Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

Floating and spinning in the air freely. With gradually changing LED lights.

The Makion Spiral LED Table Lamp features a minimalistic design. Additionally, this lamp features three color options. Choose between pure white, warm yellow, and warm white.

Makion Spiral LED Table Lamp

Perfect for contemporary, casual, and meditative environments.

The IESTARING UVC Disinfection Table Light is one of my favorite cool bedroom lamps! It destroys mites and bacteria in the air! Also, it purifies the air and even removes smoke. Sign me up! These lamps are amazing.

IESTARING UVC Disinfection Table Light

Suitable for room area of about 500 SQFT, and recommended use time is 15 minutes.

Check out the Industrail Glass Globe for cool bedroom lamps! It’s the perfect unique addition to your nightstand.

Industrail Glass Globe Metal Table Lamp

A round, milky-white glass shade. With a brass metal base.

Cool Wall Lamps

These Modern Wall Sconces are stunning additions to the bedroom. Featuring wall plugs but they can also be hardwired. Includes an on/off switch on the cords.

Modern Wall Sconces With Wall Plugs

Gentle and soft illumination without glare. Can be painted to match your walls.

Another beautiful pair of lamps are these Modern Wall Sconces. They also include on/off switches on the cord. But can be hardwired.

Modern Wall Sconces Set of Two

Elegant design with a bright and gentle light.

Cool Ceiling Lamps

These Moon Lamp Ceiling Light Chandeliers come in two sizes. Advanced 3D printing technology makes it look exactly like the moon. Additionally, you can customize your Moon Lamp with your favorite family photos.

Moon Lamp Ceiling Light Chandeliers

LED light bulbs with multicolored light. Easy installation.

Check out these Cloud Pendant Floating Thunderstorm Clouds. These are super cool bedroom lamps!

Cloud Pendant Floating Thunderstorm LED Lamps

Made of high-quality cotton. With high-end LED light bulbs. It’s energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Also, these beautiful Pendant Cloud LED Lamps are displayed in a rainbow of colors. If you’re not content with the white light.

This Petal Modern Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp is a stunning addition to your bedroom. Featuring a ten petals design.

Petal Modern Flush Mount Acrylic Ceiling Lamp

A contemporary and modern look. Energy efficient.

If you prefer star gazing, check out this alternative Star Ceiling Lamp!

The LightInTheBox Dimmable Ceiling Chandelier features remote control. Furthermore, control the lamps brightness from low to high.

LightInTheBox Dimmable Modern Ceiling Pendant Chandelier

Contemporary, dimmable with remote control. The color is white.

Cool Floor Lamps for Bedroom

The Brightech Artichoke Floor Lamp is a Bohemian lamp style trending after vintage décor.

Brightech Artichoke Floor Lamp

Pairs well with modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian décor.

Variations of this style include the Petal Flower Shade Floor Lamp and the Pinecone Shade Floor Lamp.

Also, the Corner Floor Lamp Nordic Style is absolutely awesome! Featuring built-in RGB LED Strip. With16 million kinds of light color, and 358 kinds of light effect! Complete with remote control.

Corner Floor Lamp Nordic Style

Touch the color ring to choose the light color, or adjust the light effects, speed, and brightness.

This LED Dimmable Corner Floor Lamp is a minimalist corner masterpiece. Featuring several color variations and white light. As demonstrated in the image below!

LED Dimmable Corner Floor Lamp

Includes remote control. The light is soft and without glare.

This Smart Super Bright LED Wi-Fi Floor Lamp is compatible with Alexa and Google Home! There are eight scenes for different activities. Such as reading, working, and partying with the color changing music option.

Once in music mode, the floor lamp will dance to the ambient sound. Sync lights to the beat of all of your favorite songs.

Smart Super Bright LED Wi-Fi Floor Lamp

Dimmable LED. Touch and App control. Includes warm white, cool white, and colorful combinations.

Last but not least, this Floor Lamp w/ Dimmable and Color Changing LED Smart Bulbs is incredible. It features a white fabric shade, and a remote control. Naturally, you can utilize it with white light. However, the color combinations are amazing.

Floor Lamp w/ Dimmable and Color Changing LED Smart Bulbs

There are seven colors and three modes of changing frequency.

In Conclusion

That concludes our list of cool bedroom lamps! So do me a favor and hit that social share. You’re awesome for that. Thanks 🙂

What is your favorite lamp on this list? Please let me know in the comments below!

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