Editorial Policies

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Sober Healing was founded with the primary goal of creating helpful resources surrounding substance use disorders and recovery. However, it’s quickly evolved into providing content relevant to life skills, lifestyle changes, and financial literacy that people in recovery may find value in when rebuilding their lives.

Editorial Policy

This editorial policy was created to promote and uphold high content curation and professionalism standards.

Accuracy and Credibility

  • Sober Healing ensures content accuracy by fact-checking and verifying information from reliable sources.
  • We value a fair balance and present multiple perspectives when applicable.
  • We distinguish between reporting and opinion pieces.

Editorial Independence

  • Sober Healing’s content is not influenced by advertisers, stakeholders, or external parties.
  • Clear disclosure is provided if a third party has created or sponsored an article.

Originality and Plagiarism

  • Sober Healing respects intellectual property rights, observes copyright laws, and checks regularly to ensure the originality of our content. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

Ethics and Privacy

  • Our articles and opinion pieces do not violate individuals’ privacy, promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination.


  • Sober Healing’s ownership, affiliations, and any potential conflicts of interest are public records.
  • We acknowledge and correct inaccuracies and/or errors in our content.

User Engagement

  • Sober Healing strives to foster a respectful community through our feedback forms and social media accounts, and reader input is welcome and encouraged.

Editorial Opinions and Accountability

  • The views and opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect those of Sober Healing management. We don’t always agree with everything our writers say, but we believe they have the right to express themselves freely.
  • Our editorial team is responsible for reviewing and fact-checking content before publication.