Deadbeat Dads: 15 Fathers in Hollywood Fans Voted Are the Worst

As a father myself, reading about deadbeat dads is infuriating, celebrity or not. Recently, a man polled an online pop culture forum asking for examples of Hollywood’s deadbeat dads. Here are THEIR nominations.

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt
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After an explosive fight broke out on a family flight in 2016, Angelina Jolie immediately filed for divorce just a few days later. Following that, his relationship with his adult children has been listed as strained. Many of his adult children don’t want much to do with him these days.

2. Carter Reum

Carter Reum and Paris Hilton
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Carter Reum, along with Paris Hilton, welcomed a baby to the world in February of 2023. But the hammer on the nail is the fact that Reum has a nine-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and he has openly spoken about seeing her only once in her life.

3. Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight on stage performing
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McKnight has four biological children from previous relationships, and many of them are all over the interweb blasting Papa McKnight for abandoning them in their lives. The cherry on top, McKnight has said that he only praises the children he is proud of, and there’s even a Twitter investigation into the fact that he named a second son Brian Jr. despite having an adult son who shares the same name.

4. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Pointing Wearing orange Nickelodeon
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Purely on the merit that it would be impossible to attend to all of your children in the fashion they need, Nick Cannon has made the list, and he’s only proving the case more with every new baby announcement! At this time of this writing, he has 12 kids by six different women.

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
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One commenter stated, “I mean, he did manage to brainwash his and Nicole’s kids with Scientology. I’m glad that Katie and Suri got away from him and the cult.” Nonetheless, he’s disconnected from his child.

6. Alec Baldwin

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According to several forum members, “Alec Baldwin called his daughter Ireland a “…rude, thoughtless little pig.“ Who does that? She was only 11 years old.”

7. Woody Allen

Woody Allen 2015
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Woody Allen has perceivably earned his title as a deadbeat dad. So much so one individual commented, “Woody Allen has a stronger label than deadbeat dad.”

8. Elon Musk

Elon Musk Press Conference
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Several respondents joked, “Elon Musk being a deadbeat father just makes so much sense.” I agree; it just feels like something you knew you were going to find out eventually.

9. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
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A contributor elaborates, “Jobs was a massively neglectful father to his first daughter by an ex, and he never made it right (emotionally). He 100% earned his spot here.”

10. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
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“I know he’s technically retired from Hollywood but Jackie Chan.” One online blog frequenter shared, “Straight up was a severe alcoholic that loves to cheat on his wife, had a kid out of wedlock, told the mom to leave the country, and never interacted with his daughter and then publicly disowned her when she came out as gay.”

11. Bruce/ Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner WEB Summit
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Despite her Woman of the Year status, Bruce Jenner was a father to many children before she became a part of the Kardashian clan. Even before she made the transition, he was a deadbeat dad to four other children from previous relationships.

12. Ryan O’Neal

Ryan O'Neal
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Another recalls hearing how “Tatum talked about how her dad was hitting on her at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral. Yikes!!!”

13. John Lennon

John Lennon Sunglasses
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Many people noted, “Beautiful Boy” is a lovely song, but it always gets me thinking how horrible it must have been to listen to for Julian, coming from your shared father who has consistently treated you like dirt.” Another nail in the deadbeat daddy coffin; everyone knows it wasn’t Lennon who wrote the song.

14. Bam Margera

Bam Margera Skaetboarding
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According to many, “Not sure if he counts as Hollywood, but Bam Margera is definitely a deadbeat dad. He’s a very severe meth addict and alcoholic now. I feel so bad for his kid.” Another user joked, “The rare time having a deadbeat dad works better for the kid.”

15. Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony Deadbeat Dad
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Marc Anthony is a real piece of work. He has seven children with four different women. His current wife, who is 24 years of age, by the way, just gave birth on Father’s Day, 2023. Apparently, he rarely sees any of the children of his previous relationships, and most of his children didn’t even show up for his latest wedding.

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