Tired of Being Tired: 10 Easy Changes to Make to Increase Your Energy Level

Are you tired of being tired and running on low fumes? Who isn’t? Between working, mothering, errands, chores, and doom-scrolling (we all do it), life is exhausting. It is important to find ways to boost energy levels to combat the overwhelming feeling of being drained.

After someone polled an online men’s community asking for small changes they made to increase their energy levels, here are those small changes.

1. Start Exercising

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It’s not a secret that daily exercise is good for your body. It gets your heart pumping and blood flowing while increasing energy levels. Numerous forms of exercise, from cardio to yoga, are life-changing steps to increased energy and health.

2. Stop Drinking Alcohol

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A few men admit that when they gave up drinking alcohol, their sleep quality improved drastically. One goes as far as to say that Booze is a legal drug with only negatives. “There is not one positive to drinking ethanol. It makes you fat, tired, stupid, and broke, which is no way to go through life.”

3. Stop Eating Dairy

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Did you know that dairy is the American diet’s leading source of saturated fat that leads to diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease?

Additionally, studies have linked dairy to an increased risk of cancers, including breast, ovarian, and prostate. A couple of men in the thread confess that once they stopped eating dairy, not only did their energy levels increase. It cleared up face and back acne.

4. Start Drinking Water

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The body needs water, so it makes that increasing your water intake and cutting out sugary beverages such as soda and fruit juice will increase energy levels. One man confesses that he went from drinking no water to consuming 64oz daily and feeling fantastic. He further notes that he had no idea he was ever “supposed to feel this good.”

5. Change Bedsheets

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Are you a hot sleeper? You’re not alone. This man shares that the minute he changed his sheets out for a coarser thread count and a lighter blanket, he slept better without waking up on the edge of overheating.

6. Intermittent Fasting

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Several men in the forum mention intermittent Fasting. One elaborates that after his body runs out of muscle glucose and switches to using fat for fuel, he feels amped.

7. Drink a Shot of Vinegar

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Oh, this is a no for me. I cannot stand the smell or taste of vinegar. Nonetheless, one man states that believe it or not, a shot of vinegar before a meal has worked wonders in getting rid of evening brain fog and nap time. Have you heard of this before?

8. Ice Cold Showers

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Can you tolerate ice-cold showers in the morning? One man explains that they have a significant effect on his energy levels. He clarifies he doesn’t do it daily (because it sucks), but the rest of the day seems much better on the days he does. Cold showers are also good for anxiety relief.

9. Eat Fresh Produce

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A few men discuss how incorporating more fresh produce into their diet has significantly increased energy levels. The natural vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are a drastic shift in energy versus processed foods and sugar.

10. Start Cooking

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Another man admits he began cooking and preparing food at home. The physical aspects were that after he finished a workout, he ate and became more conscious of the foods he put in his body. The man explains that while he still eats cookies and other fun treats, his new mantra is that if he doesn’t make it himself, he won’t eat it.

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