20 Jobs That Women Confess Are Automatic Deal Breakers for Dating Them

Have you ever thought about which professions you would be unwilling to date? You’ve got company. After a man recently asked women in an online forum, “What job would a man have that would be an automatic deal breaker for you?” Here are THEIR honest confessions.

1. Surgeons

surgeon doctor
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The idea of dating a surgeon is discredited by several women in the thread but for different reasons. Some suggest many of them have a “Narcissistic God complex,” while others aren’t keen on being with someone who is on the clock 24/7.

2. Oil Rig Workers

oil rig workers
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Speaking of jobs that take up all your time and keep you away from your partner, multiple women confess they would never date an oil rig worker. Additionally, being an offshore worker is one of the more dangerous jobs.

3. Adult Industry Workers

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Any and every job that involves work within the adult industry is a massive no from the women in this forum. From exotic dancing to directing or starring in films, it’s a career path most women don’t want to date.

4. Lawyers

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In a surprising turn of events, after a woman admits she could never date a lawyer, several lawyers chimed in to concur with her narcissistic assessment. One elaborates: “Lawyer here. Did litigation. I agree lawyers are awful. I am in-house counsel for a non-profit now.” Others acknowledge that they are lawyers and would never date one.

5. Truck Drivers

truck driver
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A truck driver confesses that they worked in the industry and advised others to never date one. They elaborate: “Worked in the industry, and every single one lived a double life. Loving husband and father at home but out with sex workers and abusing substances on the road.

After a while, some end up with second families. It changed the way I approach relationships completely. Trust issues are an understatement. This is also why women in male-dominated fields are so threatening for many men.”

6. Military

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Moreover, an Army soldier on active duty is called out as an undatable job. Not because they don’t respect them. A woman clarifies, “I’d be terrified of losing the man I love to the horror of war. I’d rather be alone. It is his decision to give up his life or sanity for war, but I can’t be a partner and potential caregiver to someone like that. I already lost a happy childhood. I can’t sacrifice anymore.”

7. Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs)

MLM pyramid scam
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Multi-level marketing, MLMs, also known as network marketing, are a scammy pyramid structure of deceit. The only people who make any money are at the top; most people lose money or break even. From “Attraction Marketing” to popping up with emoji-filled copy/paste messages in your Facebook DMs, MLMs have infiltrated social media and even scam people on sites like Indeed.

My husband applied for a job for an insurance position and was partway through the training before we Googled the company and realized it was an MLM. It’s never about selling products; it’s always about signing up other suckers.

8. Influencers

influencer hiker
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I’ve read a ton of points made for not dating an influencer, but this one made me laugh, “Dating an influencer makes you a cameraman.” It’s another “profession” many associate with narcissism, and that’s not an attractive trait.

9. Whole Life Insurance Salespeople

salesperson insurance
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Speaking of insurance, Whole Life Insurance Salespeople is another profession these women admit is an immediate deal breaker. I can’t help but wonder if it is partly because MLMs have infiltrated insurance (Primerica). One woman explains that Whole Life Insurance has a bad reputation: “It’s often sold to people who don’t need it and aren’t in a financial position to take advantage of it.”

Many scummy agents will push it because it pays higher commissions due to the higher premiums. It’s important to note that whole life insurance is extremely beneficial to the ones that can afford it and properly use it. Financial advisors and MLM insurance agents are two very different professions. “Whole life is used by the very wealthy as a tax shelter.”

10. Debt Collectors

bill collector debt
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A former debt collector validates the suggestion that debt collecting can attract some “soulless creatures.” They share that many of them would be in their cars crying and alone at lunch. Additionally, some collectors scream at everyone, from the single mom who lost her job to the 80-year-old grandmother who can’t pay a bill. “The tactics seemed cruel and vindictive. Some of the long-termers seemed to relish it.”

11. Get Rich Quick Peddlars

get rich quick cash
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Everything from “crypto-bros” to people peddling their “get rick quick courses” are covered in this profession these women are unwilling to date. You’ve likely seen their courses being promoted on Facebook.

12. Politicians

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Politicians on this list are no surprise to me; how about you? A user suggests that many Nation-level politicians “Get divorced by the end of their first terms. Stressful job, everyone hates you, long hours, usually late at night. That is part of the reason fewer women run for office.”

13. Bartenders

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Bartenders work horrible hours if they make any real money. It involves late nights, weekends, and holidays. That’s not a schedule many women want to adapt to in their relationships. Additionally, it’s not unfair to access that many bartenders have alcohol and substance abuse issues with “Ample opportunity to cheat.”

14. First Responders

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Countless women admit that the stress of not coming home one day is too much for them to date a first responder. Others note how insane it is that they often arrive at the scene before police and have no protection or backup walking into potentially dangerous situations.

15. Law Enforcement

cop thumbs down
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Speaking of the police, law enforcement is listed dozens of times in the forum as an undatable profession. Women note it tends to attract controlling people, and domestic violence rates of police abusing their spouses are around 40%, and that is what is “reported.” A few people who grew up with cops as fathers admit they were physically abused with belts and verbally abused by the attitude, “It’s my way or the highway.”

16. Life Coaches

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Wowsa, this forum has nothing nice to say about life coaches. Many suggest that it attracts narcissists. One clarifies, “Yes! Dated one ‘in-training.’ He legitimately said he couldn’t wait to fix me.” Others allege they are “Obnoxious and even nauseating.”

Nonetheless, one argues, “I know a great one. Super nice guy. But he retired and then got bored, so he did it to help people. But any life coach with a social media account.”

17. Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agent
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Real estate agents are another job that receives a lot of hate from these women. Commission-based jobs make it difficult to trust motives. A user confirms, “In sales, you must get used to white lies. That permeates into the relationship.” A second person adds, “They are always looking for prey, as in who to make the most money off. They make their money from the sale, aka commission. So the more they drive up the price, the more money they make.”

18. Entrepreneurs

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A woman admits she always “swiped left” on any men with “Entrepreneur” in their bio. Others quickly agree that entrepreneurs don’t introduce themselves as such. Instead, they identify what their business is. So when people say entrepreneur, it typically is, “Code for unemployed in most cases.” Narcissism is associated with this profession, as well.

19. Slaughterhouse Worker

slaughterhouse butcher
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Several women explain that a slaughterhouse worker is a deal breaker for them. Someone suggests, “Doing this on a daily basis has a huge impact on the personality,” before another agrees, stating, “I remember a guy on the floor bringing his kid in and letting him pull the trigger like it was a game.”

20. Chef

chef cooking
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Another profession that involves all of a person’s time is a chef, and these women don’t want to date someone they will never see. A chef chimes in to agree that it “Takes a special person to date them, understanding how much time they are away.”

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