Dead Giveaways: 12 Things Voted as Indicators That You’re Not a Very Nice Person

Recently, someone asked on a popular online forum: “What are dead giveaways that someone is not a good person?” Here are THEIR top-voted confessions. Do you agree?

1. Selective Memory: Lack of Trustworthiness

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Trustworthiness can be questioned when someone selectively remembers your friendship. A perceptive participant highlights a glaring red flag indicating a person’s lack of trustworthiness: their selective memory regarding friendships.

This person fails to acknowledge your presence or value your friendship unless they have something to gain from you. It’s as if their needs are the sole determinant of your worth in their lives.

2. Dismissing Hurtful Actions as Jokes

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An observant participant directs attention to a concerning habit that lays bare a person’s true character: their recurrent use of the defense “It was just a joke” to justify hurtful words or actions when confronted.

This pattern reveals a lack of empathy and a disregard for others’ feelings. By dismissing the consequences of their behavior as mere jokes, they avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

3. Evasive Apologies Unveil True Colors

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A sharp-eyed observer flags a telltale sign that unveils a person’s true colors: their evasiveness or insincere apologies. Instead of owning up to their actions, they play the blame game or divert attention to unrelated matters, exposing their reluctance to apologize genuinely.

4. Self-Absorption and Fault-Finding

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Ever come across someone who always makes themselves the star of the show? Another astute commentator sheds light on the self-absorption that often unveils the true nature of an individual.

These individuals constantly crave the spotlight, casting themselves as either victims or heroes in their narratives. Constructive criticism is not their forte, and they frequently find fault in others, which clearly hints at their questionable character.

5. Reaction to Boundaries: Signs of Disrespect

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Pay close attention to how someone reacts when you establish boundaries. One participant astutely highlights how a person’s reaction to boundaries can undeniably show their unfavorable character traits.

When boundaries are set, individuals with ill intentions will resort to coercion, pressuring you, making false accusations, or even resorting to threats in an attempt to manipulate you into doing something against your will.

6. Boasting About Deception: Integrity in Question

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Be wary of those who take pride in bragging about deceiving or exploiting others, as it reveals a lack of integrity. One user astutely points out an alarming tendency among certain individuals: their inclination to boast about deceiving or exploiting others.

These tales serve as a platform for showcasing their alleged cleverness or cunning while simultaneously demeaning the intelligence of their unsuspecting targets. Such behavior raises doubts about their integrity and character.

7. Treatment of Service Workers Reflects Character

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How someone treats people in different professions says a lot about their character. A keen observer makes an intriguing observation about a person’s behavior towards individuals based on their job titles, which serves as a mirror reflecting their character.

Anyone who mistreats individuals in various occupations—servers, maids, or garbage collectors exposes their true colors as someone lacking respect and empathy. Their treatment of service workers provides a clear indication of their moral deficiency.

8. Relentless Desire for Control: Manipulative Behavior

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An attentive participant draws attention to a concerning characteristic of certain individuals and shows their relentless desire to control every situation, regardless of its magnitude. This manipulative behavior can manifest in minor incidents or more significant challenges, making it exhausting to be around people who constantly manipulate and control events for their personal gain.

9. Cruelty Towards Animals Reveals Character

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As pointed out by one user, a crucial red flag that unveils a person’s true nature lies in their cruelty towards animals. This user emphasizes that how individuals treat animals speaks volumes about their character.

Animal cruelty or a lack of empathy are powerful indicators of undesirable traits. Animals rely on care and compassion, and those mistreating them demonstrate their callousness and disregard for helpless beings.

10. Identifying by Curse Words

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It might seem like harmless banter when someone jokingly refers to themselves as a bad word as a badge of honor, but it could be more than meets the eye. This user argues that these individuals may embrace those negative traits behind the veil of humor, subtly revealing their true nature.

11. Inability to Handle Criticism: Lack of Accountability

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A commentator asserts that a person’s inability to handle criticism and their unwavering belief in their own invincibility are unmistakable indicators of their flawed character. Such individuals view everything as working against them and refuse to take responsibility for their actions, revealing their lack of self-awareness and accountability.

12. Unkindness Towards Tears: Lack of Empathy

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A user makes a thought-provoking observation regarding individuals who display unkind behavior in response to tears. This user suggests that someone may lack decency if they shout at you for crying or demand that you “stop complaining” when upset. Paradoxically, these individuals may rely on you for a sympathetic ear when they need to vent, highlighting their lack of empathy.

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