15 Jobs That Deserve Limitless Respect for the People Doing Them

While all people working deserve to be respected, there are some professions that earn limitless respect for the people doing them because of their difficulty. After someone polled an online community for examples of said careers, these jobs were top-voted.

1. People Involved in Elderly Care

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Numerous forum members announce that people who work with the elderly deserve limitless respect and, sadly, are ridiculously underpaid. One worker chimes in to say, “So true. I worked in a great elder care facility for veterans.

Every single patient was someone’s favorite. And everyone was loved. If you think elderly people are anything but a treasure, I want to say that working with them is its own reward. And shout out to everyone caring for their family members in their homes.” Hospice workers were called incredible too.

2. Janitors

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Someone says, “Janitors, those people are unsung heroes,” before 20,000+ people agree with them. Another user adds, “Healthcare cleaning staff deserves so much more respect than they get.”

3. Sewage Workers

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After someone nominates sewage workers for limitless respect, a sewage worker informs, “We like to be called brown trout fisherman or wastewater professionals.”

4. Garbage Removal Workers

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“When they went on strike in Paris, streets were practically overflowing by the end of the month. It was downright apocalyptic. It really puts into perspective how much garbage people produce and how much work it takes to clean it up,” shares one user. Another adds, “Saw a tweet once that said ‘Garbage men and pick-up artists should swap names,’ and I wholeheartedly agree.” I love it.

5. Electrical Lineworkers

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After Electrical Lineworkers were brought up, one user explained, “Those men and women go out in the worst temperatures and conditions at any time of night just to get your house’s power back.” Another person shares a tragic story: “My dad used to work for the electrical company, and one of his linemen thought he was above using safety equipment properly.

He didn’t have the gloves up high enough, and his tricep barely grazed a wire. The current went up his arm, through his chest, and down his other arm. He lost both arms. People complain when it takes more than 10 minutes to get their power back on but don’t want to think of how it gets turned back on.”

6. Anyone Who Works With Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA)

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Social workers who deal with CSA and police investigators who have to watch those disturbing things to identify the victims and abusers are unsung heroes. Countless people only do the job for a short time because it is too much, and all of them need therapy from the weight of the job.

7. Emergency Call Center Dispatchers

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Dispatchers in emergency call centers garner much respect in the thread. On elaborates, “Getting the relevant information out of desperate, shocked people who have never gone through it before and panic all the time, and not asking a specific question or deciding the wrong thing having disastrous consequences.” Several 911 dispatchers were happy to be mentioned and respected.

8. Agriculture Field Workers

Agriculture Field Workers
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“I worked a summer managing several crews in the Sacramento Valley, and the field workers were the hardest-working people I’ve ever worked with. Zero complaining, always early, and they followed all instructions. I usually let them off an hour early on Friday and pay them the whole day. Not much, but it’s the best I could offer as an intern,” one states.

Another admits, “I did that work for three months in college. I worked with a crew of Vietnamese refugees who were a hundred times better at the job than I was. I graduated to being mediocre at the job by the time I left. It is back-breaking work and is significantly undervalued in our society.”

9. Special Education Teachers

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Many people explain that Special Ed Teachers are excellent with kids and deserve more respect and pay. Also, the related service providers: speech-language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, vision instructors, social workers, counselors, etc. One says, “They are all part of the amazing teams that help educate children with exceptionalities.”

10. Mental Health Workers

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Mental health workers receive the utmost respect from the forum members in this community. Numerous mental health workers express gratitude for being mentioned. One person shares, “Thanks so much! Mental health nurse here.

It can be emotionally devastating at times. I’m still in recovery from a patient beating another nurse in front of me to the extent she was in the hospital for two weeks! People have no idea of what we have to deal with. Having said that, I still love my job. It can be incredibly rewarding at times.”

11. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

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“EMTs for sure,” says one. “They see the tragedies of life firsthand. They are severely underpaid( in the U.S.)for the traumas they endure regularly.” A second person adds, “The PTSD they walk away with is heavy. My uncle has some stories, and I can tell it has greatly affected his mental health.”

12. Teachers

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Another profession that garners limitless respect from this community is teachers. A user admits, “The pandemic taught me the value of teachers,” to which countless folks agree.

13. Merchant Seamen

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Someone explains, “People who think products simply appear in stores don’t realize that 90% of the world’s traded goods are moved by sea. It’s a difficult, dangerous, and undervalued job, and the world economy would collapse should the sea lanes be threatened by conflict or natural disasters.”

14. Construction Workers

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Multiple users agree that construction workers deserve limitless respect for what they do. The job is strenuous and beats your body up. A former construction worker explains, “I finally got out of it at 30. I see guys 50+ out there completely broken, and their skin looks like a baseball glove. You can make money, but I don’t think it’s worth it long term. Make cash and get out.”

15. Firefighters

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Lots of love for firefighters in the thread. One says, “Firefighters, especially hazmat. They’re heroes.” A second adds, “Firefighters frequently respond as a backup for EMS. And they’re always gonna be on the worst trauma cases.

And usually, multiple ambulances are sent out to rehab firefighters on a structure fire because they get hurt on the scene and sometimes need medical care.” Finally, a third explains that many are volunteers, which earns limitless respect from many.

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