The Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Finding gifts for someone in recovery from addiction is a thoughtful way to encourage and acknowledge their hard work. Furthermore, getting clean isn’t easy. And staying sober is something to celebrate. What type of sobriety gift should you give? Several meaningful sober recovery gifts exist. Such as self-help, fashion, coffee, and funny sobriety gifts. As well as gifts celebrating a recovering addict’s clean time. Also, don’t miss out on remarkable sober coloring and journaling gifts! We do recover!

Recovery Mugs

So I’ve never met a recovering addict who didn’t like coffee. Surely they exist. But I don’t know any. Therefore I’ve included funny recovery mugs to kick off the list! Don’t forget to support your sponsors too!

However, if coffee isn’t your forte, don’t fret. And check out this adorable sobriety tea mug! Isn’t it adorable? It’s so cute that I’ve added it to my Amazon Wish List!

Self-Help Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Unquestionably, self-help gifts are an important way to encourage recovery. Without a doubt, these self-help sobriety workbooks will be well-received.

So the Mindfulness Workbook for Addiction is a guide to coping with grief. As well as stress and anger that trigger addictive behaviors. You’ve got this!

Alternatively, the Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook focuses on changing behaviors with cognitive behavior therapy CBT. As well as using mindfulness and motivational interviewing techniques.

Alternatively, The Addiction Recovery Workbook teaches powerful skills for preventing relapse every day. So you can learn coping skills to handle thoughts and emotions. As well as environments, high-risk situations, and relationships. Furthermore, discover prevention tactics to navigate an addiction-free lifestyle. Keep going!

Firstly, the Sober As F*** Book is an incredible insight into the author’s two-year journey of rediscovery and self-love. Secondly, this is an alcoholic memoir that truly inspires. Thirdly, there’s a companion workbook to encourage your own road to recovery. Lastly, these are incredible gifts for someone in recovery from addiction.

Sober AF Book
Sober AF Workbook

Coloring Recovery Gifts

Indeed adult coloring is a mindful way to slow down. So you can focus your energy on sobriety. Many recovery coloring books include positive affirmations. As well as recovery slogans and beautiful illustrations. So here are a handful of engaging coloring adventures. To encourage your path to recovery. You got this!

Featuring thirty-one coloring affirmation pages. As well as meditations to ease and calm your mind.

Thirty-six remarkable designs centered around recovery. Featuring illustrated slogans, recovery sayings, and the 12-Steps from AA. As well as a handful of prayers.

An adult coloring book for recovery, emotional awareness, and healthy living. Additionally, it’s written by a certified addictions counselor and based on the concept of self-realization.

Also, this coloring book complements the Rewired Workbook.

Featuring thirty-two large print coloring pages. Again, this addiction recovery coloring adventure includes inspirational quotes. In addition, to recovery sayings.

Journaling Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Journaling is the first step to documenting your path to recovery. Celebrate your sobriety with one of these tools for success. You can do it! One day at a time.

A one-year self-care journal to build your self-esteem in your first year of sobriety. Featuring 365 guided journaling prompts to help you understand your alcoholism.

Beautiful design with a simple structure. As well as weekly empowerments that were written by the author. Also featuring daily inspirational quotes.

Includes guided questions for daily journaling. Discover who you are and be the best you. Additionally, this journal was created to understand and conquer your addiction.

A 30-day prayer journal to help you quit drinking. Also, each daily planner includes an encouraging scripture to put God in the lead. As well as space for prayer and a gratitude section.

Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction Celebrating Sobriety Time

Giving a gift to celebrate clean time is a fantastic way to encourage recovery. Furthermore, it shows an interest in their continued growth. Sobriety is a choice and sometimes gifts remind an addict to keep pushing forward. So here are a few different ways to celebrate clean time.

Sobriety Medallions and Sober Coin Gifts for Someone on Recovery From Addiction

Carrying sobriety medallions is a common tool for reminding an addict of their achievements. Indeed there are thousands of different recovery coins to choose from. But here are a few of my favorites.

Also, most of these are customizable. So you can change the years to these selections. Furthermore, many of the coins have prayers or the steps on the back of them.

24 Hours- 11 Months Commemorative Set

Sobriety Coffee Mugs Celebrating Clean Time

Another fabulous way to congratulate recovery time is with a sobriety coffee mug. So here are a handful of clean time mugs. Most are customizable to accommodate accurate years clean.

Sobriety Keychain Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Alternatively, congratulate sobriety with one of these adorable sober keychains. Mostly, completely customizable to document clean time.

Sobriety Gifts Thinking Outside of the Box

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Check out these unique sobriety gifts to find the perfect way to say I’m rooting for you. You got this!

The Sober City Natural Soy Candle is a white tea scented soy delight. With a 40-50 hour burn time.

Alternatively, this Sober AF Candle is vanilla scented. As well as infused with rock bottom and gratitude.

Did you know there are sobriety cosmetic bags? I didn’t! But here are a couple adorable finds.

These Sober City Meditation Cards include 50 mindful slogans. These meditative stories and phrases encourage you to find your peace. These are a popular AA gift.

Alternatively, these Sober Cards are a traditional deck of playing cards with inspirational quotes. As well as AA slogans.

One of my favorite sobriety gifts is a necklace I received from my cousin. I love it so much because it has my clean date on it. So I can keep it close to my heart. So here are a couple cute finds so they can keep theirs close to their heart as well.

Clean Time is Customizable

Sobriety Sock Gifts for Someone in Recovery From Addiction

Give the gift of comfort with these sobriety gift socks. Many are customizable to notate clean time.

Sobriety Shirts for Women

There are thousands of sobriety shirts, tanks, and hoodies for women. Most of these come in a variety of colors. Despite being displayed in black. As well as different sizes. Furthermore, most tees are available in men’s and women’s styles.

So I’ve included a selection of my favorite finds. But there are thousands of different sobriety styles to choose from. Additionally, most of the hoodies are unisex.

Sobriety Shirts for Men

Again, there are thousands of sobriety sweatshirts and tees for men. Also, most of these styles are available for women. As well as the hoodies are unisex. Furthermore, all of these selections are available in a variety of colors.

That concludes this list of gifts for someone in recovery from addiction. Do you have any other sober recovery gift ideas to share? Please add them to the comments below. Also, would you bless me with a social share? Thanks! Those make me incredibly happy.

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