10 Difficult Truths in Life to Accept That Make Life Better Once You Do

The world is full of ugly truths and difficult pills to swallow. However, once you wash them down, life gets much better. Here are ten things that make life considerably easier once you digest their truths.

1. No One Is Paying as Much Attention to You as You Are

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The sooner you accept that people do not talk about or care about you as much as you think they do, the better off you’ll be. If you’re someone with social anxiety, this revelation should bring comfort. It’s freeing to know that you can be yourself and that no one seriously cares at the end of the day.

2. Sometimes You’re the Problem

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Sometimes, you’re the problem; sometimes, you’re the villain in someone else’s story. If one person accuses you of toxic behavior, they may be spiteful because you hurt them. But if multiple unconnected people tell you you’re behaving poorly, you need to do some introspection. You’re not perfect. Nobody is.

3. The Worlds Not Fair and Equal

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One of life’s most difficult pills to swallow is that regardless of how good a person you may be, bad things can still happen. Likewise, some of the most horrible people will still have good things come to them. The world is not just, fair, and equal.

4. You Do Not Owe Loyalty to Your Employer

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You do not owe loyalty to your employer. That way of thinking is outdated and comes from a time of union jobs and pensions. Today, you are disposable. They will be quick to lay you off before promoting you because someone younger without experience will come and do it for less money.

5. We Judge Others by Actions and Ourselves by Intentions

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We judge other people by their actions or the results of their actions. However, we judge ourselves by our intentions. Recognizing the difference between your intent and your impact is important. You should apologize if your decisions harmed someone, regardless of your intent.

6. Not All Relationships Are Meant to Last

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Not all relationships are meant to last; sometimes, love is not enough. If your romantic partner treats you poorly, you’re better off single than in a toxic relationship. Don’t try to force situations that aren’t healthy.

7. You Can’t Love Someone Enough for Them to Start Treating You Better

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This truth is a real stinger. You can genuinely love someone with all of your heart, soul, words, and actions, and it won’t cause them to love you the same way or treat you any better.

8. Not Everyone Is Going to Like You

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You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, you are too much for someone, and sometimes you are not enough. That is not a problem with who you are or who they are as a person. It would be impossible for everyone to like everyone and be true to who they really are.

9. You Must Exercise for Your Physical and Mental Health

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Exercise is essential for maintaining optimal mental health. It is especially important for people with mental illness because it boosts mood, concentration, and alertness. It also improves cardiovascular and overall physical health.

10. You Cannot Help Someone Who Will Not Help Themselves

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You cannot help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, no matter how much you love them or how hard you try. Regardless of how good a person they are, how much potential they have, or how dire their situation might be, if a person is unwilling to help themselves, they cannot be helped.

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