11 Celebrities the Internet Is Shocked Are Not Dead or in Jail

Hollywood has always been clouded with mystery. From actors whose longevity seems defiant to actors who shouldn’t be allowed to roam free. After someone asked a popular forum who they were shocked were not dead or in jail, here are their top picks.

1. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
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At 74 years old, Ozzy Osbourne has led a very wild life. From addiction to outlandish stunts, some compare him to a super-human, surprised he has lived to tell his story. One user jokes, “I like the idea that Ozzy Osbourne is a real-life X-man, except his power is just being able to survive an extreme lifestyle for so long.”

Another person says, “In 2000, I saw him at a show. He did not remember the lyrics to “Crazy Train,” and the audience had to help. That was 23 years ago. I think his ATV accident was after that show. I’m shocked he’s still around. And he had COVID like last year or the year prior, and that didn’t take him out.”

2. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson
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“I was born in 1977. I grew up watching him on TV and listening to his music. He’s been 63 since 1984. Willie Nelson is a vampire,” states one user. Still touring to this day, the 90-year-old actor and singer seems unstoppable.

Another user adds, “I saw Willie in concert a couple of years ago, and he was doing alright. Showing his age, he’s 90, but very lucid and could still sing and play guitar.”

3. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
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With multiple assaults reported against women, it is a surprise for many that Chris Brown still walks free. One person says, “The number of people defending him is astounding. And the artists that continue to work with him is painful.”

Another user adds, “He clearly has anger issues, and they are directed at women. He needs some serious help while being locked up.”

4. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson
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Marilyn Manson is a metal musician known for his outlandish acts, raw, edgy lyrics, and style. However, some suggest his behavior is not an act and that the musician is mentally ill, and we, the public, excuse it as art.

One person says, “I hate to think what his lawyers told him to leave out. Every allegation I’ve heard against him makes complete sense against that backdrop, even the ridiculous ones. Oddly, he hasn’t gone to prison yet, given his reputation, but it shows that money will protect even the most unpopular people.”

5. Andy Dick

Andy Dick
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With at least eight arrests, some wonder how Andy Dick is not in jail. One person writes, “I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole was with that guy. Growing up with him in the early 2000s, I easily dismissed him as a little weird, but just another Tom Green type.”

A second user adds, “I can even remember seeing him assault Pam Anderson during her Comedy Roast and assuming it was just staged or something.”

6. Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke
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Born December 13, 1925, Dick Van Dyke has had an award-winning career for seven decades. One user exclaims, “I just looked up Dick van Dyke, and not only is he 97 years old, he was on The Masked Singer just yesterday! That’s impressive.”

7. Dan Schneider

Dan Schneider
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Dan Schneider has helped to create, write, and produce many shows on Nickelodeon, such as iCarly, Drake and Josh, and Victorious. More recently, he has been accused of misconduct against the teenage stars.

One user reports, “Dan Schneider basically owned Nickelodeon in the 1990s – 2000s. For every live sitcom they aired, he was the executive producer. He had massive control over everything, and people noticed it got weird when he inserted a lot of preteen girl feet shots.”

Another user adds, “This dude just creeps me out real bad. Something about the consistency, how long it went unchallenged, and how well Hollywood seems to pick up on these things. I feel like he must have a lot of skeletons in his closet.”

8. Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller
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“Ezra is a ripe candidate for a mental health institution. Then jail,” claims one user. With some speculating that he is raising a cult, it’s hard to miss the news surrounding The Flash star, Ezra Miller.

The actor has been reported as having a violent and emotional outburst, leaving spectators feeling unsafe and being accused of grooming impressionable young women, nonbinary, and others who seemed easy to isolate from their families, forming a cult at an air bed and breakfast in Iceland.

9. Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal
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Steven Seagal is an American actor that became famous as an action martial arts hero in the early 1990s. One user comments, “He’s still making terrible movies that no one watches. It is widely believed these are just a money laundering scheme as many people making these movies are known to be part of the gang Seagal works for.”

While these rumors of a mafia connection have never been proven, his reputation continued to diminish when allegations of misconduct against women began to surface. Another user adds, “Seagal lives on a different planet from the rest of humanity.”

10. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Avengers
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Robert Downey Jr. has led a fantastic career. Starting acting at only five years old, this 58-year-old Iron Man has led an interesting and full life. One user says, “The fact that Robert Downey Jr is not dead and has turned his life around to become super successful in his field is awe-inspiring.” I agree.

11. Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf
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Shia Labeouf, known for his role in Transformers, Indiana Jones, and Even Stevens, was a child star who started his career when he was ten. His career suddenly stopped after reports of abusing animals claiming it was to help get him the mindset for a role to abuse women.

One user says, “It’s hard to read his comments on how he is grateful it allowed him to experience true ego death as anything but yet another attempt at playing the self-pitying victim rather than an actual sincere realization he behaved monstrously.”

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