15 Seriously Creepy Things That People Treat as Completely Normal

What’s something that’s considered normal that creeps you out immediately? There are many things that fit this category. I’d say childhood beauty pageants, but I think people are finally coming around to those. After someone polled an online forum for examples of said things, here are THEIR responses. Do you agree?

1. People Who Prolong Eye Contact

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Prolonged eye contact is something many are creeped out by. One clarifies, “And by prolonged, I mean more than ten seconds.” A second user admits, “I have issues with eye contact, and I always think I’m holding it too long in an unnatural way.

I hate to think I’m creeping people out.” Yeah, my dad enforced an eye contact policy, so I think I am one of those people making people creeped out, too! Sorry!

2. Faking Happiness at Work

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“I fake being happy/friendly, but it translates to a slight happiness boost. It’s like, yeah, I’d rather be doing anything else right now, but since I’m here, I’ll smile at people because that feels nice,” a forum member confesses. As a server, I had to fake the funk so much that I began to lose myself behind my fake smile. Don’t stay in a position like that for too long.

3. Identity Demands

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“Every company creating an ecosystem that requires my home address and credit card and my birthday just to listen to some music or use some software. Not a shred of my identity is unsold at this point,” writes one.

4. Influencers’ Toxic Positivity

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“People on Instagram and Facebook who post such (fake) positive, overly happy lives and set unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for the easily ‘influenced.'” I’d add if they are in an MLM network marketing scheme, they are using attraction marketing with their posts and projecting fake happiness because their upline says to. It’s creepy and sad.

5. Couche Cushions

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“I think it’s weird that most couches don’t come with washable cushion covers,” shares another. “Everyone finds that normal, but they would think it’s weird if someone just slept on a bare mattress without ever putting a sheet on it.

When in reality, it’s exactly the same thing. I bought a couch with cushion covers you can take off and put in the washing machine for that reason.” I have always found this to be disturbing, especially with kids.

6. Family Vlogging Channels

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This person explains, “Family channels. Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy, without being able to consent to it. Also, to my knowledge, no current laws protect child influencers’ income like child actors have. If your content can’t exist without your child, it’s their job, not yours.”

7. Baby Instagram Accounts

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Countless people agree with someone who states, “People making Instagrams for their babies and making captions as if the baby were writing it.” I agree. When I joined Instagram, I had many of these accounts follow me, and I had no idea people were doing that with their kids prior. It’s creepy.

8. Forcing Unwanted Hugs

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There are a couple of examples of this being creepy. —First, when you force your kid to hug a relative or family friend without them consenting to it. Second, when you ask, “What, no hug?”

Many people admit they don’t like the awkwardness when people put you in that situation. I’ve had a handful of creepy men that I had no interest in touching employ this tactic for a quick feel. It’s creepy, especially if they throw in a little Joe Biden hair sniffing.

9. Mandatory Staff Bonding Retreats

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“Employers rewarding us with an eight-hour staff retreat at work where we are expected to share personal info with each other all day. Staff bonding,” suggests another user. I immediately remember the episode of The Office where Michael and Holly act out things and letting a branch know they are being closed down without realizing they didn’t already know.

10. Tickling People Without Consent

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Several users agree with one who writes, “Tickling that doesn’t stop at the victim’s request.” I’ve never enjoyed being tickled, and it feels like torture when you don’t enjoy it. I remember crying as a kid as adults laughed while asking, “Then, why are you laughing? Why are you laughing?”

11. Super Alarmed Animals

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“When you’re chillin’ with your cat or dog at night with no one else home, and they suddenly alert and look super-alarmed like they heard something,” a user responds. YES! It’s also creepy when they stare at a wall or straight up and appear to be entertained by someone. Creepsville, USA.

12. Peeping in Windows

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Have you ever had this experience: “When people come to your door and knock or ring the bell and then peer in the window?” I have, and it is, indeed, strange. Let me slide off the couch onto the floor like a normal person so you can’t see me, please.

13. Open Door Policies

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This one is something I think would creep anyone out, and I can picture myself being hit with the jump scare: “Open door policies in families. My in-laws walk in whenever they want, and I hate it.”

14. Referring to Babies as “Flirting”

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“When people refer to kids/babies as ‘flirting’ when they are just being playful,” a member writes. Another confirms, “This happened to me a couple of days ago. A one-year-old was waving at me in a store, and his grandma called him ‘A little flirt.’ He was just being friendly —HE’S A BABY!”

15. “We Are All Family” in the Workplace

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“The whole ‘We’re all family here’ at the workplace,” one notes. “It’s like some weird brainwashing to get you to enjoy your job more than you should. Like, no, you’re not my family. I’m here to do work and get paid, and that’s the only reason I’m here.” In my experience, places like that have always proved toxic. They use up their good employees quickly.

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