12 Difficult Types of People You Need to Learn to Deal With in Life

Is there a person type that gets underneath you’re skin. You’re not alone. There are several types of people who are difficult to deal with in life, and it’s essential that you understand how to identify and deal with them.

How to Deal With Difficult Types of People?

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First and foremost, take a deep breath and think before you speak. You must use grounding techniques and healthy coping skills to maintain your positive self when dealing with difficult types of people. Don’t allow their influence to hinder being above these behaviors.

1. People Who Are Inconsiderate

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Inconsiderate people are the worst to put up with. Some common examples include littering, not picking up and disposing of dog droppings, and not returning your shopping cart.

2. People Who Lack Awareness

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People with zero conception of the world around them are challenging to handle. They walk slowly, stop in the middle of walkways, hold up traffic to chat with friends, and slowly push their cart while blocking most of the aisle.

3. People Who Are Entitled

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Entitled people are some of the worst. These folks have a “The customer is always right” mentality and frequently want to speak to the manager.

4. People Who Base Their Opinions as Facts

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YES! This is pretty much the entire internet at this point. The audacity of people to argue about something in a field where someone with two degrees works every day. But check out any comment section. People do it. Good luck having a conversation with them. They never open their minds up to different perspectives of things because they believe they are always right.

5. People With Victim Mentality

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It’s one thing to vent and get frustrated easily or have many legitimate problems causing frustration. However, never having a plan for how to handle their issues, or never moving forward or challenging the obstacles in their way? It’s challenging to be around. “If you tell two people, you’re just venting. If you tell four or more, you’re looking for attention.”

6. People Who “Tell It Like It Is”

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In other words, people who have no filter of respect, care, concern, or consideration for other people’s feelings. They dismiss being rude and insensitive as “Just being honest” without a sliver of compassion.

7. People Who Lie to You

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When you know someone is lying to you, it’s a massive insult to your intelligence, making them insufferable to be around. Especially when you catch them in the lie, they begin backtracking or gaslighting your interpretation of what they said.

8. People Who Speed up When Trying to Pass

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People who won’t let you over when trying to merge onto the freeway or switch lanes are the absolute worst! They see you are trying to get over, speed up to avoid letting you into the lane, and then are only a car length in front of you at the exit. Regardless of how hard you stare, they keep their head facing forward while your eyes burn into their soul!

9. People Who Are Political Extremists

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Political extremists on both sides are terrible and insufferable to be around. They manage to turn everything you say or do into a political talking point. I honestly think it’s to feed their ego as they spout off their favorite news anchors’ talking points as if it’s their independent thought.

10. People Who Are Religious Extremists

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I’m looking at you, Westboro Baptist church. Anyone who can protest a military funeral in the name of “God’s love” is a deplorable person who doesn’t represent Christ. People who use their religion to justify the hate they give are doing it wrong.

11. People Who Bully Others

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Bullies ruin lives and create broken people. Many people associate that term with middle and high school, but adult bullies exist in the world of business, too. All of them are horrible, and many have driven people to do drastic things, including taking their own lives.

12. People Who One-Up Everything

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People who one-up everything in conversation are the worst! I’m not talking about people trying to relate to their own stories of understanding. I mean the people who hear you say, “I have a headache,” and reply, “You think you’re in pain. I have a migraine, and my neck hurts.” People who participate in weird one-upping competitions instead of empathizing or bonding.

Remember to take three deep breaths and use your healthy coping skills when communicating with these difficult types of people.

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