22 Honest Things Men Really Fantasize About Today

Despite being told “Nothing,” many of us are really wondering what is going on inside a man’s head. Are you? After someone asked a men’s online forum what fantasies they regularly entertain, here are their honest confessions.

1. Cuddling up to Someone You Love

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One man confesses, “I can’t speak for everyone, but honestly, at the moment, just cuddling up to someone I care about is something I have been missing and fantasizing about recently.” Many others agree and even debate over what is better: being the big spoon or the little spoon?

2. Being a Good Provider

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Several men agree with one who writes, “Never having to yell my wife, ‘We can’t afford that yet.’ I feel like I failed at being a good provider. This is internalized. My wife never asks for much and is super supportive, but I just want my family to have whatever they want or need.”

3. Being Comfortable Emotionally

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“This is me personally, and I know a couple of guy-friends of mine think the same, but I fantasize about being comfortable emotionally. I have no trouble expressing my emotions when I’m alone.

Still, I have a harder time doing it around other people because of the image society has about a man: cold, emotionless, sex-crazed. I have met few people I am comfortable around emotionally, and it’s not easy to find those people.”

4. A Good Sandwich

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Joey Tribbianni, is that you? Several hundred men agree with one who suggests: “A good sandwich. Not your average bread with meat, though. A real, good sandwich. Every now and then, you just can’t beat the combination of fresh bread, tangy onions, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomato, plus whatever other toppings I want at that time. Or is it just me?”

5. Beautiful Women

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Was there ever any doubt? Of course, beautiful women are something that many men confess to fantasizing about in the forum. While they all have different preferences, it comes up a lot.

6. Being Persued

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Some men honestly fantasize about the women of their affection to actively pursue them. While some men suggest that’s a dream, others share that it’s happened to them and made them feel special and wanted. However, one admits that reflecting on times it occurred with him. He notes he was confused and “A deer in headlights,” elaborating he has kicked himself so hard.

7. Being a Jedi

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The number of men who confess to fantasizing about being a Jedi from Star Wars is staggering. Not going to lie; I think using the force would be pretty darn cool, too. 

8. Comebacks to Past and Future Arguments

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One response validates this isn’t about gender because the perfect comebacks from past events live rent-free in my head. I laughed out loud when one user quoted the infamous George Costanza, “Well, the jerk store called, and they’re running out of you!” Any time you can toss a Seinfeld reference into the mix, I’m game.

9. Being Part of a Brotherhood

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One man expresses the desire to be part of a brotherhood. He clarifies, “Brotherhood: being part of a group of close friends you can be intimate with in a way that is not sexual or romantic.”

10. Having a Family

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Several contributors in the thread confess to fantasizing about having a family with a home, yard, and lots of fun family moments in their lives. Having kids is also in the thread a number of times.

11. A Single Streaming Heaven

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Are you tired of paying for multiple subscription services to see your favorite movies and television shows? You’re not alone. Many men fantasize about having all of it available on one affordable streaming service.

12. Not Being Blamed for Everything

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One man confesses, “Not being blamed for just being a man. I mean, I get it, but most of my ‘privileges’ are just for my existence, not for something I’m actively doing. To be fair, most of the time, it’s people criticizing what we fall into, and I’ve only experienced assumed judgment to my face a few times.”

13. Owning a Home

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Several men dream of being able to afford a home one day. However, it’s looking bleak at the moment for most. Others express a desire to pay off their existing mortgages and finally own their homes.

14. Befriending a Wild Animal

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See. Gender means nothing because I know many women who risk their lives to befriend wild animals. One wonders why grizzly bears don’t want to be my friends when they look so cuddly. Other animals men volunteer wanting to befriend include a hawk, crow, wolf, and chipmunk. The latter caused one to ask, “So, you want to be a Disney Princess?”

15. Back Scratches and Rubs

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Numerous forum members admit they love and fantasize about daily back scratches. Others clarify they prefer back massages but would happily accept scratches, too.

16. Comfortability and Security

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“Having a comfortable and secure life.” One man confesses that he often thinks about how he would change his life if allowed to go back in time so that he could live comfortably today. Another user states, “Power, freedom, and purpose are what humans need. Comfort and security without those is the definition of a zoo.”

17. To Be Cared About

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“Being truly cared about.” An unfortunate number of men confess to not knowing the feeling. In contrast, others admit to being skeptical when it is happening because it is a rare thing for men. One explains they wish women understood how many men are lonely and isolated emotionally. He suggests they don’t typically discuss deep feelings with friends, unlike women, who will discuss everything.

18. To Be Loved

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“Being loved for me and not who they want me to be or what I can do for them.” This user garners support from several other men who agree that they fantasize about what it feels like to be loved by a woman genuinely.

19. Random Combat Scenarios

man karate kick
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Men made me laugh out loud, confessing how often they fantasize about random combat scenarios. For example, one admits they often imagine themselves disarming someone with an everyday object like a book, umbrella, or blender.

Additionally, men explain that they often visualize needing to fight off a ninja, including a window washer. He says if a ninja attacked him, he would have to whip around and smack him in the face with his mop before he could get the jump on him.

20. Peaceful Solitude

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A common fantasy men share is securing a piece of land in a remote location so they can find peace and quiet while living off the land, hunting, and fishing. While several long to live near a lake, one prefers a river and access to a dock with a float plane.

21. Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

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Similarly to the random combat scenarios, men confess they fantasize about surviving a zombie apocalypse. One says he already planned a zombie apocalypse outfit: sturdy pants, his favorite jacket, leather gloves, and a “replica American Vietnam steel helmet” he has and loves.

Another user admits that hearing how well he’d flourish in the event of a zombie outbreak is one of the highest compliments you can receive from your friends.

22. Being a Hero

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A charming number of men agree that they fantasize about being a hero in front of the woman they love. One confesses that once in public, a bottle flew toward a woman’s head, and he caught it about an inch from her head one-handed. He explains that his surroundings went wild, which was the “peak” of his manhood. Others long to have their own heroic stories.

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