12 Famous People Who Are Universally Loved but Voted Jerks in Reality

Recently an internet poster polled a popular online forum for examples of universally loved famous people who are honestly jerks in real life. From travesties in the news to personal experiences, here are THEIR honest confessions. Do you agree?

1. Oprah’s Dubious Health Product Guests

Oprah Winfrey
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One individual initiates a conversation by bringing up Oprah and scolding her for purportedly profiting from the presence of pseudo-scientific health product promoters on her show throughout many years.

They openly express their skepticism, asserting that they find it unsurprising that her proteges include a dubious psychiatrist and a doctor whom they derogatorily refer to as a “quack weirdo,” known for leveraging the trust of unsuspecting Americans to sell dubious products.

2. Bill Cosby: Jerk Alert

Bill Cosby
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A user begins by recounting their encounter with the need to inform others about Bill Cosby’s alleged unpleasant behavior more than two decades ago, well before it gained widespread public attention.

Another user, identifying themselves as an older individual, reflects on an incident from approximately three decades ago when Lisa Bonet, an actress associated with Cosby, voiced her negative opinion of him. They recall that most people reacted with disbelief at the time, questioning how someone who owed their entire career to Cosby could hold such sentiments.

3. Mixed Feelings About Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres Hollywood star
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Mentioning Ellen, a contributor admits that they hadn’t held a favorable opinion of her until recently. In response, another user offers a unique observation, expressing their perception of her having “dead eyes” despite struggling to articulate the precise reason behind this impression.

4. Steve Harvey’s Questionable Authority on Marriage

Steve Harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame
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Expressing doubts about Steve Harvey, somebody questions his credibility when it comes to the subject of marriage. They draw attention to his multiple marriages and find it audacious for him to write a book on the topic, conveying their sentiment dismissively and pondering what he truly knows about marriage.

5. Maya Angelou’s Unpleasant Behavior

Maya Angelou
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Another participant asserts that despite Maya Angelou’s esteemed reputation, she was reputed to be difficult to work with. They share an anecdote involving a colleague in a neighboring office who was responsible for coordinating Angelou’s visit to their university.

According to the user, their colleague claimed that out of her three-decade career managing VIP celebrity speakers, Angelou was the only one who treated her poorly and with utter disrespect.

6. Criticism of Dr. Phil’s Exploitative Approach

Dr Phil McGraw
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Drawing attention to Dr. Phil, someone accuses him of exploiting individuals with mental illness for financial gain. They assert that the show deliberately employs drugs and alcohol to provoke behaviors in these individuals, allowing Dr. Phil to adopt a morally superior stance while capitalizing on their struggles.

7. Steve Jobs’ Troubling Personal Life

Steve Jobs
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Referring to Steve Jobs, another user in the thread acknowledges his widespread admiration for his groundbreaking technological contributions while highlighting a darker aspect of his character. Specifically, they mention allegations of emotional abuse towards his daughter, citing the release of a memoir that contained disturbing revelations about their relationship.

8. Michael Jordan’s Mean Reputation

Michael Jordan
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A commenter points out Michael Jordan and recalls a local magazine poll from the mid-1990s that labeled him as the meanest man in Chicago. Adding to the conversation, another user shared their personal experience, stating that nearly everyone they knew in the Chicago area had a story about Jordan’s behavior during the 1990s. They note that it had become commonplace and almost comical to ask if Jordan had caused trouble or acted rudely towards their acquaintances or families.

9. Rachel Ray’s Unpleasant Live Experience

Rachel Ray
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Sharing their encounter with Rachel Ray, one user admires her show but notes a change in opinion after attending a live taping. They claim that Ray displayed behavior that they describe as far from pleasant or friendly during breaks between takes.

10. Gary Burghoff’s Hidden Side

Gary Burghoff
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Bringing up Gary Burghoff, known for portraying “Radar” in MASH, a savvy user acknowledges that this is an older reference. They mention that Burghoff was reputed to be challenging to work with and treated the movie and show’s cast and crew poorly. However, they note that despite his reputation, viewers were fond of his character and never perceived him like that.

11. Martha Stewart’s Verbal Abuse Incident

Martha Stewart
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Recounting an incident involving Martha Stewart, a contributor states that they personally witnessed her verbally berating her assistant. They quote Stewart as calling the assistant a “worthless piece of trash” for accidentally dropping her handbag. The user believes no one should be subjected to such harsh treatment for a minor mistake.

12. Jackie Chan’s Controversial Personal Life

Jackie Chan
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Expressing concerns about Jackie Chan’s reputation, another respondent notes that while he may not be universally adored, he has gained significant popularity in the West. They mention that in Hong Kong, it is widely known that Chan has faced accusations of being an abusive husband and father.

Additionally, they claim that he disowned an illegitimate daughter, engaged in excessive drinking and promiscuous behavior, and prioritized his interests in China over Hong Kong during political unrest. Despite these actions, they highlight that he was still banned from the Chinese Communist Party due to described “moral failings.”

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