12 Dangerous Things That Everyone Treats Like They’re Safe According to Men

I’m sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands of dangerous things in the world that people regard as safe. However, after a man asked a men’s forum for their best examples, here is what they agreed on. Do you?

1. Cars

Asian woman texting while driving
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It is evident by the way many people drive that they don’t realize how dangerous automobiles are. Otherwise, I wouldn’t see so many distracted drivers on their phones. As a parent, you’re setting that precedent for your kids.

Would you want your 16-year-old on their phone during the beginning years of driving? Without a doubt, if they see you doing it, they will be. As for everyone else, put your phones down and put your eyes on the road.

2. Motorcycles

couple riding motorcycle
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After checking out some motorcycle statistics, I understand why my father was terrified at the prospect of me getting on a motorcycle. Did you know the chances of a fatality in a motorcycle accident are approximately 30 times higher than in a car?

Also, “Motorcycle accidents have a staggering 80% injury or death rate, while car accidents remain around 20%. Riders over 40 are around 20 times more likely to be injured in the case of an accident than car drivers of the same age.”

Although motorcycles only account for 3% of registered vehicles, they are responsible for over 5% of highway-related fatalities.

3. Rushing Water

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Many people don’t realize that a cubic meter of water weighs around one ton. As one person notes: “That’s just a little heavier than a fully grown bison.” So it doesn’t take much water to “fling you around like a limp ragdoll.”

“People often use waves at the beach as a frame of reference for how strong water can be, which is terrible as waves rapidly lose energy once they reach their zenith. Rushing flood waters often gain energy as they move and will very easily carry you away without a second thought.”

4. Alcohol

Attractive young girl feel happy and relax having a party, drinking alcohol to celebrating event at night club then look at camera.
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Alcohol is advertised as a fun social norm while being easily accessible and cheap (compared to other substances). Because it is socially acceptable, more people are willing to try it before other substances, too.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely dangerous. It’s the most abused substance on the planet. It destroys and even takes lives. But it doesn’t stop society from embracing it as “Just a way to unwind.”

5. Overeating

overeating donuts junk food
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Overeating is a dangerous activity that people often don’t treat as such until they are suffering the consequences. A self-identified “formerly obese” person warns: “Lose the weight slowly, folks trust me, don’t chase the shortcuts and magic pills, they only lead to more weight at the end.”

6. Stairs

man falling down stairs
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Do you run up and down the stairs? Are your eyes on your phone instead of on the staircase in front of you? It can have deadly consequences — as 12,000 stairway accident deaths occur annually. There are over a million injuries resulting from falling down the stairs.

7. Gambling

gambling addiction
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Gambling is a literal waste of money that, like other addictions, can quickly derail you. After working in a casino, I can tell you some people are there daily. I don’t know how. But casinos aren’t the only culprit feeding this dangerous activity and addiction.

There are sports betting advertisements everywhere, roping more people in. Lottery scratch tickets and online gambling games. A forum member adds: “Not to mention options trading on places like Robinhood. It’s just a bad idea.

If my undergrad in finance told me anything, it’s that if you’re smart enough to trade well, you’re smart enough to know that options trading is gambling with extra steps. It’s always all in the price. No random dude is outsmarting Wall Street’s pricing market.”

8. Watching Short Content Videos

TikTok phone
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Watching endless short videos on social media and YouTube shorts destroys attention spans. TikTok and Facebook Reels release dopamine hits, conditioning your brain to want more. And the algorithm will happily continue to feed you more and more of whatever you’re watching.

The result? You can’t be bothered to watch a five-minute video. When you watch movies, are you still scrolling or reaching for your phone frequently? I’m guilty of this; it is dangerous and a massive waste of time.

9. Suntanning

sunbathing friends beach
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I cringe whenever I think of oiling up with baby oil before laying out in the sun for hours as a tween and teen. The perfect tan was an activity. However, as many warn, you must wear sunscreen or risk getting Melanoma skin cancer. Excessive exposure to the sun also ages people’s skin quickly. We’ve all seen the folks who look like leather. It’s not a good look.

10. Street Fights

angry man fist fight
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Physical violence can lead to permanent injuries and even death. Plenty of people have killed someone while engaging in a street fight. All it takes is them falling and cracking their head on a rock or hitting them too hard in the right spot. I love what one member says: “You win every fight you don’t participate in.”

11. Pregnancy

annoyed pregnant woman lady
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Several people are surprised that many don’t think pregnancy is a big deal. If you’re thinking about deaths from hypertensive disorders, hemorrhage, or sepsis, think again. According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide due to: “A deadly mix of intimate partner violence and firearms.” That is an alarming fact.

12. Walking On or Near Train Tracks

man walking on train tracks
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I can’t help but immediately think of the train scene in Stand By Me. Did you know train accidents are the leading cause of death for pedestrians in America? Thousands of train pedestrian accidents result in injury annually. Around 300 people die from pedestrian train accidents each year.

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