10 Seriously Dangerous Things People Believe Are Perfectly Harmless

What is something everyone thinks is harmless that’s honestly dangerous? For example, vaping. The number of people who argue that vaping isn’t inhaling metal into your lungs is surprising. After someone polled a popular online community for other examples, these dangers were top-voted.

Wild Animals

According to one, every year, someone is injured or killed (only two have died) in Yellowstone because people mistakenly think that “bison are slow, stupid, and amenable to being photographed.” Truthfully, however, bison are fast and strong in reality, despite their weak vision.

For example, a bison may only see you once you are close. At which point it may become alarmed and stab you without warning. Several African users said elephants scared them the most, and hippos are more deadly than lions.

2. Hot Oil and Water

A cooking enthusiast warns that if you’re frying with a lot of oil, do not add water, an ice cube, or frosted meat. Considering how harmless it is in theory, you’d be surprised that it’s not more of a public service announcement (PSA). Another user notes they learned this the hard way when tossing frozen chicken into the hot oil. Fortunately, they could extinguish the fire before it consumed the kitchen or house.

3. Grain Bins

“You can drown in a grain bin. If you fall in, the likelihood of your getting out alive is slim. It’s like quicksand.” This user explains that the more your move, the more you sink. So always wear a harness if you have to go in, and never alone. Finally, they elaborate that grain dust is super flammable. “I watched a guy get slapped, rightfully so, for trying to light a cigarette in a grain bin.”

4. Cutting People Off on the Road

People who drive milk trucks and others who haul horse trailers can’t believe the number of idiots who cut them off or brake suddenly in vehicles such as Honda Civics. One explains that doing that puts everyone in danger because they can’t break quickly – science

5. Mixing NSAIDS With Alcohol

You should never consume NSAIDS (ibuprofen, Aleve, aspirin) when there’s alcohol in your system. Alcohol gets processed through the kidneys, in addition to the liver. NSAIDS have a long-term damaging factor for kidneys. So combining the two with any regularity, you’re looking at “renal failure city.” One notes, “It should be more widely known.”

6. Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

Putting your feet up as the passenger on the dashboard in a driving car is more dangerous than people realize. One suggests that if someone is in that position and is involved in an unexpected head-on collision, “you DO NOT want to see the post-accident pictures of what happens.” Another adds you don’t want to see post-accident pictures of people putting their seatbelts under their arms because it’s “uncomfortable.”

7. Letting Your Dog Off a Leash In Public

Many pet owners warn that letting their dogs off the leash in public is dangerous, especially near livestock such as sheep. Additionally, one says that putting your dog on a leash is also a protection for your dog. Reminding people that there are traffic and trash humans in a city that can kill your pet, “so either keep it at home all time or be a responsible pet owner.”

8. River Currents

One of the only times I thought I would die in my life involved a heavy current sweeping me down a river. It was scary, and it stays with you. The currents are much stronger than they look and can quickly sweep an adult right off their feet.

Someone suggests, “It only takes six inches of water to be strong enough to rip you from your feet.” Did you know it may have enough force at one foot deep to take a car with it too? It’s super dangerous if you’re not careful.

9. Flour

Did you know dispersing flour into the air is more explosive than gunpowder? Furthermore, eating raw flour can give you salmonella. One adds, “Many people assume eggs are why you can’t eat raw cookie dough, but raw flour can make you sick or kill you.”

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10. Garage Door Springs

Finally, a homeowner explains that garage doors are one of your home’s most dangerous pieces of equipment. The springs are sprung so tightly that a malfunctioning door can rip off its hinges and act like a shotgun shooting barbed wire. They add most average garage doors are designed to have 9,000-12,000k opens before needing to be worked on by a trained professional.

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