15 Genuine Life Lessons You Should Listen to the Boomers About Today

As people grow older, they gain wisdom from their life experiences. So recently, someone took to a popular online forum of boomers and asked what life lessons they could pass down to the younger generations. Here are their best pieces of advice.

1. Building Courage

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“It’s ok to make mistakes. But build the courage to accept that it’s a mistake and move forward from there.” One man shares his father explained that a successful person could not exist without failure. Furthermore, what you do after failing makes or breaks you.

2. Do It Right

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“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” I heard this growing up, which helped install a valuable work ethic. In Spanish, it goes el perezoso trabaja doble: primero para hacer las cosas y luego para arreglarlas, which translates as “the lazy man works twice: first to do things and then to fix them.”

3. Stop Worrying

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“75% of the things that kept me up at night with worry never even happened. And of the things that happened, most of them weren’t as bad as I feared.” What an incredible way to say, stop worrying! As an ADHD overthinker, this one hits home. I wasted so much time obsessing about things that may never happen and how I would handle them if they did.

4. Do the Right Math

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When you weigh the good and the bad, remember it’s not 1:1. One good reason can nullify five bad ones, and one bad one can nullify five good reasons. One man shared his uncle taught him, “So learn how to weigh them instead of counting them.”

5. Buy Nice, Not Twice

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“Buy nice, not twice.” Another noted, “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things.” However, a few men chimed in to argue on this one. For example, they suggested when you buy tools; there is a belief that you should buy the cheapest tools initially. Then, if you use it enough to break it, buy the best one you can afford.

6. Stay Out of Debt

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With the exceptions of a home, car, or repairs for them, one man’s grandfather said, “If you can’t afford to pay cash for it, you don’t need it.” He received that advice at the age of nineteen. He attested he’s lived debt free his entire life except for a mortgage and vehicle.

7. Be Curious, Not Judgmental

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“Only judge someone based on what you know about them personally, never what other people say about them.” Some argued that while this is usually great advice, there are expectations. For example, it’s likely valid if you know and trust someone and they warn you off of another. However, everyone agreed that the office gossip is terrible.

8. Try Everything Twice

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“Always make sure to try everything twice. The cook may have made it wrong the first time.” This man explains that this logic applies to other things in life besides food, including things and experiences.

9. Honesty Is Key

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“Honesty is the key. The less you lie, the less you have to remember.” One man added that his grandmother said, “You never tell just one lie.” Once you tell it, you will tell more to keep the first one.

10. Protect Your Peace

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Finally, one man shared, “Don’t argue with stupid people. They bring you down to their level and win on experience.” This truth is demonstrated in every comment thread in the history of social media commenting.

11. Work Out Regularly

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Countless men agreed that working out regularly is important to keep yourself healthy and going. Others add that taking care of yourself will help prevent the body’s aches and pains that come with getting older and out of shape.

12. Brush Your Teeth

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Brushing your teeth is something one man shared his grandfather imparted to him by showing him his dentures and saying, “You don’t want to end up with these.” It’s helped him stay on top of caring for his teeth properly.

13. Protect Your Body

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Protect your body. Numerous men in the thread suggested wearing safety gear such as bike helmets and seat belts. You can’t control the world around you, but you can take the proper precautions and should.

14. Marry the Right Person

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“Marry the right person” is a common theme in the forum. One explains their grandfather shared, “Marrying the wrong person is catastrophic to your health and finances. It’s even worse if you have children with the wrong person.”

15. Don’t Love Anything That Can’t Love You Back

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Finally, a man volunteered, “Don’t love anything that can’t love you back.” Clothing, cars, homes, jewelry, fame, and all the rest are nothing compared to being loved by another and your furbabies.

Source: Reddit.

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