12 Common Things Women Wish Men Would Stop Doing Immediately

A recent online discussion in a women’s forum piqued my interest. After one asked the community what they wished men would stop doing immediately, here are their honest confessions. Do you agree?

1. Late Night “What You Doing” Texts

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Women have had it with men who send late-night texts asking what they are doing as if they don’t know what you’re insinuating. As one puts it: “Trying to order me over to your apartment like I’m Uber Eats instead of inviting me on an actual date.”

2. Correctile Dysfunction

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Can you imagine being a trained and educated professional and having someone tell you you’re wrong because they know better than you? I’m having pandemic flashbacks.

A woman shares: “I once ended a date because the fellow started to make bold and inaccurate statements about something I have two degrees in, and he dabbled in as a hobby. He flat-out told me I was wrong and that he was correct because that’s been his personal experience.”

3. Beard Shavings in the Sink

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As someone whose husband has a beard, this one made me laugh out loud. Men commonly leave beard trimmings in the sink, on the sink’s vanity, and on the surrounding floor area. These women want it to stop!

4. Hitting on Women When They Are at Work

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As someone who worked in the public for many years, I agree with one who says, “Don’t hit on me while I’m at work! I am here working, I am forced to be here on the clock, I am forced to be nice to you. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I feel, how inappropriate this is to me, and how I pray that I never have to see you again.”

5. Spitting

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Spitting in public and on public walkways is a disgusting behavior. Several runners come to the defense of people who exercise and excessively salivate, noting: “Exercise-induced rhinitis can cause this, and you feel like you can’t breathe until you spit it out.”

6. Weaponized Incompetence

Weaponized Incompetence
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Deliberately feigning incompetence to avoid certain responsibilities, including chores, housework, or parenting tasks, is something the women in this thread have had enough of.

7. Missing the Toilet

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Men — what are so many of you doing that causes you to urinate everywhere but inside the toilet bowl? It’s nasty. And you would think, knowing it’s your urine, that you would clean it up, but most of you — don’t. The question many women want answered is: why can’t you sit down to pee?!

8. Catcalling

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Catcalling women is not the flex that you may think it is. It’s “Street harassment.” This behavior repulses most women. It’s cringe when you’re out and about, and guys honk their horns to get your attention or shout things in your direction. This happened more than once while I was with my father. Those types of men have zero respect.

9. Sending Unsolicited Pics

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I’m grateful to be from an older generation who didn’t deal with men messaging me nasty, unsolicited images of their man parts. When did this become a prevalent thing? Women have had enough, and States are beginning to crack down on this as a criminal charge.

10. Telling Women to “Smile”

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YES! I can not tell you how many men have told me to smile more or that I would be so much prettier if I smiled. Why does this always seem to happen in the workplace? It’s obnoxious.

I remember being told to smile more after getting terrible news, and I am not the only one. Several women confess to being at work right after losing a loved one and having some creepy man telling them how pretty they would be if they would smile more.

11. Rating Women

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Why do men feel the need to rate women? As one notes: “It’s so cringe and dehumanizing. And yes, I find it weird when women do it, too. Being at work and overhearing your male coworkers loudly rating their female coworkers is a very awkward experience — 0/10 would not recommend.”

12. Touching Without Consent

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Be it in the workplace when you need to get by a woman to get to the copier or in the club when you come up and put your hands on a woman’s waist from behind, it’s creepy, disgusting, and something women want all men to stop doing immediately.

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