10 Famous People Who Did Shockingly Horrible Things People Largely Forgot About

What famous person did horrible things that people largely forgot about? For example, did you know that Woody Allen took inappropriate photos of his ex-girlfriend’s daughter while he finalized his adoption of her siblings? They later married, and he continues to make movies in Hollywood today. Sick. After someone polled an entertainment forum for other examples, these celebrities top their list.

1. Tom Cruise

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The number-one voted response is no surprise to me. One alleges Tom Cruise helped the Church of Scientology when they caused the wrongful death of member Lisa McPherson. The church was being indicted for the abuse committed against Lisa, and they used Cruise to “woo” politicians in Florida.

Another user claims he uses the forced labor population within the church ($50 a week) to do things for him, like work on his motorcycles. Despite being well aware of their “employment conditions.” He voluntarily joins in and exploits them.

Finally, a third shares that Leah Remini discusses him in her memoir, stating that all her encounters with Tom Cruise were scary. “He legit threw tantrums at everyone.”

2. Cee Lo Green

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Cee Lo Green stands accused of slipping an ecstasy pill into an unnamed 33-year-old woman’s drink and assaulting her while unconscious. She woke up without memory of the night prior. Eventually, they reduced his charges to a felony of supplying ecstasy. However, afterward, he tweeted, “It’s Not [R-word] If the Person Is Passed Out,” before deleting his Twitter account.

3. Chris Brown

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OK. No one has forgotten the physical abuse that Chris Brown inflicted on Rihanna. But let’s keep it that way. Chris Brown’s assault included knocking her head into the passenger-side window, repeatedly punching and strangling her to near unconsciousness before a resident in the neighborhood heard her plea for help.

However, he’s done so much more and continues to get away with abusing women. For example, he shoved a woman to the ground causing torn ligaments. He punched a woman in the face in Las Vegas in 2016; his former ex Karrueche Tran won a five-year restraining order in 2017, threatened a woman with a gun in 2018, and was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2022. 

Still, he has women throwing themselves at him. One asks, “How is this guy still getting work and recognition? In this age of cancel culture, he is way overdue.” Others note he has a top-ten single on the radio right now. 

4. Steven Tyler

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Did you know that Steven Tyler had a relationship with a 16-year-old girl when he was twenty-five? One user shares that he convinced the teen’s parents to sign over legal guardianship. Then, he took her on tour across state lines without chance of being arrested. Finally, according to Rolling Stone, Tyler pressured her into aborting his son when she was only seventeen.

5. Travis Scott

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Travis Scott essentially left his loyal ex-manager Shane Morris for dead in the studio. He suffered from seizures and had one while Travis was with him. Travis abandoned him in the midst of one happening and went home. Shane Morris told The Brag Media he’d been working with and guiding him for two years before he left him seizing on the floor.

Morris further alleges that he was subject to “ableist discrimination” after Scott learned he had epilepsy. “So the next day, I called Travis Scott while I was driving to see my friend Jenn,” Morris said.

“He explained to me that he didn’t want a manager that would be having seizures, and he didn’t want to bring T.I. around anything like that. ‘How do I know you’re not just gonna be shaking on the ground and s-word?'”

6. John Lennon

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Did you know that John Lennon, the “revered icon of peace and love,” was a wife batterer and child abuser? His first wife, Cynthia, and his second, Yoko Ono, were both victims of Lennon’s abuse. The song “Hey Jude” was initially titled “Hey Jules,” addressing his son Julian Lennon who suffered emotional abuse. According to ListVerse, “Once, Julian giggled, and Lennon shouted back, “I hate the way you [F-word] laugh!” Julian was not even a teenager yet. Cynthia and Julian have spoken out about his abuse.

7. John Travolta

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Do you remember in 2012 when four men accused John Travolta of sexual abuse? The outrage appeared for some to be more about him being gay than sexually assaulting men, and nothing ever became of the allegations. Many speculate the Church of Scientology had a hand in that. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the only time they protected a predator. See Danny Masterson.

8. Roman Polanski

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Roman Polanski was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. The details are disturbing. Eventually, Polanski entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge. However, as one notes, he still gets awards. Nonetheless, he can’t go to the shows because he still has an arrest warrant in California.

Nonetheless, many movie circles revere him, ignoring his terrible past. Worse, celebrities defend him. For example, when Polanski won an Oscar for The Pianist, he couldn’t accept it without being arrested on site. So Harrison Ford accepted it on his behalf and personally flew to France to give it to him. Also, Cate Blanchett named her son after Polanksi. 

9. Ronald Reagan

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Even as I type this, I can hear my deceased father becoming outraged at the thought that his favorite president of all time is being badmouthed and accused of scandal. And by his baby girl, of all people. But he’s on this list, and Google says it’s true. Sorry, dad.

A fired-up user claims, “Ronald Reagan sold weapons to Iranian terrorists and gave the money to a bunch of coke dealers in Central America to ‘fight communism.’ So Reagan essentially is the reason crack become so popular in the 80s despite being one of the toughest presidents on drugs.”

The Iran–Contra affair is a political scandal occurring during the second term of the Reagan administration between 1981 and 1986. Senior administration officials secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, which was the subject of an arms embargo. According to Wiki, “The administration hoped to use the proceeds of the arms sale to fund the Contras, a right-wing rebel group, in Nicaragua.”

10. Mike Tyson

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OK. We all remember that Mike Tyson took a bite out of Evander Holyfield’s ear, but do you remember him going to prison? He was convicted of raping beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington on Feb. 10, 1992, and sent to prison for three years. However, Tyson was released halfway through his sentence and returned to the boxing ring in 1996.

What do you think? Did you know about all of these, or do you have any more to add to this list? This thread inspired this post.

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