25 Humble Celebrities Who Haven’t Allowed Their Fame To Change Their Character

Which celebrities are the kindest and most humble and haven’t allowed fame to change their character? After someone polled the internet, here are their top responses.

1. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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It’s no surprise to me that Dolly Parton tops the internet’s list of wholesome and humble celebrities. She’s well-known for being a down-to-earth woman with a charitable heart. One suggests she’s “An angel in human form. Another states, “She’s a perfect example of turning your wealth and influence into a better world in any way you can.”

2. Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser
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Brendan Fraser is repeatedly called a “National treasure” in the forum. Countless fans explain that he is kind-hearted and always makes time for his fans. I love him too and watch him frequently in Encino Man and The Mummy, and I love him in School Ties

3. Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal
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Pedro Pascal is always super friendly to fans and seems like a good human. Someone referred to him as a “Golden Retriever in human form,” and others agree it’s an “apt description.”

4. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves
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“Friend of mine owned a music store in the 1990s, and Keanu used to skateboard in to browse all the time. He says Keanu was the absolute soul of kindness.” Hearing this doesn’t shock me in the least. From images of him sitting on the New York subway amongst regular folks to donating to charities, the man serves humble pie.

5. Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd
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Did you know that Samuel’s Sweet Shop in New York is owned by actors Paul Rudd, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and actress Hilarie Burton? Numerous people profess to have met him, claiming he’s humble and friendly. One user shares, “I’ve got friends who live in Rhinebeck and have met him with their kids at Samuel’s Sweet Shop. Yeah, they say he’s a genuinely cool, fun dude.”

6. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
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Another humble celebrity called out repeatedly in the forum is Hugh Jackman. A member alleges a friend of his worked out at the same gym as Jackman in the West Village, and they’d exchange pleasantries occasionally.

One day, Hugh somehow realized that his friend was attempting a personal best on the bench. “He came over to help spot him and gave him a friendly high-five and bro-hug congratulations.”

7. Terry Crews

Terry Crews
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Terry Crews is known by many as being a genuinely friendly celebrity. One clarifies, “I got to meet Terry Crews at a tough mudder obstacle course-like event.” Despite being built like a monster and looking intimidating initially, he was the “kindest and sweetest dude.”

8. Jack Black

Jack Black
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Kathy Hutchins.

Jack Black came up hundreds of times as being a genuinely friendly celebrity, with one admitting, “I’ve never regretted being a Jack Black fan.” Others note, “From School of Rock to Kung Fu Panda, he’s a legend.”

9. Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic
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Countless Weird Al fans flocked to the comment section to suggest he deserves to be in the number one spot on the list after their encounters with him. One specifies, “I think Weird Al truly is considered the nicest celebrity. Everyone loves him and the fact that he’s been the same funny and down to Earth guy for 40 years of fame.”

10. Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter Governor
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President Jimmy Carter made the Internet’s list of humble celebrities who never let fame change their character. Many people do not agree with his politics. Nonetheless, a conservative admits, “People may not care for his politics or Carter’s presidential legacy.

That’s fair. He is, however, an amazing human being and humanitarian. He never went out of his way for the spotlight and worked tirelessly for his fellow man, woman, and child. I will grieve him when he passes.” Many others agree with this sentiment.

11. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Fred Duval.

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa receives numerous [raises among fans, suggesting he is a humble celebrity. “I met him very briefly where I work. He was super polite and friendly but refused to take pictures as he was out with his family, which I really respect.”

12. Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Matteo Chinellato.

Countless folks suggest that the lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, is a down-to-earth and humble guy who deserves to be on this list. In addition to music, he’s an activist who fights for women’s rights, animals, and people on death row.

13. John Cena

John Cena
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John Cena has done many Make-A-Wish foundation things, like hundreds upon hundreds. The internet is inundated with stories and images of John Cena meeting sick little kids. One notes, “He’s a good egg. He has granted the most wishes in history. By more than double the second-place person. Aka by several hundred wishes from second place.”

14. Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise
Image Credit: Shutterstock – SD Mack.

Multiple people share stories about Gary Sinise being an all-around great guy who does things for veterans in our communities. “I met Gary Sinise at Ft. Hood. I was voluntold to work a USO show,” shares one. And he was serving humble pie all day. Another user agrees that their encounter with him while working at Disney World in the 90s was pleasant.

15. Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews
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In the thread, Julie Andrews came up as a wholesome and lovely person multiple times. A fan explains their friend’s short version story: “She was flying as an unaccompanied minor shortly after her mother died.

Julie was flying with her husband and spent the whole flight talking to and entertaining my friend. She was six and has never forgotten how nice Julie was to her. Formative memory for her during an otherwise tragic time.”

16. John C. Reilly

John C. Reilly
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Matteo Chinellato.

As a massive Stepbrothers fan, this one makes my heart happy. A forum member admits, “Met him on a flight once. He was reading the newspaper. 

I walked up and asked what the current stock price was for Prestige Worldwide. He lowered his newspaper, cracked up, and said that was a great way to introduce myself. Super cool, dude.”

17. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Denis Makarenko.

Titanic goddess Kate Winslet has much support in this forum as being a kind and humble soul. One questions her ability to work with Roman Polanski, while another confesses, “I loved the way she pacified an interviewer. It was so heartwarming!”

18. Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Kathy Hutchins.

OK. I need this story to be true. I love What About Bob? An individual claims, “Richard Dreyfuss nodded and genuinely smiled at me at the airport after I yelled “DR MARVIN! DR LEO MARVIN!” to him. That has to count for something. It probably makes him the patron saint of kind and understanding celebrities.” Baby steps!

19. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Jamie Lamor Thompson.

“The coolest, kindest, most down-to-earth celebrity I’ve ever met – and this is echoed by a LOT of people I know who have worked with him during fundraisers – is Denzel Washington. He is VERY chatty, very humble, and full of genuinely good advice. ”

20. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

I am a Swiftie without the insanity, and I genuinely believe Tay is a sincere person. Others think she is a “decent pop star who seems more stable and intelligent than most in that entertainment area.”

A second person shares that she helps out smaller musicians. “Even Nicki Minaj credits her for helping her out at the beginning of her career. Plus, she helped to pay Kesha’s legal bills.”

21. Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Debby Wong.

YES! I’ve read so many nice things about Kevin Bacon. A user in this forum says they have a friend who is good friends with Bacon. “A few years back, they took me to one of his shows. He plays in a band called The Bacon Brothers with his brother, and they’re actually pretty good. ”

This person continues that after the show, they went backstage and hung out with Kevin, and he was a “chill, down-to-earth guy and super easy to talk to. He also regularly posts TikToks of him singing to his goats.”

22. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Joe Seer.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is one that comes to mind. Dude, is my hero ever since I was a child.” Numerous people in the forum agree that the bodybuilder, turner Terminator, turned Kindergarten Cop turned governor of California, is a humble man with good energy.

23. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Debby Wong.

America’s First Idol, Kelly Clarkson., is one of the most talented singers in the world. She has the most remarkable voice, but she doesn’t act diva. A fan states, “She lets her ability speak for itself while championing as many others as possible.”

24. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt
Image Credit: Shutterstock -Tinseltown.

Chris Pratt’s name popped up too many times to count as one of Hollywood’s nicest and down-to-earth guys. He is a charitable celebrity and works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and March of Dimes, among other organizations.

25. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O'Neal
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Lev Radin.

Finally, Shaquille O’Neal comes up countless times in the thread as a stand-up and genuine guy. ” Not saying he’s not gotten a little out of touch because of his insane wealth, but man, does he try hard just to remain a solid dude that’s incredibly sweet to everyone around him, including random strangers.”

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