16 Films Where Road Trips and Vacations Go Horribly Wrong

Vacations are meant to be a time of relaxation, adventure, and discovery. However, in the world of cinema, vacations often take a sinister turn, unleashing a chain of events that can quickly spiral into chaos. Here are 15 movies where vacations go terribly wrong, each with its own unique twist of fate.

1. National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)

National Lampoon's Vacation 1983 greatest comedies of all time
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Why it went bad: Clark Griswold’s ill-fated family road trip across the country is plagued by mishaps, from a deceased aunt tied to the car roof to a disastrous visit to an amusement park.

2. Deliverance (1972)

Deliverance 1972
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Why it went bad: A canoe trip down a river turns into a harrowing fight for survival when a group of friends encounters hostile locals in the Georgia wilderness.

3. Very Bad Things (1998)

Very Bad Things 1998
Image Credit: Initial Entertainment Group.

Why it went bad: A bachelor party in Las Vegas takes a horrific turn when a sex worker is accidentally killed, leading to a series of cover-ups and dark secrets.

4. Eden Lake (2008)

Eden Lake 2008
Image Credit: Optimum Releasing.

Why it went bad: A romantic camping trip in the English countryside becomes a nightmare when a group of aggressive teenagers terrorizes a young couple.

5. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles 1987
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Why it went bad: A Thanksgiving journey home becomes a never-ending ordeal for Neal Page and Del Griffith as they face one travel calamity after another.

6. The Vanishing (1988)

The Vanishing 1988
Image Credit: Golden Egg Films.

Why it went bad: A man’s obsessive search for his missing girlfriend leads him to the malevolent abductor, resulting in a chilling and suspenseful game of cat and mouse.

7. Kalifornia (1993)

Kalifornia 1993
Image Credit: PolyGram Filmed Entertainment.

Why it went bad: A cross-country road trip with friends takes a dark turn when a couple unwittingly picks up a pair of serial killers who are hiding a deadly secret.

8. Dying Room Only (1973)

Dying Room Only 1973
Image Credit: Lorimar Productions.

Why it went bad: A woman’s search for her missing husband in a remote town quickly turns into a nightmare when she becomes trapped in a sinister plot.

9. The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

The Hitch-Hiker 1953
Image Credit: RKO Radio Pictures.

Why it went bad: Two friends on a fishing trip in Mexico pick up a hitchhiker who reveals himself as a ruthless killer, holding them hostage in a tense struggle for survival.

10. A Perfect Getaway (2009)

A Perfect Getaway 2009
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Why it went bad: A Hawaiian vacation turns sinister when a group of hikers begins to suspect that fellow travelers may be murderers on the run.

11. Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Nocturnal Animals 2016
Image Credit: Focus Features.

Why it went bad: A peaceful weekend getaway turns into a disturbing psychological thriller as a woman reads her ex-husband’s novel, which mirrors their past and takes a dark turn.

12. The Out-of-Towners (1970)

The Out-of-Towners 1999
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Why it went bad: A visit to New York City becomes a comical nightmare for a suburban couple as they face a relentless series of misfortunes and setbacks.

13. Without a Paddle (2004)

Without a Paddle 2004
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Why it went bad: A group of childhood friends embark on a journey to find a lost treasure, but their adventure quickly goes awry in the rugged wilderness.

14. Triangle of Sadness (2021)

Triangle of Sadness 2022
Image Credit: BBC Film.

Why it went bad: A luxurious yacht vacation becomes a claustrophobic nightmare for a wealthy couple when they encounter unexpected dangers at sea.

15. Thelma and Louise (1991)

Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon Thelma & Louise 1991
Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Why it went bad: A weekend getaway for two friends spirals out of control when they become outlaws on the run, trying to evade the law and their tumultuous past.

16. Funny Games (2007)

Funny Games 2007
Image Credit: Warner Independent Pictures.

Why it went bad: A family’s idyllic vacation home becomes the setting for sadistic games when two young men take the family hostage, subjecting them to psychological and physical torture.

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