12 Famous People Who Were Born on Halloween

Do you have a Halloween birthday, or are you just curious about who does? Then, we’ve got you covered. Check out this quick list of famous people who were born on Halloween.

1. Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice
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Robert Matthew Van Winkle, stage name Vanilla Ice (born October 31, 1967, in Dallas, Texas) is a rap artist, actor, and TV host. At a very young age, he started his journey in hip hop as a rapper and is known best for his 1990s rap song “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

No one was more famous than him at that time. He started participating in movies like That’s My Boy (2012) and Cool as Ice (1991). After some time, he had a downfall and now works for Capitol Lighting in Florida.

2. Willow Smith

Willow Smith
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Willow Camille Reign Smith (born October 31, 2000), this young diva is a singer and acted in a few projects. She is the daughter of Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Legend.

She published her song “Whip My Hair,” which gained her popularity. But soon, it became hard for her to handle the fame. She took a break and came back stronger. She also took part in different series and co-hosted Red Table Talk

3. Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson
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Peter Jackson, one of the most famous and best filmmakers and directors, was born in New Zealand on October 31, 1971. His journey towards filmmaking started at the very young age of eight.

His first film was Terrible Taste, which took four years to complete. Later, he earned a big name after directing best movies like The HobbitThe Lord of the Rings trilogy, and King Kong. He has many awards under his name, such as the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2004 and the BAFTA Award for Best Film in 2004 and 2002. He is the fourth highest-grossing film director. 

4. Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo
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Piper Lisa Perabo is a blonde beauty with outstanding talent. She was born on October 31, 1976. Piper Perabo graduated from Ohio University. After her graduation, she decided to move to a city that never sleeps, New York.

She worked on minimum wages but kept trying and played a few roles unit she starred in her first feature film, Marc Levin’s comedy Whiteboyz. But her award-winning performance was in a comedy-drama movie, Coyote Ugly.

5. Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider
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Born on October 31, 1963, Rob Schneider is an American actor and a stand-up comedian with a fantastic career in stand-up comedy. He decided to take his success further with his acting in comedy movies like Male Gigolo (1999), The Hot Chick (2002), and Grown Ups (2010).

Recently, he has been directing and co-starring in the Spanish language film AMOR ES AMOR for Paramount Plus with Vadhir Derbez and Paulina Dávila.

6. Dermot Mulroney

Dermot Mulroney
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Dermot Patrick Mulroney (born October 31, 1963) is a beloved American actor. He has played various roles in movies, including romantic comedies My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and The Wedding Date (2005). Due to his versatility, he’s considered Hollywood’s one of the most diverse and entertaining performers. He also plays one of Jess’ boyfriends on New Girl.

7. Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano
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With the early start of her career as a stage actor, Vanessa Marano (October 31, 1992) made her name and started her journey toward the television industry with commercial ads. However, she is recognized best for her role in Gilmore Girls. She also played roles in popular shows and movies like Ghost WhispererScoundrelsGrey’s Anatomy, and The Young and The Restless

8. Adam Horovitz

Adam Horovitz
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The charm of hip hop boy band Beastie Boys, Adam Horovitz, also known as Ad-Rock, is an American actor and rapper. He gained his name from being part of the band Beastie Boys, which is famous for the growth of the audience for rap music.

After one of the members died, the group disbanded in 2012. He then started to work on Beastie-related projects and starred in different movies such as Lost Angels (1989), Roadside Prophets (1992), and Godspeed (2007).

9. Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright
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Black Panther star — Letitia Michelle Wright — is a Guyanese-British actress. With an Emmy nomination, she’s an outstanding, versatile actress, as proven by her role as the princess of Wakanda and an intelligence scientist, Shuri.

Letitia started her career with roles in Holby City and Top Boy. After some projects, she became depressed and wanted to quit. Later, she overcame it and started focusing on her career again. In 2021, she had an accident that caused her several serious injuries. But she returned stronger than ever in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in 2022.

10. Holly Taylor

holly taylor
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Holly Taylor, born on October 31, 1997, is a Canadian actress and dancer. At eleven, she started her career with a role in Billy Elliot and remained dedicated to it for two years. She has been a part of many movies and films such as The AmericansManifest, Rogue HostageWe Still Say GraceThe Good DoctorThe Unsettling, and The Witch Files.

11. Sydney Park

Sydney Park
Image Credit: Freeform.

Sydney Park, October 31, 1997, is one of the emerging young talents of Hollywood. She is a talented actress as well as a comedian. She gained immediate fame after becoming Cyndie in AMC’s The Walking Dead, Gabby Phillips in Instant Mom, and Caitlin Park-Lewis in Pretty Little Liars.

12. Dan Rather

Dan Rather
Image Credit: TBS.

Daniel Irvin Rather Jr. came this far in life (age 91 years) with success as a journalist, commentator, and news anchor. He graduated from Sam Houston State Teachers College (now Sam Houston State University).

While still a student, Dan got his first broadcast job. He kept working, and during his coverage of Hurricane Clara, he got the attention of a network executive and was offered a job at CBS. He has been part of CBS for over four decades and has covered history’s most essential events like the Vietnamese war and civil movement.

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