14 Most Interesting Revelations People Had About the Opposite Sex

I love when I find fun threads to peek into the minds and experiences of others. Recently, an internet forum poster asked, “What’s the most interesting revelation you’ve had about the opposite sex?” Here is what THEY offered up!

1. Women’s Pants

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“Their pants don’t have a waist size or leg length. Just an arbitrary number. What the heck is a size 3?” asks one. Several other men confess that women’s sizing is confusing, and the lack of pockets is noted.

2. Men Don’t Obsessively Talk About Adult Relations

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Someone shares, “That guys don’t talk about their sex life with each other. I grew up watching all these movies where guys described their encounters in locker rooms. So I thought all guys did this. I was surprised to learn that they hardly ever do this, and many don’t want you discussing it with anyone.”

3. Women’s Bras Are Expensive

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A second user shares, “It was decades ago, but until I lived with a woman, I had no clue how expensive bras were. I honestly thought they were like underpants — maybe $10 for a three-pack.” If only!

4. Men Think Really Random Things

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“Men really do sit there and think about the most random things,” a user confesses. “You think they’re mad at you, but they’re seriously just contemplating what would happen if oxygen just suddenly disappeared for a brief moment.” Several men attest to this.

5. Women Shed Unbelievable Amounts of Hair Everywhere

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One writes, “The amount of hair they shed is astounding. And it gets everywhere. Sure, there are the usual places like drains and the Hoover, but occasionally it’ll end up on your socks or in other uncomfortable places.” While this is true, many men with long hair chime in to inform it’s about hair length and not gender on this point.

6. Men Don’t Care About Flaws as Much as Women Think They Do

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Men do not obsess over women’s imperfections and flaws the way they think they do. Women are hard on themselves and are their own worst enemy with insecurities. A man confirms, “Sometimes I see women talking about how they’re insecure about their hip dips, but I’ve never met a single guy who knows or cares what hip dips are.”

7. Women Need You to Put Down the Toilet Seat

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“Girls get mad at guys for not lowering the toilet seat not because they feel it looks better, equality or anything like that but because they use it at night they don’t turn on the light and have a tendency to fall in,” a man writes.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen regarding this truth was a meme that read: “I left the toilet seat up yesterday, and at 2 am this morning — it finally happened. — To all the women in my life, past and present. I apologize, especially to my grandma. I get it now. #MyKneesHitMyChest #FoldedLikeALawnChair #ScariestMomentsof2016 #IKnockedEverythingOffEveryCounterOnMyWayDown #AllMyLifeIHadToFight #SoSoCold #ForSomeReasonIYelledWhoIsInHereAsIWasFalling #ThoughtIWasBeingAttacked #IWasSTillSleep #Survivor”

8. Men Are Emotional Beings

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“Men are incredibly emotional humans in a way that deserves so much showing up for and gentleness,” shares another. “I used to believe the stereotypes and didn’t always hold space for men to bring their emotions. But once I began clocking into how some men show up in their emotions, I was able to see how awesome they are in that space.”

9. Women Are Not Difficult to Figure Out

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A man admits: “That they are not impossible to figure out. It just requires a different perspective and understanding of how they process things differently.” Another adds, “Read about love languages, attachment style, emotionally focused therapy, and more.”

10. Men Can Not See What Is Right in Front of Their Faces

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“Men cannot see what they’re looking for if it’s right in front of their face — whether it’s their phone on the couch, the salsa in the fridge, their favorite snack in the pantry — the more visually accessible an item, somehow the more camouflaged it seems to be for them. I do not understand; just accept,” a woman proclaims.

11. Women Suffer Societal Pressures

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A man admits, “Seeing the societal pressures women go thru around pregnancy, childbirth, infants, and children—an expectation of perfection in a sea of conflicting guidance.”

12. Men Can Really Think About Nothing

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“When you ask a man what he’s thinking about, and he says, ‘Nothing,’ chances are he REALLY was thinking about nothing,” a woman explains. “I still can’t wrap my head around it.” Same. I know it’s a real thing, but my brain never shuts off.

13. Women Aren’t Looking For Solutions

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‘Women just want to vent and don’t want you to fix their problems. Just listen to them and tell them you understand how frustrating it is,” a man declares. My husband is Mr. problem solver, and sometimes I will preface a rant session with, “I am not looking for you to solve; just listen.”

14. Men Rarely Receive Compliments

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“Until I became friends with my male best friend, I had no idea about how few compliments men receive,” a woman writes. “Both regarding their personality and appearance. Apparently, in many (not all) male friend circles, you get made fun of and teased if you accomplished something or have a nice new haircut instead of being told you did or look great.”

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