12 Gifts That Show Men How Much They’re Cherished

Have you heard that most men don’t receive flowers until the day of their funerals? Several women in an online forum explain how their partners appreciate receiving flowers, while others search for the male equivalent of receiving them. Here are their suggestions.

1. Men Like Surprise Hugs

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One man admitted, “Honestly, the only time I’ve ever felt how I imagine others feel when they receive flowers, I had talked to a friend who lives far away the evening before about how I was having a hard time.

Then she just turned up at my door to hug me before catching a bus to her parents’ house. Between the utter surprise at her of all people turning up at my door to how needed that hug was, I was utterly in love with her for a hot second there.”

2. Men Like Flowers

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Another shared, “I work as a first responder. One day we were sitting on the truck, stuck in traffic in the downtown area. A woman walked up to my window, handed me a single rose, smiled, and told me to have a nice day.

I didn’t even know how to respond to that. But I’ll be damned if my day didn’t get 1000% nicer after that. I’m in my forties. That was the only time I remember ever being given flowers, and I regularly think about how nice it felt. Most guys don’t get random flowers. Guys should get more random flowers.”

A former florist agreed, “Flowers. Real talk, give men more flowers. As an ex-florist, I can count on maybe one hand the number of times I delivered flowers to a guy that weren’t condolences or funeral flowers. And every one of them lit up like you wouldn’t believe.”

3. Men Like Homecooked Meals

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Do you enjoy a home-cooked meal? Countless men in the thread agreed with the sentiment, “Food, homemade.” One replied, “Agreed. My daughter always makes me brownies for Father’s Day. Best present ever.” Others noted that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.

4. Men Like 10MM Sockets

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If the man in your life appreciates tools, this gift idea might be for you. A man confessed, “A 10MM Socket. Nothing says I love you like a good terminal screwdriver. Or a new set of crimping pliers.” Another semi-jokingly replied, “Talk dirty to me.”

5. Men Like Money To Spend on Hobbies

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A second man bought his wife an expensive ring for their eighth anniversary. “She bought me a Nintendo Switch game. Good trade, I think. The male equivalent of flowers is probably money spent on a hobby,” one suggested. Another added, “Or permission to spend money on the hobby.”

6. Men Like LEGO

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After someone said LEGO, one asked, “LEGO Flowers? They have flowers you can build. You don’t have to water them; they can’t wither and die because they’re plastic. Or a UCS Star Wars vehicle would work.” Another admitted, “I collect LEGO. If someone bought me a set, I’m straight-up proposing on the spot.”

7. Men Like Recognition

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“Recognition,” answered another. This man personally loves when it’s noticed that he’s trying his best and putting his back into doing/learning something, and someone is honest to God and proud of him for doing so. It boosts my confidence and makes my day every time.

8. Men Like Receiving a Genuine Compliment

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Numerous men in the thread agreed they enjoy receiving genuine compliments. One elaborated that a woman once told him, ‘You wear that shirt very nicely.’ It was so random and out of nowhere, but I often think about it, making me smile.”

9. Men Like Raw Meat

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I was honestly surprised by the countless men excited by “raw meat.” A wife confessed to buying her husband paper-wrapped meat. “He says there’s something nostalgic about an old-fashioned butcher who still wraps brats in the paper. Highly recommend.”

10. Men Like Cuteness

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Finally, someone volunteered, “I’m gay, but I have something special I like to surprise my boyfriend with. I hide a can of Crush soda on his home office desk when he isn’t looking. The implication is that somebody has a crush on him. It lifts his spirits.”

11. Men Like Massages

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Multiple men express the joy of receiving massages on their heads, forearms, shoulders, back, and feet. It’s a labor of love that several in the forum suggested wanting more.

12. Men Like a Handwritten Letter

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In part, my handwritten letters won my husband’s heart. So I can attest to some men appreciating the time spent formulating a handmade card or letter.

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