The 10 Female Equivalents of a “Man-Child” According to Men

Have you ever been in the presence of an annoying man-child? You’ve got company. However, someone recently polled an online community asking men for the women equivalents to a man-child, and here are their honest answers. Do you agree?

1. Daddy’s Girl

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“Daddy’s Girl,” one suggests. “Both are spoiled by a parent and unable to function in society. The manchild expects their mother to feed and clean for them, and a Daddy’s Girl expects spoiling in all forms.”

2. Drama Queen

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Countless individuals concur with one who says: “The drama queen, who is usually the one who says everyone around them is causing drama.” These women start drama, spread drama, breathe drama, and bleed drama.

3. Princess Syndrome

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“Princess. I always cringe when I see women who say they want to be treated like a princess. My girlfriend’s mom once told me to make sure I treated her daughter ‘like a princess,’ so I told her I’d marry her off to the French for a political alliance. She didn’t laugh, but her husband sure did.”

4. Woman-Child

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“Woman child. No driver’s license. She won’t cook or learn to. She won’t work. Doesn’t do anything useful. Pillow Princess. She also won’t let her man do stuff like spend time with friends or family, especially not without her.”

5. Cry Bully

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“Personally, I think it’s those women that got stuck in the 15-year-old ‘being mean is cute and cool’ mindset, and they’re just jerks to everyone, and then they cry when someone stands their ground.

6. Disney Adult

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“Disney Adult. They even call themselves that. There’s nothing wrong with being into stuff like that. I just don’t get how being a woman makes it okay to act in a way that men would get shamed for. Many of these women don’t have kids of their own.”

7. Baby Voice

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Several men confess they can’t stand women who use the “baby voice.” Others suggest that it can sometimes signify childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Finally, many agree with one who writes: “Not saying it isn’t possible. But some girls do this because it’s a way to get attention, and many guys are into it.”

8. A Karen

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“Karen” has become synonymous with any woman who publicly causes a big scene. It often involves degrading customer service reps and asking to speak to a manager. Worse, many videos of “Karens” have surfaced where they are being racist.

9. Spoiled Brat

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“Very high maintenance spoiled brat with a very big ego who uses annoying quotes like ‘If ya can’t handle me at my worst, ya don’t deserve me at my best.'”

10. Emotionally Immature

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“Emotionally incapable of handling situations that don’t go their way; manipulative towards the people that love them; full-on tantrums when people tell them no; overbearing and controlling with their family; easily able to persuade people that don’t know them well that they’re altruistic and good; and the worst- absolutely incapable of empathy. The amount of misery they displace onto everyone in their lives is tenfold that of a man-child.”

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