15 Types of Human Behavior That People Will Never Understand, Do You?

Recently an online community member asked, “What type of human behavior will you never understand?” Do we have to choose just one? Thousands of people flooded to the comments. Do you agree with THEIR assertions?

1. Destroying Public Restrooms

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“People who make insane messes in public restrooms” is a human behavior I will never understand. There is a permanent smell that permeates each stall. Why do people urinate on the seat? Why are people smearing feces on walls? Why are human beings defecating on the floor? It’s disgusting and unsanitary for others. Stop it, please.

2. Littering Instead of Finding a Trash Can

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“Littering says a lot about a person,” notes one. When I first arrived in Baltimore, I was stunned at all the garbage on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. People toss entire hefty bags onto the street, but it is an otherwise beautiful drive.

Several forum members share stories of seeing fast food bags three feet from garbage cans and people tossing things out their car windows. Why? Stop it, litterbugs! Every year someone tosses a lit flame out their window during the dry season, causing fires too.

3. Treating Food Service and Retail Workers Poorly

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As a former server, I’m happy to see this called out as human behavior people will never understand. The amount of verbal abuse I endured over the years from the entitled and disgruntled public is overwhelming.

Countless individuals suggest “Restaurant service should be mandatory and a requirement before finishing high school. One semester from the pit to the front of the house. No grades.”

4. Talking on Speakerphone in Public

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Another human behavior people will never understand is using speakerphone in public spaces. Is it because you’re so self-absorbed you don’t realize you share the same airspace as other people? Or, are you attention-seeking by putting your life on blast? Whatever the reason, we are over it.

5. Playing Media Without Headphones

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People know that headphones exist. So why do they choose to listen to their music, movies, YouTube, and TikToks, out in public without them? Not everyone wants to hear what you are listening to. It’s beyond annoying and disrespectful.

6. Worshipping Celebrities

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Do you idolize the rich and the famous? Obsessively consuming celebrity content, memorizing facts about them, and worshipping celebrities is something many people will never understand.

7. Worshipping Politicians

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Speaking of worshipping something that is not God, far too many people are obsessed with politicians. Whether loving or hating them, there are people whose entire personality becomes their politics and the politicians they stand behind. People in the center or outside the two parties will never understand this human behavior.

8. Abusing Animals

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An Animal Rescue employee shares: “People who get an animal and then intentionally neglect or abuse it. Like why. Years working in animal rescue, I’ve seen it all, and it’s made me hate humans.” Other members speak up about people who move and abandon their animals on the streets. I’ll toss in animal fighting of any kind, too.

9. Refusing to Grow

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“The anger and indignity at being proven wrong but never changing your opinion” is something people don’t understand. Someone suggests, “This most often happens when one’s identity is wrapped up in one’s opinions. If someone identifies as someone who believes X, then any evidence that X might not be true is perceived as a personal attack and triggers an emotional response.”

10. Habitually Lying About Everything

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Do you know someone who lies without conscience? They lie about little things and big things alike. Often times it is to elevate their status. Many admit to knowing liars who lie to appear better than others and to look wealthier than they are.

11. Hurting Others Without Remorse

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Speaking of no conscience, have you ever been around “People who are actively and fully aware of hurting others and feeling absolutely no regret of any kind, just satisfaction and fulfillment in ruining other’s lives?” Several people confess to being in relationships at some point with someone who took joy in diminishing their light. “Truly, rotten people.”

12. Abusing Children

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Child predators and abusers get no sympathy from these forum members. It is a human behavior that is impossible to understand. It’s horrific and destroys lives. A user adds, “Or parents who knowingly date child predators and give them access to their kids.”

13. Watching Neighbors

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Do you have a nosy neighbor? The behavior of prying into your personal business and watching any movement you make outside of your home?

Multiple people confess to knowing retired neighbors who have nothing better to do than gossip and complain. One informs, “I’ve got a good one: My neighbor texted me a few weeks ago to tell me to enjoy my Chick-fil-A that I had just gotten delivered.”

14. Driving Slow in the Left Lane

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There was a time in my life when this one bothered me, but now I’m hanging out more to the right. It seems like people are driving much faster than before. Nonetheless, someone elaborates on slow drivers in the left lane: “Somehow, these people are always driving in sync with those in the other two lanes, effectively creating an unpassable wall of cars. Get a clue, people.”

15. Cheating On Partners

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“Cheating instead of just coming to terms with the other” is another human behavior numerous forum members admit they will never understand.

A user clarifies, “I don’t understand how anyone could betray the one person who loves them most and then straight up lie about it. It’s such a gut-wrenching feeling to be cheated on, and it can take years to get over the trauma; just be an adult and break up before hurting someone like that.”

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