Top 12 Super Important Jobs That Allow NO Room for Error

How bad would it be if you made a mistake at your job? Would you or someone else lose their lives over it? There are numerous professions that allow zero room for error that can cause such tragedy or injury. After an online community discussed said, jobs, here are their top-voted careers.

1. Soldier

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Another job that many people may overlook as being one without room for error is being a soldier. One soldier states that if you make “One wrong move, you and the rest of your squad are dead.”

2. Railroad Dispatcher

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Railroad dispatchers have a critical job. Lighting up a train when you’re not supposed to can easily spell disaster. “It’s not like trains can swerve out of the way.”

3. Bungee Jumping Safety Inspector

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The person who checks the safety harness on a bungee jump is the top-voted job that leaves zero room for error. One user shares, “I did a rock climbing wall with my friend when we were 18. They messed up and didn’t secure her harness. I watched her fall from the very top. Two weeks in the hospital. Two months in rehab. It was awful.”

4. Astronaut

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Being an astronaut working in space is another profession that people suggest has zero room for mistakes. One elaborates, “Oh Lord, imagine drifting away from earth like there is no return. Scary stuff.”

5. Anesthesiologist

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Someone confesses, “My cousin is an anesthesiologist at a teaching hospital. He has some stories, people with multiple pre-existing conditions, the complex cocktails of meds, and the monitoring needed. Not a profession that tolerates mistakes.” Several people agree that one mistake can be fatal.

6. Radio Tower Repair Person

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Another person admits that his brother was someone who climbed and repaired radion towers. He fell off one of the towers once. Fortunately, his safety harness saved his life. Nonetheless, it’s a liability, and after he safely returned to the ground, he was immediately fired.

7. Air Traffic Controller

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Numerous forum members state that air traffic controllers have no room to make mistakes. One adds, “At one point, it was ranked the most stressful job in the world based on the number of decisions per minute. You’re responsible for a LOT of lives.” Several users admit to knowing people who only lasted a few months or years in the position due to the stress.

8. Blood Bank Worker

Blood Bank Worker
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Working in the blood bank is a serious profession. “Any mistakes, even the tiniest clerical error, can cause someone to die a horrible death.” However, a nurse explains there are major error-checking practices in place to catch mistakes. They check to ensure the blood is labeled correctly and safely used.

9. Brain Surgeon

Brain Surgeon
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Countless individuals in the thread suggest brain surgeons qualify. One admits, “Brain surgeon here. Errors are made with relative frequency, but knowing how to address them properly is very important and can be the difference between a good and poor outcome.”

Another adds, “I work in the legal industry and have been on MedMal cases.” They further clarify that Neurosurgeons mess up frequently, and nothing happens 90% of the time.

10. Electrician

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“Electrician here. Last year I had a major electrical accident, and if I weren’t in my full PPE, I could have been severely injured or killed,” confesses one sparky. Fortunately, he walked away without injuries.

An electrician’s wife adds that his husband “Calls electricity ‘invisible death.’ Touch the wrong thing at the wrong time, and it’s game over.” Am I morbid? Why did the episode of The Simpsons with Frank Grimes pop into my head reading this? If you know, you know.

11. Underwater Welders

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Underwater welders who have to deal with the delta-p variable while repairing underwater pipes is a profession that can’t make mistakes. One notes, “They can literally get sucked into a hole the size of a golf ball.”

12. Structural Engineers

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Several people explain that structural engineers have zero room for error. One mistake and thousands of people are dead. One notes, “My ex made a small miscalculation on an industrial part he was engineering for like a big crane and cost his company hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they had to shut down.

The part was for a high precision valve where even a fraction of a millimeter is the difference between something being perfect and absolutely useless.”

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