15 Men’s Products That Are Superior to Women’s and Cheaper Too!

Have you ever heard of the “Pink Tax” before? The Pink tax is discriminatory pricing that inflates the cost of products marketed to women, and it’s absurd. A recent online discussion about which men’s products are superior and cheaper provided these helpful insights. Did you know?

1. Razors

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Speaking from experience, men’s razors are cheaper and superior to women’s blades. The shave is always closer, and the razor feels more durable, too.

2. Electric Trimmers

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In a similar fashion, men’s electric trimmers are nicer than women’s and do a better job of taking the hair down to the skin. There are often great deals on them at places like Marshall’s and Ross.

3. Deodorant

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Did you know that men’s deodorant provides better protection against sweat and is typically larger than women’s deodorant sticks? I’m talking — all day coverage. Women love to use their men’s Old Spice products so much that the company is now marketing toward women.

4. Jeans

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Why are men’s jeans so much more durable and practical than women’s? Another bonus to men’s jeans is the pockets. Pockets that are actually designed to hold things like your cell phone. However, curvier women have a more difficult time finding men’s jeans that fit well.

5. Hiking Pants

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Men’s hiking pants have huge pockets and a high waist. A hiker admits: “I wore my husband’s and felt like I wasn’t going to moon the trail. There is no reason for low-rise hiking pants with zero pockets!”

6. Sneakers

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One of the benefits of having smaller feet is that I can shop in the little boy’s department and spend a lot less on name-brand sneakers. I’ve paid $50 for shoes that cost $120 in the women’s department.

7. Underwear

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Boxer briefs are amazingly comfortable and ideal for wearing under skirts and dresses. There’s lots of cooling and breathable fabric and no thigh chaffing. And they are significantly cheaper than women’s underwear.

8. Hoodies

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There is a genuine reason that women steal their men’s hoodies. Sure, they smell like him, but they are also so much comfier, thicker, and warmer. Furthermore, they often have inner pockets that are convenient for holding things.

9. Workout Shorts

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Have you ever noticed that women’s workout shorts are usually tight and very short? Of course, there are rarely usable pockets. However, men’s workout shorts are seriously comfortable with actual pockets and length!

10. Sweatpants

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Men’s sweatpants are reliably warm and loose-fitting with workable pockets. If you are a taller woman, men’s sweatpants will benefit you. My little five-foot self wouldn’t know anything about that, though!

11. Pajama Sets

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Why are men’s pajamas so much more comfier than women’s? I don’t know, but they are. They have pockets and are longer in the legs for taller women.

12. Shaving Cream

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Have you ever noticed that men’s shaving cream cans are about two times larger than women’s but cost half the price? It’s that dreadful little pink tax again.

13. Rogaine or Minoxidil

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Rogaine, or Minoxidil. The women’s formula is sold at 2% minoxidil, and the men’s is 5%. The women’s product is three or four dollars more expensive. While the product says for men only, it’s suggested that women can use that percentage once a day, whereas men can use it twice a day.

14. Haircuts

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Have you ever walked into a haircutting establishment and seen a sign that reads: “Men’s haircuts $15. Women’s haircuts $45?” Do you realize how absurd that is? It’s scissors cutting hair. Women pay more because they are women. This is a basic haircut without styling, colors, or curls.

15. Belts

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Several women believe that men’s belts are far superior to men’s. For starters, they tend to be genuine leather, whereas the women’s belts are fake leather. A man’s belt’s quality, durability, and price typically beats a woman’s.

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